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2014 Wasatch LC East Coast Trip: Day 1

Genos CheesesteaksDay One – Coaches Adam Eddinger, Danny and Ricky Larkin were up at the crack of dawn in Philadelphia preparing for the arrival of 17 (of 20) players flying into Philadelphia from around the state of Utah to start their week long East Coast trip. Dealing with some delayed flights the team made lemonade out of lemons and eventually (in two trips) made it to Pat’s & Geno’s on 9th and Passyunk Avenue in South Philly for Cheesesteaks.
“This trip is awesome. Geno’s is the best thing that has ever happened to me,” said Jeff Bednar, Viewmont HS, 2015.
Players and coaches and then returned to Chestnut Hill College and checked into Fitzimmons Hall. The team has the 6th floor dorms to themselves and players were even overhead saying it’s better than a hotel. The team then assembled the first Wawa run where players stacked up Tastykakes, hoagies, snacks and drinks for the night. The first of many Wawa runs. Returning to campus the team had a brief rules and expectations and an itinerary for the next day.

Wasatch LC will travel to Baltimore, MD to tour Loyola University with assistant coach PT Ricci, tour Johns Hopkins University with assistant coach Bobby Benson and tour Towson University with assistant coach Danny Cocchi. The team will then return to Hopkins to visit the US Lacrosse Museum & Hall of Fame (located north of Homewood Field – Johns Hopkins’ stadium).
Genos“We hit up Geno’s today, and that was prime time. Going to some sick schools tomorrow, gonna be awesome.” Bailey Pope, Brighton HS 2015
“So far, this trip has been pretty rad. I’m stoked to play some good teams and finally get exposed to some good players.” Landon Nelson, American Fork 2015
“I’m stoked to be here to play some great competition.” Cameron Folkerson, Brighton HS 2016
“I’m looking forward to going and looking at some dope schools, checking out the campuses, chillin’ with the homies.” Mitch World, Brighton HS 2015
“I’m excited for the Tri-State Tournament coming up this week. I’m excited to showcase the talent that Utah has and show that we can play lacrosse here on the West Coast.” Justin Jackson, Lehi HS 2015
“Geno’s & Philly, twice as good the second time. I’m so stoked to be here right now. It is going to be a great week.” Kade Patterson, Alta HS 2015
“It’s a great feeling to have these kids on campus for the second year in a row. Giving players the opportunity to have a college experience, where they live and play with teammates they wouldn’t normally play with. I’m very proud of my coaches Danny & Ricky Larkin for assembling a great squad that is very athletic and should definitely gain Utah some attention in the Lacrosse world.” Adam Eddinger, General Manager, Assistant Coach at Chestnut Hill College
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