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2014 High School Boys Conference Alignment & Pairings

Boys D-I Bracket

The new conferences were announced last week with some big changes coming to the boys high school league next spring. Here are the bullet points of the new changes:

  • D-I is now an equally balanced, 16 team, 4 conference division with 4 teams in each conference which creates an equal amount of conference games (7) for each team.
  • Corner Canyon will be inserted immediately into D-I and is the only new team in D-I.
  • A new D-II AA division was formed.
  • Bonneville and Weber were moved to D-II. Timpanogos was moved to D-II AA.
  • Roy is now a full varsity team and will compete in the Davis conference in D-II.
  • Red Rocks in St. George has split into two teams with Desert Hills moving to D-II and Dixie moving to D-II AA.
  • Westlake will join the fun in 2014 and be put into D-II AA in their first year rather than the old rule of playing JV for a year.

The playoffs will be slightly different in D-II, but in D-I, they remain a 16 team playoff with super-conference standings used for seeding. The D-II playoffs will have a play-in game between the top two D-II AA and the bottom two D-II No. 8 seed team. The D-II AA team with the best record will play the D-II No. 8 seed with the worst record.

Additional Notes from the ULA:
The ULA will adopt the below format for the next three seasons;
1. Teams must play every team in their conference and their cross conference prior to the finish of the season.
a. NOTE – Cross conference parings and playoff pairings have already been approved until the 2015-16 season.
b. NOTE – The council will publish the conference and cross conference schedules each fall.
2. Teams will be seeded each year based on their combined conference and cross conference win/loss record.
3. No change to the post season awards process (All Conference and All State). It will still be based on your individual conference and not your combined conference and cross conference.
4. Conferences and Divisions can be rebalanced each year, but no major alignment changes till the 2015-16 Season.
a. For example if a D-II team wants to move up or a D-I team wants to move down, the conferences can be rebalanced, but we will maintain the same 2 division, 4 conference format with the establish cross conference in season and post season pairings.
Conference Pairings for 2014
Division I – North/Salt Lake, Sandy/South
Division II – North/Davis, Salt Lake/South
New Division Alignments

D-I North D-I Salt Lake D-I Sandy D-I South
Bountiful Brighton Alta Lone Peak
Davis Jordan Bingham Pleasant Grove
Olympus Judge Corner Canyon Riverton
Viewmont Park City Juan Diego Spanish Fork
D-II North D-II Davis D-II Salt Lake D-II South
Box Elder Bonneville Copper Hills American Fork
Logan Fremont East Desert Hills
Pocatello Northridge Highland Herriman
Mountain Crest Roy Skyline Lehi
Sky View Syracuse Waterford Orem
Weber Woods Cross West Jordan Timpview
Idaho Falls
Summit Academy

Boys D-I Bracket 2014-boys-dii-bracket

  1. Love the new format. I realize that the D-II AA teams will have some traveling to do, but it seems like a couple weekend in St. George in March isn’t the worst thing in the world. Good to see growth (Westlake) but at the same time we see Timpanogos go from D-II State Championship games to D-I now D-II AA in 14. That’s not good for the growth.
    Frontrunners for 2014? Brighton in D-I, Syracuse in D-II, Timpanogos in D-II AA.

  2. I like the idea of the D-II AA division. Should help new and struggling programs be more competitive. Hopefully, retaining more players. Great move ULA
    IMO 16 teams only for DI is dumb. Everyone makes the playoffs. Do all the boys get an MVP trophy at the end of the season? There should be a minimum of 20 teams if not 24 in DI.
    Big props to Corner Canyon for manning up and going DI out of the gate.
    Mountain Crest did a good job reloading in big bruiser squad last year, they could/should be DI
    Skyline shouldn’t have been moved down from DI last year. They have some great players and an outstanding coaching staff. Too bad they are cowards and feel the need to pick on the weak.
    Waterford whines that they don’t have the numbers for a JV team and need to stay DII. Ohh boo hoo, you offset that with spring training in Florida and have a stellar paid coaching staff.
    Herriman’s girls team moved up to DI. I guess the girls in Herriman are tougher then the boys.
    Lehi was a good team with no Seniors last year, and I’ve heard they didn’t lose much to Westlake.
    I think you could also make a case that Sky View and Syracuse are ready for DI
    I really don’t understand this mentality of not wanting to be in the top Division. Maybe there should be more emphasis put on the DI trophy and dumb down the DII playoffs.
    It seems they both get about equal billing.
    Just my two cents

  3. IMHO- I like the new divisions. The Coaches Council looks at more than short term potential or single year success. When you think of the true D1 teams in Utah think of the results of the past decade, coaching stability, parent board, school support, and, most importantly, youth program. I come up with 8 teams who I would consider D1.
    If teams deserve to move from D2 to D1 they should be able to demonstrate the long-term ability to be on top of the division. It’s too easy to move up and down and it’s too difficult to forecast how competitive a team will be the next season. Case in point- Timpanogas (thanks hhlax) and Skyline who won the championship in ’05 then moved to D2 and was competitive 1 year, moved to D1 and didn’t beat a D1 team in the next 3 years.
    If you want to make a point for D2 teams to move up to D1 don’t look at their D2 records, look at how they have done against D1 teams the previous 5 years.

  4. It’s great to have the St. George teams join us! Tim, could you investigate and write up something about them moving from SNLL to ULA? Why are they willing to do more travel to meet tougher competition (Henderson excluded)?

    1. I’m on it. Also, I know that some coaches here have agreed to travel to St. George so it’s a two-way street so to speak. I know if I was coaching, St. George in March is more appealing than staying here…

      1. I can’t wait to go to St. George in March. I hope we can make it happen. It’ll be a step up from playing in the snow covered fields up here

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