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2013 Prodigy Play of the Week: Week 6 Nominees

Prodigy Play of the WeekWeek 6 of the Prodigy Play of the Week contest is by far the most diverse of the year so far. This week we see lefty rips, great attack play from X, as well as a fair amount of behind-the-back shots. Also included is an overtime game-winner! Don’t forget to vote everyday. The winner will be announced on Thursday.
No. 1 – Michael Goldsberry – Fremont
Goldsberry takes the ball from X, drives up the side, fakes like he is going back behind then gets space and shoots for the goal.
No. 2 – Coleman Dunn – Olympus
Dunn fakes 3 times while pushing the crease from X, scoring after his last fake.
No. 3 – Garrett Vanamen – Alta
Vanamen takes the ball from the side and pushes towards the goal, leaping and shooting it back-handed into the goal while in the air.
No. 4 – Amy Johnston – Brighton
Johnston catches the ball on the wing, drives, spins and is able to get in front of the goal for the doorstep finish.
No. 5 – Coleman Dunn – Olympus
Dunn’s second play of the week comes when the ball is deflected off the keeper high into the air. Dunn grabs it out of mid-air in traffic then does a behind-the-back shot for the goal.
No. 6 – Zachary Winter – Northridge
Winter gets the ball at GLE, does a quick dodge to lose his defender then is able to score with a low angle shot.
No. 7 – Grant Pierce – Judge
Pierce is able to lose his man on a back-cut then gets the ball for the one-on-one opportunity then buries it home for the goal.
No. 8 – Chris Williams – Skyline
Williams gets the ball after a timeout in overtime, goes one-on-one with his man, beats the defender and scores the game-winning goal.
No. 9 – Mitch Wilkes – Davis
Wilkes gets the ball wide open on the wing, takes a step and rips a huge lefty shot into the top of the cage.
No. 10 – Kira Heiden – Bingham
Heiden wins the draw and takes it the distance for the goal.
No. 11 – Luke Graney – Juan Diego
Juan Diego Midfielder Nick Grogg takes it to the cage and shoots but Graney gets hit with the shot, scoops it up and puts it home.
No. 12 – Russell Anderson – Pleasant Grove
Anderson takes away the ball at midfield on a great stick check, picks it up and pushes the ball for the fast break that goes from Anderson to Spencer Merrifield to Chad Renslow who buries the ball in the back of the net.
No. 13 – Matthew Dykes – Herriman
Dillon Meyer feeds to Dykes who is cutting in the middle of the field. The pass was low, but Dykes catches it and in one motion brings it behind-the-back for the goal.
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