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2014 ULN Staff Picks: Championship Edition

It’s finally here! Championship Weekend. The brackets are set, times are locked and teams are ready to prove they’re the best team. In this weeks staff picks we break down each championship game in chronological order. Paul Walker went 4-0 last round, leaping ahead of the competition at 24-8. Bradford Davis comes in at 22-10 while Tim Haslam is at 21-11 after taking big gambles on Skyline and Alta. Friend of the site, Jeff Brzoska, who has been playing along via the comments stands at 22-10. Don’t forget to leave your predictions in the comments below.

UHSLL banner
UHSLL: Brighton v. Corner Canyon – 5/16 – 7pm @ Corner Canyon HS
UHSLL Playoff Page
Bradford Davis: Corner Canyon wins 13-12
I like this match-up.  Both teams offense is clicking and hungry. There are two areas that are  going to be important in this match, Face-offs and transition.  I think Corner Canyon has the edge here.  I am assuming the Chargers will put Michaeli on Bubba Fairman to try and suppress him.  Michaeli was able to contain Wescott of Bountiful, can he do the same in this match?  Brighton’s Grant Pierce will need to step up if this is the case.
Paul Walker: Brighton wins 11-10 in 2OT
With Bubba Fairman on one end of the field, Quinton Mathie on the other and everyone in between, the Bengals are the team to beat. Corner Canyon is playing amazingly in their opening season. This is possibly the best match-up this state has ever seen.
Tim Haslam: Brighton wins 12-9
I think the Bengals will be able to go coast-to-coast as the No. 1 team in the state and claim the title everyone thinks they will win. They key here is going to be limiting penalties and playing in a free flow that they’re accustomed to. If Corner Canyon can disrupt the Bengal rhythm, they could steal a victory.
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ULA Girls D-II: Pleasant Grove v. Lehi – 5/17 – 10am @ Park City HS
ULA Girls D-II Playoff Page
Bradford Davis: Lehi wins 9-7
Lehi has the opportunity to make a statement after falling short last year against American Fork.  I think they have the momentum and strength to do just that.  Addie Pearson for Lehi will show up ready to lead the Pioneers to victory over the Vikings.
Paul Walker: Pleasant Grove wins 9-8 in OT
It’s the championships. Of course, this is going to be another close game. The two teams match up well with each other. This may come down to a battle between Lehi offense and PG defense. Because of Pleasant Grove’s strong defense, they will have the upper hand in the end.
Tim Haslam: Lehi wins 10-7
The Pioneers know what it’s like to lose in the championship, and for that reason alone they will be the team to beat. Megan Freeman will look to have a great day on the field and leading Lehi to their first Girls championship.
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ULA Girls D-I: Park City v. Riverton – 5/17 – 1pm @ Park City HS
ULA Girls D-I Playoff Page
Bradford Davis: Park City wins 9-8
Park City will be able to overcome their Championship curse.  I think they are strong in all areas and have the talent to win it all.  The exact same goes for Riverton however.  These two teams deserve to be here.
Paul Walker: Park City wins 10-8
These are the two best teams in the state and only share one loss between the two of them. Both teams are at the top of their game. They have not matched up so far this season, so it could go either way. Park City has the slight advantage and will win the title.
Tim Haslam: Park City wins 8-5
I’ve said it since Jan. 1; this is Park City’s year. Riverton will have to shut down the dangerous Park City attack in order to come close in the game.
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ULA Boys D-II: Sky View v. Syracuse – 5/17 – 4pm @ Park City HS
ULA Boys D-II Playoff Page
Bradford Davis: Sky View wins 11-10
The main question of this match is: can Sky View shut down Syracuse’s Jordan Stark? Stark was unleashed last game and he notched 9 of the 13 goals against American Fork.  Very impressive, but if he is shut down, can Syracuse still get on the board?  I am going to say that they are going to limit him, not shut him down.  I think it will be enough however to give Sky View the win.
Paul Walker: Sky View wins 10-9
Both of these teams are playing so well right now. Sky View has not lost a single game this season. The Bobcats only allow 4 points per game! If the Titans are short star face-off middie Conner Meyer the Bobcats have that much more going for them. Both teams have amazing talent, but Sky View is really showing that they want it.
Tim Haslam: Sky View wins 14-7
Sky View is just too good at every position to be beat. Phil Cannell in goal, Tanner Duryea and crew on D, Bryant Cannell leading the midfield and Brock Halling anchoring the attack line is a tough force to stop.
ULA Boys D-I: Park City v. Herriman – 5/17 – 7pm @ Park City HS
ULA Boys D-I Playoff Page
Bradford Davis: Herriman wins 12-10
This is a tough one.  I think Park City will be strong at attack and face-off unit. If they can show up, they are going to give the Mustangs a tough time.  However, I think Herriman has a solid midfield, which benefits defense, transition and offense.  They are going to determine the game and lead the Mustangs to victory.
Paul Walker: Park City wins 11-10
The two teams have matched up this season and Herriman won by 4 points. Herriman is looking great. Park City is looking for revenge. Despite losing to the Mustangs, the Miners have had an outstanding season. They are talented. It will be a close game, but Park City has the manpower to pull off the win.
Tim Haslam: Herriman wins 16-14
I doubted the Mustangs early on, but as of late they have gone from good to great. It’s hard not to pick the hot team right now. They are on a roll and if they can play the way the did in the semifinals, they will emerge victorious. The only thing that will stop them is if Park City strings together four quarters which is something that has been a challenge for the Miners this season.

