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2014 Wasatch LC East Coast Trip: Days 3 & 4

wasatch4-2Day Three – After a quick breakfast in the dorms, players loaded up the vans to tour DeSales and Lehigh Universities. The team headed up 476 North to Center Valley, PA to meet Head Coach Mike Schambach at DeSales University, NCAA Division III. The coaching staff was particularly excited about this tour because it gave them a chance to visit and showcase their alma matter. If the three coaches did not attend DeSales together, Wasatch LC would have never been established. Players got a quick toss in front of Billera Hall, the athletic facility for the Bulldogs. Coach Schambach led us through athletic facilities, film room, classrooms, the business center, dorm rooms and the student center. The campus has certainly changed since the coaches have attended classes, all for the better with athletic facility renovations on the way.
The team then headed up Rt 378 to Lehigh University’s Goodman Campus for athletics. Assistant Coach Will Scudder first gave the team a tour of the Varsity House, where the Mountain Hawks have their weight room, locker room, film room and sports medicine facility. Our players were then led over to the Rauch Field House, which is an indoor facility that the team uses practices indoor. After leaving the field house we walked across the street to Lehigh’s lacrosse stadium, Frank Banko Field. Players were then met by Assistant Coach Brendan Callahan, who took us over to the football stadium and onto the field for a Q & A session and given exclusive access to Goodman Stadium.
For lunch, the players were taken into Bethlehem to Pete’s Hot Dog Shop, a nostalgic restaurant for the Wasatch coaching staff. After devouring pierogies and 60 hotdogs, our team headed back to Chestnut Hill to rest up before the game against Dukes LC.
At 6pm it was time for our 2nd annual scrimmage against Dukes LC. The teams were brought together to emphasize the friendly nature of this contest and build camaraderie between east coast and western talent. The opening whistle blew and both teams came out very strong and evenly matched. After many long possessions by both teams, Dukes LC came out victorious by controlling the face-offs and taking more shots. The final score was unofficially 12-4 for the Dukes, however the game never seemed out of reach for our team. Playing a team of their caliber (80% of their players are committed to NCAA Division 1 programs) has helped our players realize that they really are not much farther behind some of the top lacrosse talent in the country.
You can watch the game here: Thanks Access Lacrosse and the Barrett Family for broadcasting, Jason Christmas and Dom Pernice for commentating and Ebe Helm and Dukes LC players and coaches for a great game.
“Just speaking about the trip as a whole, it’s been sick to leave your worries at home to come play some lax against some great competition. It’s sick how it is big here compared to Utah. It’s the main sport here and it’s a big deal to play some lax.”
– Alex Croyle, Bonneville HS, 2015
“If you are really serious about lacrosse you should come out to the east coast.”
– Gage Fisher, Olympus HS, 2017
“Wawa is my new best friend.”
– Mitch World, Brighton HS, 2015
“I thought it was pretty sick playing Dukes and seeing that different level of lacrosse and how well we competed with them.”
– Justin Jackson, Lehi HS, 2015
“It was a privilege to play and coach against Dukes LC for the second year in a row. Coach Ebe Helm does an amazing job at consistently assembling some of the most elite high school talent in the country, so it was great to see our boys hang with players who are committed to the likes of Johns Hopkins, Cornell, Lehigh, Navy, & Penn. I thought our team came out very strong on defense, holding them to only to 2 goals in the first quarter and 5 goals in the first half. Huge shout out to Cavin Huntsman from the Waterford School on shutting down 2017 Hopkins recruit Brent Baskins out of La Salle College HS. Offensively we possessed the ball very well, which helped keep the game within reach up until the end of the 4th quarter. I’m very proud of this team.”
– Danny Larkin, Wasatch LC Co-Head Coach and Repetition Lacrosse Director.
The coaching staff and most of the players are watching the game before bed. Go Satch Lax!
wasatch4-1Day four started with a campus tour of Cabrini College, given by Assistant Coach Nick Taylor. The tour began with athletic facilities and a walk to the turf. The Cavaliers have an immaculate tradition with 14 consecutive conference championships along with NCAA tournament appearances in those years. The team finishes in the top 10 regularly and has the D3 Player of the Year Corey Elmer. The tour continued to a lecture where Coach Taylor his own lacrosse background and his college recruiting process. He explained the specifics of emailing coaches, player highlight videos, how to stand out in the recruiting process and what to do and what not to do when communicating with coaches. Nick also told us of his career at Farleigh Dickinson, where the coaching staff realized we played against him while at DeSales.
The team then headed across the street to Eastern University’s campus where we took a walk around campus and saw their athletic facilities. Then it was back to CHC for lunch in the cafeteria. The team has really come together to make the most of this college experience. Some down time before our game against Twist Black provide a much needed asset for our players. The game was tight and never out of control. With Wasatch trailing 2-1, 4-1, and 7-1, they then rallied with a dramatic comeback in the fourth to make it an 8-7 final for Twist. Wasatch LC goalie, Mitch World (Brighton HS/2015), played out of his mind and really kept the team in the game by making spectacular saves and pushing the transition.
Although disappointed with the loss, the team was really happy with how they came out in the 4th quarter and how gave it their all to stage a comeback. The happiness then turned into excitement, because after the game the team headed promptly over to McNally’s Tavern to enjoy the famous Schmitter sandwiches and catch the Team USA vs Canada lacrosse matchup.
“This is the best Schmitt that has ever happened to me.”, said Jeff Bednar, Viewmont HS, 2015
“It’s fun to be out here and show these east coasters that Utah can play lacrosse, and that we’re pretty good.”
– Landon Nelson, American Fork HS, 2015
“Today was awesome. Playing Twist was a blast. I wish we had more time in that game, we would have done better. And nothing compares to the Schmitter.”
– Payton Kimber, Spanish Fork HS, 2015
“We played well against Twist today. We killed it at the end of the game. We got Schmitters tonight, they were just amazing.”
– Joe Lambert, Bingham HS, 2015
“This is awesome to play all of these teams and see how good they are and how good we are also.”
– Jeff Bednar, Viewmont HS, 2015
“The Schmitter was the Schmitt!”
– Cam Folkerson, Brighton HS, 2016
“Seeing the team come together is one of the blessings of being a coach. Seeing young men bond and form friendships when they normally wouldn’t be hanging out is incredible. The team is certainly coming together and becoming friends fast. You saw that in our performance tonight. Many all star teams down 7-1 would have relied on individual talent to pull them out of the hole. Not these boys, Wasatch LC was relentless with their teamwork and communication in the fourth for a 6-1 quarter to make it 8-7 Twist win. I can’t wait to see the momentum carry over to Tri-State.”
– Adam Eddinger, General Manager, Assistant Coach at Chestnut Hill College
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