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2016 Boys All-American, All-State Awards

Bubba Fairman
Bubba Fairman
2016 US Lacrosse All-Americans
Cole ‘Bubba’ Fairman – Brighton – Attack – 2016
Josh Stout – Lone Peak – Attack – 2016
Lane Kadish – Skyline – Attack – 2016
Christopher Belcher – Alta – LSM – 2017
Jackson Babka – Alta – Goalie – 2017
Ian Elson – Riverton – Midfield – 2016
2016 US Lacrosse Academic All-Americans
Jackson Burton – Park City – FOS – 2016
Mikey Vetter – East – FOS – 2016
Ethan Hollis – Pleasant Grove – Attack – 2016
Foster Dittmer – Westlake – Midfield – 2016
Evan White – Bingham – Attack – 2016
Lane Kadish – Skyline – Attack – 2016
2016 US Lacrosse Coach of the Year
Scott Park – Copper Hills
2016 US Lacrosse Assistant Coach of the Year
Drew Bicker – Skyline
2016 US Lacrosse Person of the Year
Dan Schmidt – Skyline
2016 US Lacrosse Bob Scott Award
Hunter Brown – West Jordan
2016 UHSLL Blake Strebel Awared
Dallin Bentley – Bingham

Lane Kadish
Lane Kadish
2016 UHSLL All-State Class A
1st Team
Cole ‘Bubba’ Fairman – Brighton – MVP
Max Franckowiak – Corner Canyon
Lane Kadish – Skyline
Andrew Karner – Fremont
Josh Stout – Lone Peak
Dylan Pearmain – Brighton – MVP
Tristan Courtney – Juan Diego
Jerrin Cutler – Fremont
Hunter Horsley – Logan
Beau Pederson – Park City
Bryson Taylor – Brighton – MVP
Ryan Baker – Juan Diego
Josh Hales – Park City
Steve Huetter – Alta
Kyle Reaveley – Corner Canyon
Christopher Belcher – Alta – MVP
Bo Caldwell – Juan Diego
Noah Hill – Judge Memorial – MVP
Jackson Burton – Park City
Jackson Babka – Alta – MVP
Kayden Arbon – Pleasant Grove
2nd Team
Max Asay – Corner Canyon
Tennison Schmidt – Brighton
Anthony Sharp – Davis
Bryce Stuart – Sky View
Chantz Hower – Juan Diego
Landon Malais – Davis
Leroy Sandberg – Copper Hills
Davis Zwicky – Corner Canyon
Spencer Sorenson – Corner Canyon
Kyle Bland – Sky View
Steele Headden – Olympus
Nathan Kenney – Brighton
Isaac Schirmer – Lone Peak
Griffin Seifert – Park City
Austin Hargis – Copper Hills
Sean Edwards – Juan Diego
Honorable Mention
Jonathan Castor – Alta
Brandon Dodd – Logan
Douglas Gosselin – Judge Memorial
Alec Meyer – Juan Diego
Nicolas Farnsworth – Alta
Ryan Lunt – Olympus
Zach Norton – Davis
Preston Payne – Sky View
Payton Carson – Juan Diego
Cody Child – Fremont
Nathan Davis – Copper Hills
Tate Merrill – Spanish Fork
Patrick Roy – Logan
Hunter Cannon – Corner Canyon
Sheridan Buchholz – Park City

