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2012 Boys D-I & D-II All-State Teams

2012 Coach of the Year Walker Bateman
2012 Coach of the Year Walker Bateman
Chris Severson, Bingham, Attack
Elias Fairman, Brighton,  Middie
Luke Graney, Juan Diego, Attack
Jace Thomas, Bountiful,  Face-Off Middie
Blake Strebel Award
Rich Cook, Brighton
“Rich is an amazing person, our strongest D-Middie that made the switch from attack to D-Middie to help out the team where he could. Rich is that type of person he will do anything that he can to help those around him. Rich took a trip during the season for 2 weeks to the Philippines where he taught school for a week, helped dig a well and raised money for a water pump, he also maintains a 3.5 GPA and is always looking for the next service opportunity which included recently reading to the kids at Guadalupe School.” – Brighton Head Coach Brandon Horoba

US Lacrosse Coach of the Year
Walker Bateman, Olympus Head Coach
US Lacrosse Assistant Coach of the Year
Jeff Tack – Juan Diego
US Lacrosse Man of the Year
Todd Quarnberg – Copper Hills Principal
D-II Head Coach of the Year
Mike Sutton – Box Elder
D-II Assistant Coach of the Year
Niel Blaney – Highland

Boys D-I

1st Team
Luke Graney – Juan Diego – MVP
Chris Severson – Bingham
Jack Fabrizio – Bountiful
Tanner Brown – Alta
Elias Fairman – Brighton – MVP
Mackay Dunn – Alta
Tyler Buck – Juan Diego
Jake Stout – Lone Peak
Matt Junnegmann – Juan Diego – MVP
Andrew Kenney – Brighton
Matt Hirning – Judge
Dalston Wells – Alta
Jake Dunn – Alta – MVP
Michael Lee – Alta – MVP
Jace Thomas – Bountiful – MVP
2nd Team
Matt Mangum – Brighton
Wilson Lamb – Judge
Carson Dutkanych – Park City
Tommy Maddux – Juan Diego
Rufus Frost – Park City
Connor Lyman – Bingham
Chad Madsen – Pleasant Grove
Matthew Michaeli – Alta
Tyler Evans – Copper Hills
Trey Sparks – Pleasant Grove
Taylor Covey – Brighton
Tanner Matheny – American Fork
Matt Crispo – Judge
Zack Burbidge – Pleasant Grove
Sam Snyder – Brighton

Boys D-II

1st Team
Ian Hullinger – Lehi – MVP
Dallin Bindrup – Mountain Crest
Matt Pulsipher – Box Elder
Matthew West – Waterford
Andy Bennett – Box Elder – MVP
Cody Sampson – Lehi
Ben White – Waterford
Justin Ward – Spanish Fork
Brandon Tobey – Mountain Crest – MVP
Quinn Simpson – Box Elder
Derek Wass – Idaho Falls
Alex Jentzsch – West Jordan
McGregor North – Lehi – MVP
Jeremy Lofgreen – Herriman – MVP
Ben Richard – Herriman – MVP
2nd Team
Jerom Plewe – Spanish Fork
Chantz Roberts – Herriman
Greg Stone – Orem
Michael Anderson – East
Jordan Stark – Syracuse
Taylon Niederhauser – Mountain Crest
Kiefer Corona – West
Andrew Harmon – West Jordan
Landon O’Camb – Syracuse
Josh Cheatham – Spanish Fork
Jacob Kapp – Syracuse
Alex Singer – Sky View
Thomas Stockham – Waterford
Carson Pilot – Fremont
Connor Meyer – Syracuse

    1. yep, its coach opinions 
      every year someone is surprised and someone is a bit butthurt over the process
      if you have a better solution, please post, if not accept that it is what is it

  1. Look at the over all line for face off middies!  Who has a better line, and played much tougher competition?  Jace Thomas or Parker Davis?  

  2. Amazing, 2nd highest ppg scorer (Michael Perry) doesn’t even make second team all-state.  Way to go Utah coaches…

    1. Michael Perry is a great player, and it was probably a hard choice, but who’s up there that you would switch for Perry?

