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2013 ULA Convention Recap: Output, Not Outcome

Downtown MarriottThe 2013 ULA Convention was another great event for the lacrosse community. Coaches, parent reps and fans alike crowded the Downtown Marriott to learn more about the game as a whole.
The event started off with ULA President Dan Dugan introducing the main speakers, Ann Elliott, Melissa Coyne, Stephen Berger and Bobby Wynne. Berger, who is the US Lacrosse Men’s Game Director then spoke. Berger said, among other things, “At the end of the day, it’s about the kids. It’s about making sure they play in a safe environment with good sportsmanship.”
Newly appointed ULA board member, but certainly not inexperienced, Mason Goodhand spoke next. Goodhand is now in charge of coaching education for the ULA and said his goal is to create a coaching program in Utah that will enhance the level of coaches in Utah.

Bobby Wynne
Bobby Wynne
The main meeting ended and I stuck around to hear Bobby Wynne talking about Salisbury Lacrosse. Salisbury is an all boys school in Connecticut who have gone 61-10 in the past five seasons. Wynne talked about the keys to success. His first key was hard work.
“There is not a single athlete out there that doesn’t know how to work hard,” said Wynne. “But, a Salisbury player needs to learn how to work hard in things they are not passionate about like school work. Our players need to work as hard in the classroom as they do on the field.”
Salisbury encourages their players to be a hard working member of the community, a hard working son, a hard working brother and making good decisions. Wynne continued, saying that players have to buy in to what the coaches and program are promoting.
“Our players are taught to be great team members, great classmates and an overall belief that there are things out there that are more important then them,” said Wynne.
The next key to success is to have positive energy and having good chemistry.
“Bring energy if you want to be the best,” said Wynne. “Don’t ever leave a room, group, conversation, relationship, practice or game having taken energy away from that setting. Always leave the setting with more energy than before. Everyone is weak in different areas. It’s up to those who are strong to fill the gaps. The people who are strong have weaknesses that need to be filled as well.”
Coach Wynne also acknowledged that you have to have talent, but it’s not the most important part of the puzzle.
“Some of my teams who had the worst record were my most talented,” said Wynne.
The quote with the most impact to me was when Coach Wynne said, “Focus on the output, not the outcome. We can control the output. We can’t control the outcome.”
Coach Wynne concluded by saying that coaching shouldn’t be taken for granted, students are watching, have enthusiasm for the game, care about your players as people, build trust with the kids and make it about the team, not individuals.
Cole Sloan, joined by Paul Larkin and Jeremy Johnson, talked about the new rules that will take effect this season. Sloan wrote an article about them last fall which sums them up pretty well. The main point I took away was that refs will vary the cadence of the face-off procedure in order to prevent players from getting an advantage.
2012 Championship Trophies The 2012 Championship teams were awarded their individual team trophies and the runner-ups received a plaque. The team trophies are kept by the team as opposed to the main trophy that the ULA keeps.
I gave a presentation on the best ways to promote your team. My slides can be seen below. The main point I tried to emphasize is that people do care about your team. Friends, family, players, fans and the community as a whole want to know how your team is doing.

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