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2015 Boys Preseason Player of the Year / First Team Watchlist

Phil Cannell

Editor’s Note: As the season progresses, we will continue to update this list. Think we left someone out? Sound off in the comments below.
Daxton Allison – Olympus – Junior
Max Assay – Corner Canyon – Junior
Kolton Atkinson – Park City – Senior
Dakota Bird – Mountain Crest – Junior
Preston Burbidge – Olympus – Senior
Kyle Gee – Davis – Senior
Doug Gosselin – Judge – Junior
Matt Graney – Corner Canyon – Senior
Brock Halling – Sky View – Senior
Lane Kadish – Skyline – Junior
Patrick Karner – Weber – Senior
Bert Merrill – Skyline – Senior
Alec Meyer – Juan Diego – Junior
Zach Pexton – Alta – Senior
Bailey Pope – Brighton – Senior
Justin Price – Box Elder – Senior
Chantz Roberts – Herriman – Senior
Josh Stout – Lone Peak – Junior
Harry Waddoups – Corner Canyon – Senior
Player Spotlight: Josh Stout
Josh Stout
2014 Stats: 28G, 13A, 48 GB
Most coaches are calling Stout, only a Junior, the best offensive player in the state. He is the heart and soul of the Lone Peak team. Stout is a natural goal scorer with an arsenal of shots and great vision as well. There may not be another attackman that rides harder or is as unselfish in the state. Opponents defensive game planning for the Knights this year will keep coaches up late at night trying to figure out how to deal with Stout.
Jace Babka – Jordan – Senior
Scott Bunker – Brighton – Senior
Taylor Brundage – Herriman – Senior
Blake Chase – Box Elder – Senior
Tristan Courtney – Juan Diego – Junior
Josh Croall – Bingham – Senior
Alex Croyle – Bonneville – Senior
Forrest Engle – Brighton – Senior
Cole Flinders – Park City – Senior
Zack Franckowiak – Corner Canyon – Senior
Joe Lambert – Bingham – Senior
Chad Merrick – Park City – Senior
Dylan Pearmain – Brighton – Junior
Austin Roberts – Juan Diego – Senior
Ezra Schofield – Skyline – Senior
Tanner Shepherd – Weber – Senior
Jeffrey Spach – Logan – Senior
Ben Watteyne – Sky View – Senior
Davis Zwicky – Corner Canyon – Junior
Player Spotlight: Zack Franckowiak
Zach Franckowiak2014 Stats: 31G, 23A, 107 GB, 58% FO
Franckowiak had a major coming out party last year earning 2nd Team All-State accolades. This year he will be relied on even more in the midfield for Corner Canyon. Described as an athlete with elite quickness that can put the ball in the cage every time he’s on the field. Added Bonus, he was also one of the top FOS in the state last year and has gotten better.
Kyle Bland – Sky View – Senior
Josh Hales – Park City – Sophomore
Nathan Kenney – Brighton – Junior
Bo Long – Juan Diego – Senior
Garrett Michaeli – Corner Canyon – Senior
Jacob Mika – Waterford – Senior
Myer Mooney – Skyline – Senior
Andrew Olsen – Northridge – Junior
Braden Pelly – Judge – Senior
Kyle Reavely – Corner Canyon – Junior
Clay Smith – Logan – Senior
Bryson Taylor – Brighton – Junior
Nathan Wade – Skyline – Senior
Player Spotlight: Garrett Michaeli
Garrett Michaeli
2014 Stats: 4G, 3A, 74 GB, 41 CT
As a junior Michaeli was named 1st Team All-State. The leader of Corner Canyons close D always draws the assignment of their opponents top attackman. Great footwork, lightning speed, and fast hands makes him hard to beat 1 on 1. He is never afraid to cross the midfield line to initiate the fast break.
Garrett Bullett – Corner Canyon – Senior
Zach Burbidge – Pleasant Grove – Senior
Chase Flinders – Park City – Senior
Cam Folkerson – Brighton – Junior
Zach Hamel – Bonneville – Junior
Player Spotlight: Garrett Bullett