2016 UHSLL All-State Class B

Maxx McWhorter
Maxx McWhorter
1st Team
Dallin Bentley – Bingham – MVP
Talbot Child – Waterford
Stewart Tulane – Syracuse
Maxx McWhorter – Timpanogos
Ian Elson – Riverton – MVP
Logan Frost – Northridge
Will Watanabe – Timpview
Kade Weathers – Bonneville
Jamie Gertge – Northridge – MVP
Zach Hamel – Bonneville
Cavin Huntsman – Waterford
Matt Yarbrough – Syracuse
Kyle Winn – Bountiful – MVP
Mikey Vetter – East – MVP
Taylor Allen – Northridge – MVP
2nd Team
Cage Blackburn – Herriman
Carter Federico – Mountain Crest
Brock McKinney – Bingham
Jonah Warnick – Syracuse
Josh Degn – Bingham
Kimball Matheny – American Fork
Seth McConkie – East
Aaron Rasmussen – Jordan
Joseph Anderson – East
Andrew Olsen – Northridge
Brody Price – Bingham
Peter Duncan Williamson – Waterford
Dallas Niemann – Mountain Crest
James Packer – Bingham
Jeremy Croall – Bingham
Honorable Mention
Jed Fuller – East
AJ Matheson – Riverton
Lincoln Robbins – Jordan
Dalton Skidmore – Roy
Zack Baird – Syracuse Titans
Thomas Miles – Timpanogos
Zack Thacker – American Fork
Nick Winters – Waterford
Colt Bartnicki – Herriman
Nick Faragasso – Roy
Ronnie Olson – Roy
Remington Peterson – Jordan
Hayden Peterson – Bingham
Geoffrey “Max” Sturgill – American Fork

2016 UHSLL All-State Class C

Hunter Brown
Hunter Brown
1st Team
Jordan Bursach – Lehi – MVP
Hunter Brown – West Jordan
Taran Stone – Viewmont
Scott Shakespeare – Box Elder
Andre Chapman – Lehi – MVP
Isaac Houghtalen – Box Elder
Brad Larsen – Westlake
Jaxson Hess – Desert Hills
Clark Rawson – Viewmont
Jake Tippetts – Westlake
Edward May III – Desert Hills
Trayson Withers – Westlake
Sam Wilcox – Lehi – MVP
Waylon Pyatt – Box Elder – MVP
Braxton Barnes – Desert Hills – MVP
Honorable Mention
Jeremiah Bott – West Jordan
Evan Young – Woods Cross
Parker Smith – Westlake
Riley Mills – Desert Hills
Chandler Lemon – Lehi
Jace Griffeth – Wasatch
Ryan Ward – West Jordan
Brock Fullmer – Woods Cross
Jaxon Smith – Lehi
Henry Bould – Wasatch
Brock Payne – WestLake
Kimball Hansen – Lehi
Zack Skok – Viewmont

  1. Foster Dittmer from Westlake is one of the hardest-working, humblest, most respectful, true team players I have ever had the pleasure of coaching or teaching. Congratulations to him on a very well-deserved Academic All-American honor.

  2. Player – School – Stats – Strength of Schedule – Award
    Anthony Sharp – Davis – 77g, 32a, 109pts – 12 – A 2nd Team
    Ian Elson – Riverton – 71g, 32a, 103pts – 30 – All-American, B 1st Team, Position MVP
    Josh Stout – Lone Peak – 68g, 23a, 91pts – 5 – All-American, A 1st Team
    Bubba Fairman – Brighton – 63g, 44a, 107pts – 2 – All-American, A 1st Team, Position MVP
    Lane Kadish – Skyline – 63g, 26a, 79pts – 6 – All-American, A 1st Team
    Jordan Bursach – Lehi – 62g, 23a, 75pts – 27 – C 1st Team, Position MVP
    I’m not certain someone who has great numbers but plays the 30 toughest schedule should be awarded the All-American… I also remember in the not too distance past the whole debate of ‘Can a Division B/2 player be awarded as an All-American?’ Something isn’t lining up. Elson only had 2 points against JD, 2 points against Sky View, 4 against Logan, 2 against Alta, 3 against Bingham. Most of the points came against Hillcrest (ID), Woods Cross (C Class), Lehi (C Class).
    I also think Sharp should have been a first teamer. 2nd in points per game, led the state in goals, tied for 9th in assists. I would have left off Franckowiak. He’s a stud of a player, but his numbers just aren’t the same.
    Also, a junior LSM is one of the 6 best players in the state? Seems unlikely…

    1. Also……..when all the coaches from the entire state votes count the same, Stats must have had a role in the All American voting. I personally feel that 2 very deserving players Tristan Courtney (JD) and Bryson Taylor (Brighton) should have been All Americans.

      1. agree 100% Mike. So why didn’t anyone stand up in the meeting and discuss this stuff!!!!!!!!

