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Announcing the Launch of The Lacrosse Box, a Monthly Subscription Service of Specially Selected, High-Quality Lacrosse Goods

The Lacrosse BoxFor Immediate Release – The Lacrosse Box
SALT LAKE CITY, UT—October 1, 2014—The Lacrosse Box, a subscription service that delivers boxes containing lacrosse-oriented goods straight to consumers’ doorsteps, announced the official launch of its flagship product, the Lacrosse Box today.
Every month, Lacrosse Box subscribers will receive a box filled with a variety of high-quality lacrosse essentials. The contents of the box will rotate monthly allowing consumers to experience an assortment of products and brands while stocking up on lacrosse staples that players need consistently.
The Lacrosse Box, intended to cater to the needs of little league through high school lacrosse players, is a smart, fun, and affordable alternative to frequent and inconvenient trips to traditional brick and mortar lacrosse retailers.
“There are materials and supplies that every lacrosse player consumes on a regular, predictable basis,” said Lacrosse Box creator Garrett Cotterell. “We tailor our boxes to meet those needs seasonally; whether it be providing workout clothes in the training months, or replacement items during the season.”
The founders of The Lacrosse Box, both former collegiate lacrosse players whose love of the game led them to found the company, seek to provide a product that will allow lacrosse players convenient access to affordable, superior products that will amplify their playing experience. The Lacrosse Box is proud to team with suppliers such as Adrenaline, Pro Bar, and String King in order to equip lacrosse players with the best products on the market.
The beautiful thing about The Lacrosse Box is that it’s not a box full of samples or items of no value,” said Marc Miller, The Lacrosse Box creator. “We have partnered with the best in the business to make sure players don’t have to worry about the quality of the product coming in the box. It’s like having Christmas twelve times a year.”
About The Lacrosse Box
Founded in 2014, The Lacrosse Box couples superior products with convenient delivery in order to allow players to focus on playing the game and improving their lacrosse experience. Two boxes are available to consumers through a subscription to The Lacrosse Box. The Maintenance Box will provide customers consumable products including athletic tape, nutritional products, lacrosse balls, stringing kits, and more; The Premium Box will contain all the items the Maintenance Box delivers in addition to a clothing item such as a technical shirt, pair of shorts, or socks. For more information visit, or follow The Lacrosse Box on Facebook.

    1. I thought that was an interesting observation, but then I thought it was even MORE interesting when I looked at your link. The release on your link has a date AFTER the release above…. Are you sure it wasn’t the other way around?

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