Garrett Bullett2014 Stats: 2 G, 54 GB, 24 CT
It is safe to say every coach from St. George to the Idaho line knows the name Bullett. The smoothest LSM in Utah throws every check with a purpose and rarely misses a ground ball. Probably the only pole to not leave the field when his team has the ball in the offensive end. Bullett is a major reason why Corner Canyon is considered the strongest defensive team around. Another incredible Chargers athlete.
Phil Cannell – Sky View – Senior
Sean Edwards – Juan Diego – Junior
Oliver Martin – Olympus – Junior
Quintin Mathie – Corner Canyon – Senior
Mitch World – Brighton – Senior
Player Spotlight: Phil Cannell

Phil Cannell
2014 Stats: 159 Saves, 67% Save Percentage, 4.39 GAA, 2 Shutouts
The best way to describe Cannell is calling him a wall. Last years position MVP and 1st Team All-State goalie had stats that make you do a double take. Besides stopping everything thrown at him, he excels in the clearing game. Not many holes in this goalies repertoire as he can fix any mistake made by the defense in front of him.
Jackson Burton – Park City – Junior
Josh Homer – Olympus – Senior
Hunter Horsley – Logan – Junior
Player Spotlight: Jackson Burton
Jackson Burton2014 Stats: 401 Faceoffs, 301 Faceoff Wins, 75.1% Faceoff Won, 11 G, 1 A, 186 GB
It is safe to say Park City would not have won a State Championship in 2014 without their Sophomore sensation. Burton collected 1st Team All-State and position MVP awards. This year Burton looks to be more than just a FOS and become more involved on the offensive end.
Ben Adams (Skyline)
Jackson Babka (Jordan)
Ryan Baker (Juan Diego)
Chris Belcher (Lehi)
Denver Checketts (Sky View)
Talbot Child (Waterford)
Jerrin Cutler (Fremont)
Gage Fisher (Olympus)
Max Franckowiak (Corner Canyon)
Jake Goodwin (Logan)
Chantz Hower (Juan Diego)
Andy Karner (Weber)
Jerrick Kaye (Olympus)
Brock McKinney (Bingham)
Jack Mintz (Park City)
JJ Pickard (Park City)
Bostin Preisler(Weber)
Brendan Roberts (Juan Diego)
Bryce Stewart (Sky View)
Max Sturgill (American Fork)
Easton Albert (Brighton)
Bo Caldwell (Juan Diego)
Jonathan Castor (Alta)
Derek Clawson (Mountain Crest)
Connor French (Park City)
Eli Levine (Park City)
Aliki Matangi (Logan)
Wil McGregor (Logan)
Beau Pederson (Park City)
Justice Peterson (Brighton)
Paden Stokes (Sky View)

  1. Payton kimber from Spanish Fork should not be overlooked. 2 years on wasatch LC has him playing as good as the rest.

    1. I have watched Kimber play and agree he is definately a Defenseman to watch … I also like the sophomore Defesenman/D-Midi Tate Merrill at Spanish Fork.

  2. I am not sure how Tyrel “YO” Finlinson from Syracuse is not included on your
    list of Freshman watch list. Recipient of the Creators Award for his 8th
    grade team. He has been a starter on every team he has played for ranging from North
    Dakota Warriors, Syracuse City League Titans, Utah Black Hawks, Utah Elite, and
    now Syracuse High Titan Varsity. Attended tournaments from Del Mar to Denver
    and a member and major contributor as his team became Champions in many those
    tournaments. I certainly believe that he should be included.

  3. I think you may have overlooked the entire Syracuse Titan team. Some of the notables would be Kendall Kai Jackson (Defense Senior and All State), Erik Kapp (Mid Senior), Stewy Tulane (Attack Junior), Jonah Warnick (Mid Junior), Easton Bingham (Attack), Trey Judge (Attack), Matt Yarbrough (Defense Junior), and Jarom Tingey (Goalie Sophmore) all incredible players in their own right and members of last years division II runners up to the State Champions.