  3. In looking at the face-off stats:
    Minimum 100 face-offs
    McCoy Summers – Mountain Crest – 73.17% – No award
    Hunter Horsley – Logan – 69.23% – A 1st Team Midfield, Nothing at FOS
    Waylon Pyatt – Box Elder – 68.39% – C 1st Team, Position MVP
    Lane Kadish – Skyline – 67.93% – All-American, A 1st Team Midfield, Nothing at FOS
    Hunter Cannon – Corner Canyon – 66.92% – A Honorable Mention
    Noah Hill – Judge – 66.78% – A 1st Team FOS, Position MVP
    Burton was hurt and didn’t even take 100. Is he the best when healthy? Sure, but he wasn’t healthy…
    Do coaches just go on reputation? Do they account for stats?

    1. Hunter Horsley was put in at Midfield, and Lane Kadish was put in at attack, neither were put in for FOS.

      1. I’m assuming coaches know that there is a FOS category? I’m wondering if Hunter was put in as midfield since FOS is technically a midfielder?
        Was McCoy Summers put in as a midfielder too but got overlooked?

        1. Im not sure about McCoy as he was in the Class B selections and I was not, but from talking to some of the coaches that played against Mt Crest, he was very good.

    2. Players were put up as either a FOS or Midfield or Attack or whatever … Not both … Coaches had to make the call on their position classification … Even though Jackson was down with a hamstring for half the season, he still played on the man up team in most games and only missed 5 of 15 for PC.

      1. In theory I get why that is the case, but in the case of Kadish, he should have been 1st team FOS as well. He’s a well rounded player so let’s give him well rounded awards…

        1. Disagree … 1 or the other … Thats like saying LeBron should be recognized as a forward and a guard since he plays both depending on the situation.

          1. Is he the best forward? Is he the best guard? Give him both if he is truly the best

    3. You are right on here, the stats have been used without substance. A number does not tell the story and a reputation should not be considered. That happens because the coaches voting are not educated in their votes past the teams they coach and played during the season. This is where a vote and then debate/discussion must be part of the process to make sure that the right players are being rewarded.

      1. The right players won’t be rewarded until bias is removed from the equation. It’s simple. Don’t let coaches nominate their own players. Don’t let coaches vote for their own players. Once that happens, coaches will realize that if they want their players to get nominated and voted for, they’ll have to do the same for others. Sharing is caring…
        Does anyone know when in the agenda the voting takes place? I’ve been in those meetings a long time ago so I don’t remember, but I remember them being very long. If guys are tired, they are going to throw logic out the window and just vote to get home.

        1. Agree, but the issue goes deeper. As you note bias and friendships oft times mess the program up. Coaches voting for AA needs to be split back to each Class, knowing that as a state we can only have 6 award winners, the logical next step is to take the 6 finalists from each division and discuss as a group the merits of players. Then re-vote at that time for the 6 best!! Just one idea, I am sure there are smarter people out there with better solutions. I just can’t believe we keep doing the same thing every year.

