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2015 Ski Town Shootout Recap

Thank you to everyone who participated in the eleventh Ski Town Shoot Out in Park City this past weekend. The festival hosted 96 teams with about 1700 players. There were 485 games played starting Thursday night and ending Saturday evening. The opening ceremonies on Friday were a highlight as usual. Starting off with some motivation and announcing the teams was Jim Beardmore who is a lacrosse legend nationwide.
Continuing on, fans heard inspirational words from ex-NFL player, multi-sport athlete and business mind of John Madsen. Closing things out, Dan Schmidt, who is a do-it-all person in the community, reminded the hundreds in attendance what makes the Ski Town Shoot Out special by conducting the Running of the Balls. A special thank you to everyone who made the opening ceremonies amazing as always: Mike O’Malley, Dan Schmidt, John Madsen, Jim Beardmore, DJ Chris, Boy Scout Troop 71, Ben Haslam (Ben Haslam Photography).
We truly hope everyone who took part in the Ski Town Shoot Out had a great time. There are countless hours of work that goes into making the event happen. The Ski Town Committee would like to thank those individuals who made this event happen: Niki Harding, Collin Madsen, Cheree Stout, Jeff Bzroska, Celeste Harding, Karen Keefe, Jim Brandon, Sam Garcia, David Bicker, Chris Nielson.
All criticism, suggestions, and appreciation are being received and preparation for next year is underway. Each year we strive to make this event better and we look forward to making next year’s shoot out the best yet.
On behalf of the Ski Town Shoot Out committee of the Utah Lacrosse Association Chapter, THANK YOU!
Kristi Halford (Ski Town Committee Co-chair)
Drew Bicker (Ski Town Committee Co-chair)
Niki Harding (ULA girls youth)
Collin Madsen (ULA boys youth)

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  1. and sorry we forget to mention Martin Wiegand who helped run the North 40 fields … Thank You, Thank You !!!

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