Bradford Davis Paul Walker Tim Haslam
1: Corner Canyon @ Juan Diego (B) Corner Canyon Juan Diego Corner Canyon
1: Sky View @ Roy (B) Sky View Sky View Sky View
1: Utah @ Oregon (M) Oregon Oregon Utah
1: Bingham @ Park City (G) Park City Park City Park City
2: Lehi @ East (B) East Lehi East
2: Corner Canyon @ Bountiful (B) Bountiful Corner Canyon Corner Canyon
2: Jordan @ Riverton (G) Riverton Riverton Jordan
2: Utah v. UVU (M) Utah Utah Utah
2: Westminster @ BYU (M) BYU BYU BYU
3: Juan Diego @ American Fork (G) American Fork Juan Diego Juan Diego
3: Bonneville @ Sky View (B) Sky View Sky View Bonneville
3: Skyline @ Herriman (B) Skyline Herriman Skyline
3: Brighton @ Corner Canyon (B) Brighton Brighton Corner Canyon
4: Herriman @ Davis (B) Herriman Herriman Davis
4: Park City @ Juan Diego (B) Park City Juan Diego Juan Diego
4: Riverton @ Alta (G) Riverton Riverton Riverton
4: Jordan @ Park City (G) Park City Park City Park City
5: Riverton @ Juan Diego (G) Riverton Juan Diego Riverton
5: Sky View @ Syracuse (B) Sky View Sky View Syracuse
5: Palo Verde @ Juan Diego (B) Palo Verde Palo Verde Palo Verde
5: Wateford @ Bingham (B) Bingham Bingham Waterford
6: Timpview @ Woods Cross (B) Woods Cross Woods Cross Woods Cross
6: Roy @ Woods Cross (G) Roy Roy Woods Cross
6: Syracuse @ Bonneville (B) Syracuse Bonneville Syracuse
6: UVU @ Utah State (M) UVU Utah State UVU
7: Olympus @ Judge (B) Judge Olympus Olympus
7: Pleasant Grove @ Viewmont (B) Viewmont Viewmont PG
7: Jordan @ Skyline (G) Jordan Skyline Jordan
8: Lehi @ Northridge (B) Lehi Northridge Northridge
8: Bountiful @ Viewmont (B) Bountiful Bountiful Bountiful
8: Skyline @ Olympus (G) Olympus Olympus Skyline
8: Alta @ Juan Diego (G) Juan Diego Juan Diego Alta
Totals 22-10 24-8 21-11

  1. Great analysis and predictions on the Brighton/CC game. Should be a great game, both teams have been ranked 1 or 2 all season. I agree that if Brighton is going to win Grant and the rest of the Bengal offense will need to step up the scoring. With Michaeli on Bubba I’m not expecting him to carry the scoring load like he has in most of their games.
    If CC can control the faceoff 60%+ they will have an excellent chance to win.
    The other variable is penalties, both teams can really play physical so I expect quite a few flags, which team can manage their man up or man down best?

    1. I agree. CC had tons of penalties against Bountiful. (some valid some not). CC is HEAVILY dependent on Rose and Zack. If Brighton can suppress them, they have a great chance. However I’d put money that every coach has come up with a plan to do just that, and look where it got them. My recommendation for Brighton? Slide quickly on D, force them to give up the ball.

  2. Can you explain why we have both ULA and UHSLL championships this year? These games are great, but its too bad we are not seeing all the DI and DII schools competing across the state.

  3. PC Boys 10-9 ot, PC Girls 13-12, PG 9-8 ot, SV 14-9, Brighton 12-11 ot

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