  4. Reading below notes I think that there are 2 keys to awards and voting for them:
    1) the goal should be to award the players–the best players, not the coaches players, not the player with the most goals or stats that a coach picks up without actually knowing the players he is voting for; 2) Stats–using raw totals does not tell the story. What are the stats a player accumulates vs playoff teams, not teams that are building their programs, what about players who do not play full games because they are pulled due to large scoring differentials in a game, how about teams that only play 15 games vs teams that play 19, how about the fact that those keeping stats are team volunteers who have biases, can’t see the full field and miss stats like CT’s, GB’s etc. The formula is broken. The process is not equal, there is no responsibility put on those who vote, I know that many vote without full knowledge of the players they are voting for, they solely use goals scored as their fall back decision maker.
    So I am a Brighton parent, most of you know that. The below will not be popular with most of you, but it must be said. I have also coached a significant number of our club playing youth over the years and know these players pretty dang well. I have traveled the country with my son and watched enough youth and HS lacrosse to know talented players and see not just the goals scored, the gb’s, the saves, but see the spacing on offense so a player can get a time and room, the man ball aspect on defense, the player that draws the toughest defensive assignment each week and plays great one on one defense, but doesn’t get those stats. The wing player that boxes out so his teammate can pick up the face off, the player that is versatile and plays multiple positions, who leads a team, who steps up to make the play his team needs to gain moment and finish a game. Coaches who voted can you attest that you knew the little things? Can you validate your vote and say that you didn’t fall back on a raw stat to make your vote? Coaches, did you send in accurate and responsible bios to fellow coaches for them to educate themselves about players and therefore make a more educated decision? Why did the process fail to follow the US Lacrosse All American voting guidelines? Why is there simply a blind vote, with no discussion after votes are tallied to make sure that THE PLAYERS are awarded properly? This is a broken system, PEOPLE–COACHES AND ADMINISTRATORS NEED TO SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND MAKE THIS PROCESS BETTER!!!!
    Most will say that my reaction here is because my son Bryson Taylor did make the All American Team. Well, you are damn right. Can anyone look me or him in the eye and tell him he is not one of the six best players in this state???? Guarantee you can’t. I know the 5 coaches that have text me today to tell me that Bryson got screwed feel that way.
    Bryson got credit for his hard work with MVP-1st team, but what about Nathan Kenney? Not a top 5 pole? Insane. How does Brighton, the number 1, undefeated team in the state only have 5 award winners? Cam Folkerson, Hunter Albert, Jake Miller, Myles Paulson, Max Hoole, don’t deserve votes for at least honorable mention? For shame. Your telling me that Sean Edwards, Chantz Hower and Alec Meyer are not 1st and 2nd teammers? Coaches voted only on stats there, period!!!!! Where was the dialog, where was the leadership to discuss what was RIGHT for the players?
    17-2, 15-0 in state–Brighton has 5 all state players– You mean to tell me that playing the top 3 teams in the state and beating them all doesn’t give you a good enough resume to lead the state in award winners? How do Juan Diego (7), Park City (6), Alta (6), Corner Canyon (6), have more Heck, Alta didn’t even play Brighton or Juan Diego and lost to PC and CC. How does that make for 6 players on the all state teams and 2 underclassmen as All American’s–Mike don’t want to hear that BHS and JD didn’t call you to schedule games, you have a phone.
    Shame on all who played apart in another farce of a selection of All State players–we should learn are lesson every year–Sorry Garrett and Mike Bullet, we add another list of players who got screwed like you did last year. Of course we didn’t change anything or even question the process!!
    Lastly, don’t respond to this if you are a whinny, uneducated parent who wants to whine about fairness for all teams, everyone should get a trophy, blah blah blah.

    1. Well said Brad. I’m not saying we should vote only based on stats, but they can help open some eyes…

    2. You nailed it Brad. The best players in the state are in Class A, but unfortunately every coaches vote counts the same. 16 Class A Coaches vs 26 Class B and C. Most of the Class B and C coaches do not ever get to see those teams. Hope you got my message I sent you on FB (I make 6)

      1. Can’t look at FB at work but can imagine and thank you.
        I 100% the your note above and know that this has been the method for years, so why don’t we look at fixing the issue? Why did we not follow the US Lacrosse voting rules on the AA vote? That could help things having the ranking of players possibly overcome some of the ignorant votes.

    3. Brad,
      It is interesting to note, in light of your whiny, complaint-laced rant about a broken and unfair process… the deep irony of the last statement in your post.

      1. Did you read what I said? “don’t respond to this if you are a whinny, uneducated parent who wants to whine about fairness for all teams, everyone should get a trophy, blah blah blah.” I don’t want to hear from the parents that say each team and division are equal and should all get awards. That is BS.

        1. Forgot to note. I am not uneducated about our lacrosse programs and state of lacrosse here in Utah. I coached for 8 years at Brighton and with the Utah Starz. I won a Jr’s lacrosse championship with Brighton as the head coach. I am not some whinny fool.

