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Behind the Goggles: Park City Attack McKenna Tychsen

Tribal WestIn this edition of Behind the Goggles, presented by Tribal West Lacrosse, McKenna Tychsen from Park City High School checks in with some of her favorites, pre-game rituals and more. Tychsen is a Junior Attack for the Miners whose favorite lacrosse memory is the 2012 Girls D-I State Championship game.
“It was so exhilarating, and everyone was so pumped to be there,” said Tychsen. “We worked so hard during the season to get to that point. It really paid off in the end, even though we lost.”
Utah Lacrosse News: When/Where/Why did you first start playing lacrosse?
McKenna Tychsen: I first started playing lacrosse when I was in 6th grade. A lot of my other friends were starting to pick up the sport and I thought I would give it a try. Right away I fell in love and have been playing ever since.
ULN: What is your current stick of choice?
MT: I currently use the STX Crux 10. I absolutely love it. I switched over from the Tempest Pro which I had been using since my Junior league.

McKenna Tyschen (left) in the 2012 Girls D-I Championship
McKenna Tyschen (left) in the 2012 Girls D-I Championship
ULN: What is your favorite pre-game ritual?
MT: I know this sounds weird, but I give myself a little pep-talk (in my head) before the game. I visualize the field and how we are hopefully going to play. It really helps me focus on the game and think good thoughts.
ULN: Besides your own home field, what is your favorite field to play lacrosse on?
MT: I would say my second favorite field to play lacrosse on is the Juan Diego Stadium for away games. It has a huge bleachers section, and a very nice turf field. We played our semi-finals game there against Jordan.
ULN: How/Why did you pick your jersey number?
MT: I picked my Jersey number (14) when I was a Freshman. 14 is my lucky number and always will be.
ULN: Who is on your iPod these days?
MT: A lot of Taylor Swift. I am going to her concert in June, so I have to know all the words to her songs!!
ULN: What Hollywood star would play you in a movie about your life?
MT: Blake Lively
ULN: What is your favorite, can’t miss TV show at the moment?
MT: The Bachelor
ULN: What movie could you watch 1,000 times and not get sick of it?
MT: Mean Girls
ULN: If you could only take 3 items with you to a deserted island for the rest of your life, what items would they be and why?
MT: My lacrosse stick because it would keep me entertained and something to do. My phone, because I can’t live without it. Food of course! So I can survive!
ULN: Best Beach Spot? Hawaii, California or Mexico?
MT: Hawaii
ULN: What is your favorite fast food?
MT: I don’t really like fast food, so I don’t eat it.
ULN: What are your post high school plans?
MT: After high school, I am hoping to continue playing lacrosse at either a D-II or D-III school. I have not yet committed to any school, but have done a lot of visits to schools on the West Coast.
ULN: When not playing lacrosse, what are you doing in your free time?
MT: My family is very active, so I like to spend time going on vacation with them to Moab and go dirt biking, or hiking. We live in the mountains, so I also love to ski with friends during the winter.
ULN: Coke or Pepsi?
MT: Neither… I don’t like soda
ULN: M&M’s or Skittles?
MT: Skittles
ULN: Sports Car or 4-wheel drive?
MT: 4-wheel drive
ULN: Beach or mountains?
MT: Both!
ULN: Favorite pizza place?
MT: Davanzas
ULN: What is the first thing you would do if you win the Championship this year? Who would be the first person you would call or text?
MT: If we won the Championship this year, right after, I would celebrate with my team. I would want to spend the last moments I have with them, especially the Seniors. The first person I would probably call is my Grandparents. They live in Missouri, and watched my game live last year. If it happens this year, they will be ecstatic.
Good luck with the rest of your season McKenna!

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