    2. Michael Perry is a great player, and the decisions are hard, but who’s up there that you’d take off for Perry??

    3. He didn’t play as quality of teams as the attack men from Judge Brighton Park City and Juan Diego.

    4. I agree.   Michael Perry had a very good season.  He definitely should have been 2nd team all state.  It’s not all about the stats, but he played some good teams.  There are coaches that have a lot of influence over this whole thing which really sucks.  It doesn’t foster a be team player first mentality.  sometimes coaches don’t get to see all the kids either and only know the kids in there conference. 

    5. If you don’t like the process send an email to your teams coach to voice to the coaches council or submit a feedback form to the ULA. I think everyone agrees the process is not perfect and any suggestions will be accepted.

  3. I think Fabrizio is a great kid and worthy of 2nd team all state, but not 1st team.  I would have put Mangum and Dutkanych over him at 1st team.   Severson very good player, but not a All American.      

    1. Fabrizio is easily worthy of 1st team all-state! Dutkanych is all hype and doesn’t deserve any recognition. Mangum is a great player that could have been first team…

      1. “Dutkanych is all hype and doesn’t deserve any
        recognition”??? That comment is WAY off-base. 
        He’s a sophomore and will likely be one of the best players to emerge
        from UT lax.  I realize all decisions are
        based on this year’s performance, but Carson is a very quick attackman, with a
        great shot, and  can devastate opponents
        if they don’t have a game plan to stop him.

    2. What Severson accomplished this year is definitely All-American worthy. The question I have is about Tanner Brown as 1st team. I would have picked Wilson or Mangum. I felt that Wilson stepped up after loosing Gosselin and Allen. Mangum was the attackmen that opened the field by occupying defenders while still getting points for Brighton.

    3. Severson was the leading goal scorer in the league for two years straight, i think that deserves recognition.

  4. @ut_laxer:disqus How about Tanner Brown?  Good player, but 2 ppg?  As an attackman that doesn’t impress me.  Or if 1st team is too good for him how about; Wilson Lamb or 
    Carson Dutkanych? I don’t know about the other 2 because I didn’t see them play this year.  But it seems strange that someone who did as well as he did didn’t end up on all-state.  And he’s my brother so that I wanted to see him get the recognition he deserves 🙂

    1. There must have been some horse trading for votes for Brown from Alta. I realize he plays on a good team, but the #’s just don’t support it.  You could make the same case for Lamb.  Very good team, but not great stats.  Throw the he’s a sophomore out of the equation.  Dutkanych can play and so can Perry.  Just don’t have the right coaches pulling the strings for them.  It’s not surprising it happens every year.  Easier said than done I guess when it comes to Parity.   

    2. There are many options to look at for the All State teams, very good players are spread all through the state of UT. Personally, 1st All State team is set right. You cannot go strictly on stats.. look at the teams that Alta played against; Literally half of their games were top 10 teams. Very well set schedule. Judge had a pretty well constructed schedule playing many top 10 teams. All of the top 4 teams had incredible talent. Any player could stack points against a team that is non ranked.. tell us how that is evident to 1st team all state players? The voting is not all based upon stats, although highly looked at, but it is the skill level of the player himself. Fabrizio, Brown, Graney, and Severson deserve those spots at attack. I’m not saying Dutkanych or Perry can’t play as well, but coaches see more of the players than anybody and that’s who they voted on.
      Congratulations to every 1st and 2nd All State team nominees.

  5. I am curious how the All-Americans were selected?  I find it hard to believe that not a single Alta player made the list – what about Mackay Dunn, Jake Dunn or Mike Lee.  Three players on a team that dominated the league.  The Alta team was also very diversified with the best midfield attack with Dunn and Michaeli.  Dunn leads the team in points but also look at his ground balls, CT, assists and game winning positions.  He is the most lethal scoring and game changing threat in the league.  Lee has been a dominant force for years and proved it again this year.  Jake Dunn has proven he is the best goalie in the State and deserved the vote.  Again, these are just three on a diversified and dominant team.  Too bad their full game was overlooked.  Nonetheless, another great year for Utah.  We deserve better recognition in the US for our players and skills.  We need a D1 college team in the State.

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