  5. Typical whinny Brighton parent. Great kids, great team, will probably win a state title that is well deserved. But the worst parents in the league and have been for years. Glad to see you are keeping up the tradition. Congrats on 1st team Allstate Bryson. You’re a heck of a player. Can’t wait to read your response. YOU TOLD ME. We should all be lucky to have shared the field with you guys. “Brighton Rules”

    1. Its not a whinny Brighton parent issue, Brad is 100% correct on this. (Would it be different if this was a Class B parent that addressed the Issue)
      The system is broken and has been for years. We have had the exact same issues before. Including last year!!!! Somehow as a group we need to come up with a system that rewards the Very best players in the state. Maybe a Pre season & Mid season watch list, maybe a point system. Honestly we really need to try and figure this out for the future
      Mike Isbell
      Alta Varsity Head Lacrosse Coach

      1. Just hold the awards meeting a week or two after the state finals. More coaches will get to see more players against playoff competition, and have more time to analyze the list of nominees.
        The league took a good step this year by compiling the nominees ahead of time, but sending out the list the night before the meeting means the voting will still be ad hoc and thus unduly influenced by cumulative stats (for unfamiliar players). How many coaches are going to comb thru every nominee’s game-by-game stats with just a handful of waking hours before they vote? Who is calling up other coaches for frank assessments? What if some decisions are so close that seeing competing nominees in the semis and finals is rightfully the determinant between AA, 1st, and 2nd?
        Nominate players after the last regular season game (or possibly earlier), distribute that list to coaches asap, and don’t vote on them til June. Will that solve every problem that stems from ignorance or an over-reliance on stats? No. But what’s the downside? That the awards won’t be announced over the PA during halftime of the finals? Who freaking cares.

        1. I just dont think that many of the coaches that get a vote go to the Class A Semi’s or Finals. Unfortunately, once their season is done, lacrosse is over for many of them. And its tough to blame them … Its a long season for us all.

          1. Which is why it should be a committee. Charge each player an additional $5 at registration. Have that money go straight to a non-coaching, non-club, non-ref committee. Someone who can recognize talent and is willing to go from St. George to Logan to scout games.

          2. How big of a committee do you want … Unfortunately, the only people in this state qualified to be on said committee would be Tim, Steve, and Brad LaVoie … If Tim and Steve take this on with their full times job we would lose ULN … And if Brad did it, yes he would find some hidden gems for Westminster, but his wife would leave him. Yes there are several HS coaches and club coaches that are qualified, but charges of biased would be sure to follow.

    2. I have to agree with Brad also and will go one further. Not only was Bryson snubbed, Tristan Courtney was as well. Bryson is the best pole in the state (close or lsm) and everybody that has actually watched him play will agree. The problem is that every coach in the state has an equal vote and Brighton only played 3 teams below Class A. I understand its tough for a team in Class B or C to vote for a player that they have never seen play, but this is where the system is broke. Yes their are some nice players in Class B and C but not of the caliber of Class A. Midfielder Tristan Courntey is the best player on the #2 team in the state and did not get AA. Elson is a nice player and definitely the best player on his team as well but his team was ranked #26. What do the top teams in the state need to do to get the votes from Class B and C ??? Do they schedule them and play their studs for 4 quarters and run it up ??? I say not, that does not help either team get better. I hate to say it but a Class A coaches vote needs to count more than a Class B or C vote. In Rhode Island and other states only DI coaches votes are used for AA. If a player in DII is really deserving, those DI coaches are trusted to know those players and vote accordingly. Maybe we need to ask coaches if they do not feel they have seen enough players in the state to actually qualify themselves to select the 6 best to do the right thing and recluse themselves from voting.