    1. The problem is that the D2 champs are the 10th to 15th best team in the state. Stats look great until you play Brighton and Corner Canyon and they lock you down. Syracuse was good but how many top D1 teams did they beat?

      1. I have had the extreme pleasure watching the best D1 and D2
        players merge into a single teams during club competitions. These young men
        have played together to defeat teams from across the nation and Canada to be
        crowned as champions in major tournaments. In these games the coaches have not
        looked at the players and not played them because of them playing for a D2 high
        school team. They play the best team that can be assembled, which are NOT only
        D1 players. If I am not mistaken, Tim Haslam has made a watch list of the best
        players regardless of their team affiliation, therefore your attempt of
        exclusion based on team if poorly founded. The measurement should be made based
        on the skill and play of the individual.
        Regarding your question and I am NOT a spokesmen for
        Syracuse Lacrosse, but I think you might hear a resounding “Bring Them On” from
        this D2 team!
        (I would happily
        challenge and welcome informed comments regarding your statement of “D2 champs are the 10th to 15th best team in
        the state”)

        1. Syracuse was last years D2 runner up. How did they do against the likes of Brighton, Corner Canyon and Bountiful? Not a spokesman for Syracuse? Lol. Ok Dad. Nice unbiased opinion.

  4. Just by comparison, Stewy Tulane’s 2014 stats: 40 goals, 25 assists as a sophomore Attack for Syracuse. Kendall Jackson’s 2014 stats: 90 GB, 55 CTO as a Junior Defender for Syracuse. I guess it shouldn’t matter, but the only player you list from Syracuse isn’t a player for Syracuse.

      1. I am just trying to understand. What are you looking at when you make these picks? If stats don’t matter, why list stats? I know there is a huge difference between some of the teams. I get that. I’m just surprised that not one player from the 2-time state runner up in DII was even mentioned. I think you do a great job covering Utah High School Lacrosse. All these boys are great players.

        1. Only listed stats on the player spotlights… I think some weight should be put on the ‘Preseason’ part of the title. Plenty of time for players to get on the list (and for some to drop off)! Should be a fun season.

    1. Those stats are kept by parents. I have a hard time believing the defender had more caused turnovers than Bullett and Michaeli. They are both going to D1 college programs. Some of those parent stats get a little creative.

      1. Those were the stats verified by the stat crews of both teams and submitted to ULA. Kendall was 1st team All State and had a great year. Go back and check. There may even be other players not on Corner Canyon that can play.

        1. Stat crews = parents. He may have dominated D2 to that degree. I think the problem is people getting upset their kids aren’t on a watch list and citing D2 stats. Give me his stats vs top D1 teams. I saw the Bountiful vs Syracuse game last year and didn’t see any defensive standouts.

          1. No one is upset. I’m not sure you should be dogging players from smaller programs. I think every one of the players listed deserve to be there. Tim asked if he missed anyone and asked for comments. You seem to be the one dogging players and stat crews because they are not from one of the established teams. We may never beat one of the big boys but that doesn’t mean we don’t have some talented players. Same can be said for every team north of SLC.

          2. I’m pretty sure Kyle Finlinson is upset. It’s a pre-season poll people. Names are added and dropped all the time. It sounds like there will be a mid-season one. These names will be added Im sure and they will be watched to see if they deserve the recognition next time around.

  5. 3 of the 6 player spotlights are for one team, Corner Canyon. I assume they are the team to beat this year?

    1. If I had a vote in the coaches poll, I would definately give my 1st place vote to CC pre-season. Brighton lost too many important seniors and that Bubba kid. PC is the wild card, and I’m not sure if they are physically tough enough to get it done this year.

  6. Wow, I am surprised that the Freshman watch only had one Juan Diego player after they won the Juniors State Championship last season. Sam Burbank led that team in goals, and assists, and Cole Owens was an outstanding two-way midfielder. How about some love for the team that finished strong.

  7. Connor lewis Highland freshmen D pole. Plays for the blackhawks. Kids gonna be an all american.

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