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Bicker's Soap Box: Men's League Year Round?

I have recently been asked why there is only a Men’s Summer league and I got to thinking…. Why can’t we play all year? I have come up with a handful of reasons why it doesn’t work and I’m going to leave it up to your comments to determine if it is something we should look into.
First, would we draw enough players during the fall, winter or spring? Short answer, no. The reason is that many of our players are also coaches for high school or youth teams which start practicing and playing in the fall and spring. Others have more stringent school or work schedules outside of the summer months. I wish everyone had the time to come out for a couple hours a week to lax but the reality is I don’t think enough guys can break away from life to play outside of the summer months.
Second, where would we play? There is an EXTREME lack of indoor facilities for lacrosse. The University of Utah is struggling to find a place to play now that the field house may no longer be an option. There is no way the Men’s League could find an indoor field to play on in the cold fall, winter and spring months. I wish I could find the funding to build a 2-3 field indoor lacrosse facility. The fact of the matter is I am as close to being able to afford that as I am going to the moon.
Third, personally I like having a break from playing. Like the high school team I coach for, we like our players to go enjoy and LEARN from playing other sports. If you play lacrosse all year you will most likely get burnt out. There are a handful of kids out there who live, breathe and eat lacrosse but most kids need a break to recharge. However, all us coaches cross our fingers that during black out they are not eating Twinkies and working out their video game muscles.
If you have solutions to these issues, or if you are interested in trying to set up another Men’s League outside of the summer season, comment below or send me an email at
Lastly, the Rocky Mountain Elitte 150 and 75 are coming up next week. If you don’t know what these events are, check back because I will be posting a blog right after the event.
Do you think the Men’s League could survive in another season?

  1. Although I don’t know all the details, the main jist of the situation is that the University (my guess is the football team) will no longer let other teams put down lines. No tape, nothing. As far as I know the ULA winter league which will be run in there will not include lines. I will try to find out some more details

  2. the ULA winter league has used blue tape in the past
    the demand for the field house is very high and so is the rental price
    lets play in a church gym haha

  3. @Dannychome-When I asked the ULA I was told they were not even going to be allowed to put down the blue tape. But I have yet to recieve a reply from the Salt Lake County, who handles the booking of the facility. And yes, prices are steep! About $155/hr
    @Bradford Davis- I agree. I don’t have time right now to put something like that together but I would be happy to get you some phone numbers of people who might be interested. Send me an email at

  4. Yea, I agree with @Brandford Davis, if we can’t do a full league what about just doing a weekly or even monthly game? Don’t need anything big and official, just something to get us out of the house during the winter months.

  5. I think it could totally be run like indoor soccer… I think there are a lot of us who just really want to play.. How could we poll por interest?

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