  6. Mountain Crest has at least two more players who really deserved to be honored. McCoy Summers has been leading the state all year on face off. Right now he sits at 73.2% and he has done it against everybody. I can’t imagine why a kid like this was not honored as a FOS. His ability to control the face off is a big reason why MC has gone from a Class C team that lost in the first round of the playoff last year to preparing for the semifinals of Class B this year.
    Justin Breinholt should have been honored at goalie in Class B. As of today he is sitting at 58% saved and has been solid all season. I have no issue with the Northridge goalie being honored. He played well all season and it was well deserved (although Justin outplayed him in both MC’s games against Northridge). The other two goalies honored in Class B sit at 52.7% and 48.8%. One of the goalies honored has 125 saves and 57 ground balls in 22 games. Justin has 123 saves and 52 ground balls in 14 games. I can’t figure why so many goalies who were playing at a higher level were passed over.
    I know stats don’t tell the whole story, but they do tell a story…

    1. I would not look at gb stat’s for goalies. They are not very accurate. Too many stat takers give a goalie a gb for simply picking up a ball after a save. A goalie needs to be physically out the crease to get a gb. There are a ton of misleading goalie stats in the state. A post or a wide shot is not a save and too many times I have seen teams give goalies credit for this. Too many votes are cast on stats alone !!!

  7. There is a lot of blame to go around on this. Not every program sent somebody to this meeting that have been on the calandar since the begining of the season. I beleive both Olympus and Bountiful were not represented. Maybe these votes could have swayed things both for All American or Class A and B All State. I would not be happy if I was one of those programs fans. Sorry Titans and Braves. I also heard another program did not nominate a single player because they were disapointed what Class they finished the season in. Maybe the nominated players could have been sent to the coaches earlier so they could do their homework, but I know UHSLL was tracking down programs and begging them to turn nominations in for 2 days after the original deadline. Maybe the Class A coaches could have spoke up at the meeting and demanded that nobody could leave the room until they really thought these were the best 6 players in the state. I imagine that wouldn’t have went over well. Maybe the Utah head of the US Lacrosse awards could have done a better job in being prepared to not let last year happen again, but from what it sounds like not a thing was changed except the vote for All Americans came after All State selections this year and only 1st Team All State players were allowed on the ballot. Sounds like there is a lot of blame to go around and even more maybe’s in the air. I realy hope sweeping changes come next year and they get it right for once because I don’t think there has ever been a year with out major controversy. Does anybody know if the public is entitled to see the official vote count for all players up for All American. I am curious to see how close Bryson was to the 6th spot and what other players in this state received votes? They do it in every other sport.

  8. This whole system is crazy–uninformed coaches being asked to vote for players they’ve never seen or heard of. There are snubs all over the place and kids who are being awarded higher than they deserve based purely on stats and one game performances. We’ve got coaches who are promoting their own players (as they probably should) and turning the whole thing into this weird political process. This should be a time of excitement and honor for the kids, but most of them see it as kind of a joke. Not sure how best to fix this but it needs to be.

  9. I don’t think one can trust any of the stats anyways. Stats are inflated and deflated. As a coach I witnessed my own stat crew for a game between two class A teams, a parent who was “helping” the stat takers, watch his son take and lose a faceoff and then told the stat girls faceoff win (player name) even though the other teams player won the clamp and won it forward to himself. I was appalled at this and I had to correct the issue after the game. Which in turn lead to quite the nasty email from said parent about not being allowed on the bench side. I have heard stories of moms working tables and their sons are goalies and a shot goes wide of the goal untouched and the mom says save (teams goalie name). Also, on the flip side I once was handed the stat sheet after a game in which our team put up 12 goals but our stats reflected 8 goals and 2 assists. I have seen 16 year old managers of teams empowered with stat taking sitting on the sideline being influenced by parents, gossiping about boyfriends and girlfriends and not even watching the game. Couple this with coaches relying on stats for voting and having never seen a player. One can see the picture. I don’t even want to imagine what other issues are going on with stats especially between a class B team versus a class C game where a general lack of lacrosse knowledge has a greater chance of creeping in. The system as a whole needs overhaul and parental influence needs to be limited as much as possible.

    1. The only thing that will cure that is sanctioning, but it will just lesson the effects.

  10. I see the powers at hand hard at work here:
    1) Coaches not having the time to critically scout/check out every other player on every other team. (The requirements for leading their own team alone is a massive commitment.)
    2) Unsanctioned sport means biased parents as stat keepers with suspect end of year stats.
    3) Class A coaches and players assuming all lower class player aren’t underserving/not up to par.
    4) Limited amount of awards based on artificial # allowed instead of deserving players.
    5) Unequal schedules with limited same opponent matchups leading to distrust in the rankings.
    All a giant recipe for over-inflated male egos getting personally butt-hurt and going ballistic to vent frustrations. Thank goodness for end of year awards and the joy they bring….

