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Ben Richard Verbally Commits to High Point

Ben Richard - High PointThe sport of Lacrosse is establishing a solid foundation that is growing at a rapid pace. This is evident in the success of Utah teams in out-of-state tournaments, hosting the LXM Pro Tour as well as where the players are choosing to play college ball. Utah has another major success to mark on the board, and that success is Ben Richard from Herriman High School.
Richard has verbally committed to High Point University, an NCAA Division I school in North Carolina. As anyone who follows lacrosse knows, lacrosse teams in North Carolina are heavy competitors in the NCAA lacrosse world. For Richard to get recognized by a school from the opposite side of the country, as well as from a relatively new Herriman lacrosse program, is great news for Richard and others looking to compete at the next level.
“My commit can hopefully be some inspiration for Utah lacrosse players to go the extra mile with their recruiting process,” said Richard. “It can hopefully teach them that it is not impossible for a kid playing lacrosse in Utah to be seen by NCAA Division I schools.”
It’s a similar concept to giving a mouse a cookie. As players start representing Utah in the next level, more and more scouts are going to be sniffing around Utah for their future talent.
Richard grew up in Philadelphia, and it has always been his dream to get back to the East coast and play NCAA D-I lacrosse. Now that he has verbally committed, he is motivated to put in more effort.
“I have always wanted to play D-I lacrosse on the East Coast, but I had no idea it would be in North Carolina at such a great institution and under an amazing head coach,” said Richard. “I see it as an opportunity to work even harder. I need to put in the extra time outside of the practice field to work on my individual skills that I need to improve to be able to play at such a high level. Staying in the weight room and getting stronger and faster are going to help my competitiveness once I enter college as well.”
The process of being recruited into any college, especially outside of Utah, can sometime be overwhelming to players. Ben explained what he did to help other players get an idea what they can do. The first thing he did is created a highlight video, and sent it to as many NCAA D-I and D-II colleges that he could. He also attended some elite camps and tryouts. He attended the 3d Blue Chip Regional tryout in Arizona. This tryout had almost every NCAA D-I coach attending. Instead of going to the camps and hoping that he would impress them, Ben went the extra mile.
“Something that is key as well is to contact the coaches that are going to be at those tournaments or camps and tell them that you are going to be playing there,” he said. “You should also send them a highlight video and some information about yourself such as lacrosse achievements, height, weight, etc. That is exactly what helped me get recruited out of Utah.”

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