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8 Reasons To Go To The NCAA Championships

2013 NCAA Lacrosse ChampionshipsI had the awesome opportunity to head back to Philadelphia to watch the NCAA Division I Championship game. To put in words how amazing this event, is impossible. If anyone read my “Lacrosse Bucket List”, this was on there. The only thing that could of topped this was if I was able to watch the Terps dominate Syracuse, instead of Duke. Maybe next year. Instead of rambling on in a huge article about how amazing it was, I decided to make a list. I came up with 8 reasons (in order) why every lacrosse fan should attend the NCAA Championship game.
8) See The Sights – I love to travel, and the East coast has tons of great places to visit. And with the location switching every year, you get a different set of sights to see each time you go. Since this one was located in Philly, I was able to visit all of the Revolutionary sites in the city. It was also very neat to see them all on Memorial Day.
7) Opportunity to wear your new snap back with a tank top and high top Nike socks – Don’t mind the sarcasm, but If lacrosse has an official outfit, this would be it. Almost everyone in the stadium was in this getup.
6) The Gear – There was TONS of gear there, and TONS of it was on sale. A few tents had giant bins with brand new gloves, shirts, shorts and socks that had their prices ridiculously reduced. Not only that, but you could see and test all the latest gear. Brine, Warrior, STX, Epoch and Maverick were all there with their latest lineup.
5) Recommits you to lacrosse – After a full season of daily practices, games and tournaments, it is easy for players to get burnt out near the end of the season. The summer break comes at a great time for a break for lacrosse. However, the players who are wanting to improve for next years season, will use the time off to get better at lacrosse. The Championship game is a great way to do this. After attending the game, lacrosse it all you can think about, and all you want to do. It’s like a glass of fresh lemonade after walking through the desert.
4) The lax culture – Unlike football and basketball, lacrosse has a unique culture that has been branded to it. The lax bro culture. A Chill, laid back lifestyle. Coming from the West, it was interesting to see how the East view lacrosse. In my opinion, it seems like the West coast has followed the LXM PRO tour culture, where the East coast is still the same as it always has been, very traditional. It was fun to see all the cultures collide at the event, even though there are completely different views of the sport.
3) TV becomes a reality – I follow the college lacrosse scene very closely. This means a lot of time on YouTube watching highlight reels from the past weeks games. So to attend the event and see all the players that I have only seen on the internet, was unreal. It was like being a huge fan of a movie, then having the opportunity to be on the set while they are filming it.
2) See high level lacrosse – Duke and Syracuse are really good teams. Really good. Their lacrosse IQ and vision is off the charts. Seeing it in person takes your respect for these guys to a whole other level. For example, we sat behind the Duke bench. it was interesting seeing Brendan Fowler, Dukes face-off specialist, dominate every face-off, them come off the field and instantly get focused on the next one. These guys are legit.
And the number one reason why every lacrosse player should attend the NCAA Championship game is:
Let me rephrase that, the number one reason why you SHOULDN’T attend the NCAA Championship game is because it is an instant addiction. You will want to go back ever single year for the rest of your life. Right after the game ended, I was ready to purchase tickets for next years game. A day has passed and I am still in awe of how amazing it was. If you are looking for a new addiction, this is the event for you.
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