    1. Kalen,
      I would Love to hear what you think the solution should be……… or are you just here to stir the pot??? We all agree the current system is flawed, and needs to be fixed, and Thankfully an open dialog beween intelligent adults has started the ball rolling to try and fix it

  11. My remedy would be as follows:
    Teams are granted a certain number of “all state” players (0-10) based upon their laxpower ranking (regardless of class). Coaches and/or local boards select players to fill these slots for their respective teams. At the end of year coaches meeting, the coaches fill AA, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd teams from this pre-selected pool regardless of classification with the remainder receiving “honorable mention” and retaining all state status. Of course such a system would have its flaws but it solves many of them. It also reduced the number of deserving kids getting snubbed for their potential college lax resumes.
    The system should reward the best players on the best teams who play the stiffest competition. Dominant teams such as Brighton (this year) and Corner Canyon & Park City (last year) deserve the most honors. Players with over-inflated stats based upon soft competition would be more appropriately sifted through. One of the biggest issues I have with the current system is the three classifications. Kids in our program received less consideration than others because our conference wasn’t well represented in our class. The 1st and 2nd Teams are loaded with players from the one conference that was best represented at the meeting with some deserving players being left out. I don’t necessarily blame the coaches for this, but rather a broken system that puts programs among a group where they lack exposure to their peers.
    We need to make these honors more meaningful for the players. There is no selection process that would be without flaws but we can and should do better.

  12. I for one would love to see the final AA voting ballot … I want to see all players on the ballot and exactly how many votes they received … I think this would really show EVERYBODY how broken the system is and how right many of these comments are.

  13. I found it funny that the Class-C champ didn’t have a single position MVP. Even at the lowest level, the system is broken.

  14. Throughout the country there are numerous systems to determine postseason awards in high school lacrosse and other sports. Some are determined by the media, some by committees, some by fan votes, and some by coach votes. You can easily find insightful articles about award controversies at all levels in sports—high school, college, and professional.
    My question is—just looking at All Americans, did the coaches get it blatantly wrong this year? I believe the answer is no. I also believe that there are 2-3 other players that could have been included on the list of six All Americans and the selections would have been just as justifiable. The reality is there were six spots and 8-9 players that were deserving of serious consideration.
    Offensive performers tend to stand out and get recognized more than defensive ones. The Heisman Trophy is supposed to go to the best collegiate football player in the nation each year. In its 81 years the award has never been given to a defensive player. You can’t tell me that there aren’t at least 25-30 defensive players over the years that should have received this award. Good defense is not easily quantified, and because of this, defensive players are grossly overlooked. The USILA awards All American status to NCAA lacrosse players on a positional basis, which allows both offensive and defensive players to be equally recognized. US Lacrosse does not take this approach on the high school level. States are given a number of All American awards based on participation criteria, which can go to any position. Because of this it’s inevitable that offensive players will get more recognition, with possibly the exception of goalies, where performance is more easily quantifiable via stats.
    I attended the All State game this past Tuesday and enjoyed it very much. At the end of the game it was
    apparent to me that each and every one of the six that were selected as All Americans this season stood out on the field when surrounded by the best in the state. I know it’s an all-star game and I’m not remotely implying that performance in this game is indicative of how deserving a particular player is, but it was undeniable that the six recipients’ talent stood out in this context.
    The All State game also showed that players from B and C Classes could hold their own against players from Class A. Sure, there are fewer of them, but they shouldn’t be dismissed because they happen to be on inexperienced teams. If I remember correctly, Braxton Barnes, the Desert Hills goalie (Class C Position MVP) didn’t allow a single goal the entire 2nd quarter.
    I’m sure there are ways to improve the system. This requires involvement by those with ideas and a willingness to contribute. That’s what’s great about the UHSLL—if you want to contribute there’s ample opportunity to do just that.
    My congratulations to the well-deserving players who received end of year awards.

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