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2015 Girls D-I Bracketology: April 10, 2015

The north conference is far from being decided. As of right now, Park City and Brighton are tied for first place in the north, both being undefeated in the north as of now. Jordan and Judge are tied for second place both having records of 1­-1 in conference. Olympus is left off the list because they are 0­1 but they will be in the mix when they play Judge and Jordan. It will take a few more weeks before the picture starts to become more clear.
1. Park City (3­-0) 8­-0
Still need to play Brighton and Jordan. Quality wins: 13­-5 win over Juan Diego, 13-­1 win over Riverton, 13­-2 win over Jordan 9-4 win over Alta.
1. Brighton (1-­0) 6­-0
Still need to play Park City, Jordan and Judge. Quality wins: 11­6 win over Alta and 15-5 win over Herriman, 15­-2 win over Olympus.
2. Jordan (1-­1) 2­-4
Still need to play Park City, Brighton and Judge.
2. Judge (1­-1) 2­-5
Still need to play Brighton and Jordan.
The south conference is also a ways away from being set in stone but as of right now, we have a three way tie for first place. Two second year teams, American Fork and Herriman are both in a tie with Alta for the first place spot in the south. All three teams are undefeated in conference play. Riverton and Juan Diego are tied for second both having conference records of 1­1. Most of the teams still need to play each other so don’t count out Bingham, Lone Peak and Corner Canyon.
1. American Fork (1­-0) 6­-0
Still need to play Alta, Herriman, Riverton and Juan Diego. Quality wins: 12­-11 win over Olympus
1. Alta (3-­0) 6-­2
Still need to play American Fork and Herriman. Losses came from Brighton 6­-11 and Park City 4­-9. Quality wins: 9-­8 win over Riverton and 10-­8 win over Juan Diego.
2. Riverton (2-­1) 3­-2
Still need to play American Fork and Juan Diego. Losses came by Alta 8-­9 and Park City 1­-11. Quality wins: 10-­8 win over Jordan and 9-6 over Herriman.
3. Herriman (1­-1) 5-­1
Still need to play Alta, American Fork and Juan Diego. Losses came from Brighton 5-15 and Riverton, 9-6. Quality wins: 10­-9 win over Jordan
3. Juan Diego (1­-1) 4­-2
Still need to play Herriman, American Fork and Riverton. Losses came by Alta 8­-10 and Park City 5-­13. Quality wins: 10-­9 win over Jordan.
Now that we see the current standings, here is how we believe that girls play off bracket will look at the end of the season.
1. Park City vs. 4. American Fork
2. Brighton vs. 3. Herriman
1. Alta vs. 4. Olympus
2. Riverton vs. 3. Jordan
In the north, Park City will come out undefeated and will get a tough win against Brighton on the road to secure the number one seed. Brighton will need to beat Jordan who needs a win if they hope to get a higher seeding in the playoffs. Brighton should be able take care of Jordan and secure the second seed. I also believe Olympus will beat Judge and Skyline but won’t be able to get past Jordan. This will secure Olympus the four seed.
In the south, I think Alta will take care of business against both Herriman and American Fork. Having already beaten Riverton, these are the only teams standing in Alta’s way of a number one seed. I’m picking Riverton over Herriman to be the number two seed purely over their aggressive defense all over the field and their win yesterday. American Fork and Herriman will battle it out for third and fourth place but I believe the Mustangs will come out on top and take the third seed.

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