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2013 Prodigy Play of the Week: Week 2 Nominees

Week 2 of the Prodigy Play of the Year competition is here! You’ll find great play from Bountiful, Judge, Juan Diego Boys & Girls, Olympus, Davis and Pleasant Grove! Tell your friends, teammates, parents and family to vote for their favorite play. Voting ends Wednesday night!
No. 1 – Jace Thomas – Bountiful
All-American FOS Jace Thomas wins the face-off and takes it the distance for the great top-right rip on the run.
No. 2 – Gabe Rechsteiner – Judge
Rechsteiner takes the ball from X, rolls towards the cage and finishes ‘Canadian Righty’ for the goal.
No. 3 – Nick Grogg – Juan Diego
Grogg tries to dodge but gets turned back, looses his feet, falls to one knee but finds teammate Austin Roberts who scores giving Grogg the assist.
No. 4 – Jeffery Lunt – Olympus
Lunt sets a perfect pick then rolls to open space, collects the pass and shoots it low for the goal.
No. 5 – Mitch Wilkes – Davis
Wilkes gets the ball on the left side and shoots it top left for great outside shot.
No. 6 – Ryan Green – Juan Diego
Luke Graney sets up the play by pushing the ball from behind the cage drawing the slide. Graney finds Green on the crease who jumps and quick sticks it in for the in-air goal.
No. 7 – Tanner Hallows – Davis
Not to be outdone by Green, Hallows joins the in-air goal group with a great shot on the crease.
No. 8 – Markie Wright – Juan Diego
Wright takes the ball from the middle of the field and does a great dodge, evades her defender and scores.
No. 9 – Chad Madsen – Pleasant Grove
Madsen takes his man one-on-one, dodges and finds open space from 10 yards out for the lefty top-right rip.
Thanks for voting!

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