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Behind The Goggles: Utah State Captain Madison Bell

Tribal WestIn this edition of Behind The Goggles, presented by Tribal West Lacrosse, we spoke with Madison Bell who is a Junior at Utah State University and was a crucial leader in bringing women’s lacrosse to Utah State University. She is the team captain, and led her team from a measly win, to a team that finished this season with only two losses. She managed most of their team through some tough times, and kept the girls together. She has received her LDS mission call, and will be leaving this summer. We wanted to ask the unanimous leader of this up and coming team everything from her preference in steak or lobster, to her favorite memory in lacrosse.
Andrew Redfern: What drives your passion for lacrosse?
Madison Bell: My passion grows due to the love I gain for my team. We are able to bond with a hobby we love and similar situations we’ve had.
AR: Who is your biggest inspiration?
MB: My mom and dad, for sure!
AR: What is your favorite lacrosse memory?
MB: My favorite lacrosse memory would have to be my Senior year of High School and the first game held after Spring Break. A disease I got in Mexico caught up to me in the middle of an intense game. I had to stop where I was on the field and sprint to the nearest bathroom. What happened in that bathroom stays there.
AR: Do you have a pre-game ritual?
MB: Before every game my shoe laces must be tied into a perfect bow.
AR: What are you most proud about your team this season?
MB: Our team at Utah State University has made me proud on every level. They have exceeded my expectations in their commitment, teamwork, and passion for lacrosse. I know I could trust any player with a leadership position. We all look up to each other on and off the field.

Madison Bell
Madison Bell w/ Utah State Mascot ‘Big Blue’
AR: Where and when did you start playing lacrosse?
MB: I started playing lacrosse in the 6th grade. Some girl brought her lacrosse stick to show and tell. I thought it was the coolest ball holder I’ve ever seen and decided to play. I gave up the family tradition of soccer for this strange sport, but to this day have never regretted that decision.
AR: What is your biggest fear?
MB: My biggest fear is losing. But who doesn’t have that fear?
AR: What movie can you watch 1,000 times and not get tired of?
MB: Oh, this is a no brainer. NACHO LIBRE. I could memorize the entire movie on the spot. It never gets old! My Hollywood hero.
AR: Steak or Lobster?
MB: I drive 8 hours to Las Vegas just for their Vegas buffets and the endless lobster provided. That should show you how much I love lobster.
AR: What is your current stick of choice?
MB: I could not explain or tell you the difference from any lacrosse stick. I call someone specialized in the subject and they tell me what stick I should buy. I can’t tell a difference to save my life.
AR: What is the most important thing to master in women’s lacrosse?
MB: You must master the basics. Without the basics (catching, passing, ground balls) you can’t get to the next step. Make your lacrosse stick become one with you.
AR: How did being captain treat you this season?
MB: This is not “my” team, it is “our” team. I do not force any leadership or personal beliefs on the team. I build an overall consensus and justification to build our team. By having this leadership style, being captain is the easiest job in the world. Our team is growing naturally and far better than if I were to dictate decisions.
AR: What would you want girls who are thinking about playing at Utah State to know about the girls who play here already?
MB: Almost every player on this team has a job, goes to school full time, and is highly involved in USU leadership and involvement. However, our passion and desire to play overrides and we put every available minute into playing lacrosse. We are all dedicated players growing together as a family. I have recently talked to a player on the team who said, “I came to Utah not having a close group of friends. However, this lacrosse team brought me in and I finally felt like I belonged to the university.” Our team is a family and is composed of the best women at Utah State!
AR: What drove you to start the program here? What did you have to do to finally get the “ball” rolling?
MB: I knew we didn’t provide a USU Women’s Lacrosse Team. By talking to those who founded the U of U lacrosse team, they provided me with the information to start up our current team. There is a giant base of lacrosse players in Logan who just needed someone to gather the correct information and outline to start an actual organization.
AR: What team do you want to face the most?
MB: The USU Men’s Lacrosse Team. Every year we like to give them a good whooping and show them what women’s lacrosse is all about!
AR: You are leaving for your LDS mission soon. Do you plan on playing lacrosse when you get back?
MB: If I am not too old and slow, I would prefer to play lacrosse when I return from my mission. It is my hope that the girls currently leaving for their mission will do the same. Going on a mission should not change our desire to play lacrosse. Same goes for those who get married. We have a group of married women on our team, some of them being the most committed to the team. No matter your situation or experiences, we invite everyone to keep playing for their passion of lacrosse.
AR: You are stuck on a deserted island, and you can only take three things, what are those three things?
MB: 1. A lifetime supply of chocolate. I am a woman, I have needs! 2. A bow and arrow so I can be just like Katniss. 3. A water filter. I’m obsessed with water and always need some ready to drink right next to me.
AR: Would you rather spend a day on the mountain, or the beach? Why?
MB: Hands down a day on the mountain!!! Being from Park City I live for the mountains.
AR: Do you have a life motto? If so, what is it?
MB: “Don’t let your meat-loaf”
AR: Who is your biggest role model? Why?
MB: I know this is the over-used answer, but my biggest role model is my Mom. She is a Super Mom and can do anything and everything. She is a big-time businesswoman and who I strive to be. I don’t know how she raised all five children and started up her business at the same time, but now I know it’s possible! I love my Mom…and Dad!!!
Thanks Madison! Best of luck on your mission and we hope to see you on the field in a few seasons.

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