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2014 Prodigy Play of the Week: Week 7 Nominees

Prodigy Play of the WeekWelcome to another week of the Prodigy Play of the Week. This week features incredible goalie saves, clutch goals, spins, rips and more.


No. 1 – Duncan Schofield
Syracuse goalie Duncan Schofield comes up with the big doorstep save.
No. 2 – Alex Croyle
Bonneville Midfielder Alex Croyle does a back cut from the top of the box and cuts down the lane, getting the pass from the wing and scoring the goal.
No. 3 – Aidan Larson
Judge Attackman Aidan Larson gets a quick-stick on the crease for the great goal
No. 4 – Patrick Karner
Webers’ Patrick Karner takes the ball from X and spins through three defenders then goes low for the goal.
No. 5 – James Eardley
Waterford Attackman James Eardley takes the ball from X and does an inside roll dodge then backs his way along the crease to open up more space then shoots for the goal.
No. 6 – Carson Pilot
Fremont LSM Carson Pilot gets the ball and takes a huge rip for the goal.
No. 7 – Gabe Rechsteiner
Judge Midfielder Gabe Rechsteiner has the ball, spins off his defender and goes low to high for the goal.
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