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Behind The Goggles: Timpanogos Timberwolves Midfielder Hanna Bailey

Tribal WestIn this edition of Behind the Goggles, presented by Tribal West Lacrosse, we spoke with Midfielder Hanna Bailey from Timpanogos High School who attends Orem High School and is in her Senior year.
Utah Lacrosse News: Describe your favorite lacrosse memory.
Hanna Bailey: When we were all late to the Sky View game and my goalie and I pinkie promised not to let our frazzled self’s, let our team down our team had never been so unified.
ULN: When/Where/Why did you first start playing lacrosse?
HB: I started playing in 11th grade because my best friend’s brother played.
ULN: What is your current stick of choice?
HB: Stx crux, clean and smooth.
Hanna Bailey - Timpanogos TimberwolvesULN: What is your favorite pre-game ritual?
HB: I like going over our team and personal goals for the game, and I always blast classical music, to remind myself to relax and keep it classy.
ULN: Besides your own home field, what is your favorite field to play lacrosse on?
HB: The field we played our semifinal game at Park City, I don’t mind turf burns and ground balls are heavenly.
ULN: How/Why did you pick your jersey number?
HB: The number 27 has always been my favorite and it reminds me of a best friend I used to have.
ULN: Who is on your iPod these days?
HB: Elvis, the Lumineers and 3O3.
ULN: What Hollywood star would play you in a movie about your life?
HB: Isabel Lucas
ULN: What is your favorite, can’t miss TV show at the moment?
HB: New Girl
ULN: What movie could you watch 1,000 times and not get sick of it?
HB: Fight Club
ULN: If you could only take 3 items with you to a deserted island for the rest of your life, what items would they be and why?
HB: The Beautiful and The Damned – every time I read it I get something new out of it. My iPod – music is a big part of my life. Socks – If I’m ever in a bad mood and fresh pair of socks just fixes me right up.
ULN: Best Beach Spot? Hawaii, California or Mexico?
HB: California
ULN: What is your favorite fast food?
HB: McDonalds french fries every time.
ULN: What are your post high school plans?
HB: I want to be a paramedic firefighter.
ULN: When not playing lacrosse, what are you doing in your free time?
HB: I really like to hit up the gym, play with my friends, run with my dog and chill with my family.
ULN: Coke or Pepsi?
HB: Coke
ULN: M&M’s or Skittles?
HB: M&M’s
ULN: Brine, STX, Warrior, Maverik, or another brand?
ULN: Cats or Dogs?
HB: Dogs
ULN: Sports Car or 4-wheel drive?
HB: 4-wheel drive
ULN: Beach or mountains?
HB: Both
ULN: Sunset or sunrise?
HB: Sunset
ULN: Steak or lobster?
HB: Lobster
ULN: Favorite pizza place?
HB: Terra Mia
ULN: What is the first thing you would do if you win the Championship this year? Who would be the first person you would call or text?
HB: I would cry like a baby, and then I would tell my mom and my oldest brother.
Good luck with the finals games of the season!

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