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2014 ULA Boys D-II Bracketology: April 27, 2014

Boys Bracket

What a season it has been in the ULA Boys D-II ranks. As we enter the last week of the regular season, here is a peak at the playoff picture. Remember, there is the D-IIAA conference that will play the No. 8 seeds from the Salt Lake/South and North/Ogden conferences in play-in games. Last I heard, they were scheduled for Saturday, May 3.
Let’s start in the North/Ogden conference.
No. 1 Sky View – The Bobcats beat Logan yesterday to go 9-0 in conference play and clinched the No. 1 seed.
No. 2 Syracuse – The Titans have locked up the No. 2 seed with one game remaining. They will face Fremont on Tuesday. A loss would make them 7-2 which is likely what Bonneville will end up as but Syracuse owns the tie-breaker.
No. 3 Bonneville – The Lakers have clinched the No. 3 seed. They face Logan on Thursday, but a loss would tie them with Weber who they beat.
No. 4 Weber – Weber has clinched the No. 4 spot. They finished the season at 6-3 in conference play.
No. 5 Logan – I’ve got the Grizzlies beating Box Elder this week and losing to Bonneville which would make them 4-5 in conference play which is good enough for the No. 5 seed. Should they lose both games, Box Elder would take the No. 5 seed. Regardless, the loser of the Box Elder v. Logan game is likely going to be left in a three-way tie with Mountain Crest and Fremont.
The head-to-head tie-breaker won’t help since each team beat one and lost to the other. The next tie-breaker is goals against in conference games:
Fremont: 82 goals against in 8 games = 10.25 average
Mountain Crest: 97 goals against in 9 games = 10.77
Box Elder: 111 goals against in 8 games = 13.875 average
As long as Fremont doesn’t give up more then 15 goals in their game against Syracuse, they will get the No. 6 seed, Mountain Crest will get the No. 6 seed and Box Elder will be the No. 8 seed.
In the Salt Lake/South conference, there are a couple key games left that could have an impact on seeding.
No. 1 American Fork – All that stands in the way of a perfect 9-0 record is a match-up against Timpview this Wednesday. Should the Cavemen lose, they would still get the No. 1 seed because they own the tie-breaker with Copper Hills.
No. 2 Copper Hills – The Grizzlies will face Highland on Tuesday but have clinched the No. 2 seed regardless of the result.
No. 3 Northridge – The Knights have a tough test against Lehi on Wednesday. A win will secure the No. 3 seed and a loss would put East, Northridge and Lehi in a three-way tie.
Those three teams have each beaten one and lost to the other so the conference goals against would have to be used. In that case, East would get the No. 3 seed since they allowed an average of 6.88 goals against in their 9 conference games. The No. 4 seed would be determined by the team who lets in the least amount of goals between Northridge and Lehi when they play. Right now, Northridge has allowed 68 and Lehi has allowed 69. Should Lehi win by one goal, which would then tie the teams in goals against, a coin flip would be used. I think the Knights will beat Lehi though, so this shouldn’t be relevant.
No. 4 East – The Leopards have four games slated for this week, but none against conference opponents.
No. 5 Lehi – As stated above, a win against Northridge could really only get them to the No. 4 seed.
No. 6 Woods Cross – The Wildcats come in at 4-5 in conference play, good enough for the No. 6 seed.
No. 7 Timpview – The Thunderbirds still have to play American Fork, but a win there will still make them the No. 7 seed since they would be tied with Woods Cross who they lost to.
The No. 8 seed is tricky. The game between Highland and West Jordan on Thursday could be the difference. A Highland win would put them at 1-8, West Jordan at 1-8 and Desert Hills at 1-8. Highland forfeited their game against Desert Hills and would beat West Jordan. West Jordan would lose to Highland and beat Desert Hills so the goals against in conference would have to be used. In that case, Highland is averaging 8.28 goals against, but they face Copper Hills and West Jordan this week which could see that number rise. Desert Hills allowed an average of 12 goals per game while West Jordan is averaging 13.875 goals per game. So, a Highland win on Thursday while keeping their two scores low this week could put them into the playoffs. A West Jordan win puts them into the playoffs.
The D-IIAA scenario is simple. Westlake takes the No. 1 spot and West takes the No. 2 spot. If I remember correctly, Westlake will flip a coin and either get to face West Jordan or Box Elder. West will play the other team.
Boys Bracket

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  1. I completely acknowledge my bias here, but I think the D-IIAA No. 1 should get to pick which No. 8 seed they’d like to play. Otherwise, what is the benefit of being #1 as opposed to #2?

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