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Be Selfish. Bring the LAS GTG Tour to Utah.

Lax All Stars Grow The Game Tour Leaderboard
As of 9/3, SLC is in the running!

The Lax All Stars Dot Com Grow the Game Tour is not going to be coming to Utah unless you get selfish right now and donate. Look, we need this in our state. They have a voice and financial backing. They have big names. They have gear sponsors. And they are going somewhere else to grow the game if we don’t donate more than one of those other states and cities. I asked Jeff from a few questions about the GTG tour and because I am lazy I am just going to go and reproduce them here. People. Give. Give now. We need more people in our state playing lacrosse. And these guys have a way to do that. You can donate here so we aren’t left behind.
Pete Stevenson: What is the purpose of the Grow the Game tour?
Lax All Stars
: To invigorate communities with a love for lacrosse and celebrate our shared passion for the game. We hope to use the Grow The Game Tour as a tool to promote the sport in each community we visit, helping to bridge the gap between hardcore lacrosse enthusiasts and those new to the game. It also provides a great opportunity for us to showcase each location we visit on our website – we want to tell each community’s story and shine a light on it for fans worldwide to see.

Lax All Stars Grow The Game Tour Leaderboard
As of 9/3, SLC is in the running!
PS: What sorts of things should people who attend the Tour events expect to see?
: Each GTG Tour event will include a free skills clinic for local youth and high school players put on by athletes like Mike Powell and Brett Queener, lacrosse-specific contests (stick trick competition, accuracy contest, fastest shot, etc) and giveaways, an equipment drive where we’ll be collecting and recycling used sticks and pads, as well as other tailgate-style games, music and prizes. Some events will also include a free BBQ, discounted lacrosse gear for sale, and equipment donations from Easton Lacrosse. We’ll also have our new “GTG Photobooth” setup at every stop.
PS: Will this be for experienced players or is it geared mostly for those who have never seen the game before?
: Some events will cater to one group or the other depending on timing and location, but in general, we want the Grow The Game Tour to provide a positive lacrosse experience for people of all ages and experience levels.
PS: What do people in Utah need to do to get the Grow the Game tour to come here?
: We are holding a fundraising campaign for the tour right now, and we have already received a few contributions from Utah lacrosse community members. 100% of the proceeds from our fundraiser will go directly to facilitating the GTG Tour, and it would be awesome to receive additional support from passionate fans in the area.
PS: When does the donation period end?
: It ends this Friday 9/7 at 11:59PM Pacific Time.
PS: What is the biggest hurdle to getting more kids to play the game in the west?
: I think there are two equally substantial hurdles ever-present in emerging lacrosse communities: access and politics.
PS: How can people in Utah Grow the Game all year round?
: Keep looking for new people to introduce the sport to – lacrosse is a game intended to be enjoyed by absolutely anyone. As growth of the sport speeds up in the West, I think that it is very important for us to remember that.
Also, anyone that has a serious passion for the game can do wonders by making a concerted effort to share it with at least one new person every day.
Thanks again to Lax All Stars for their efforts to grow the game. Please. I am begging you.

Donate Here Right Now.

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