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Bicker's Soap Box: Service in the Community

Skyline Lacrosse Service
Skyline at the Ronald McDonald House
I believe one of the goals of this website and community is to share success stories that may inspire others to give back to the local community. I have been lucky to be involved with a group that volunteers without expectation of recognition. However, I would like to recognize the work they have been doing in hopes that it may encourage others to get together for a few hours to help those who are in need.
The Skyline Boys and Girls Lacrosse teams cooked dinner at the Ronald McDonald house recently. The boys did an amazing job making salads, cooking pasta, making two sauces and serving bread to many families in tough situations. The players, parents and coaches from both the boys and girls teams expressed what a great experience it was to help these families who need some encouragement.
Almost every Sunday morning you can find Jim Brandon and his daugher Courtney at Pioneer Park helping serve food to the homeless. Lisa Schmidt and Bryan Frates from the ULA have shared the experience multiple times along with Dan Schmidt and myself. It’s amazing how warm you can feel when it is 20 degrees at 8am on a Sunday morning.
Like I said before, I am not here gloat, but I want to share these stories to encourage others to share theirs. Who knows, maybe something you share will inspire someone to make a positive difference in another person’s life. Please share your stories by posting them in the community or send me an email at

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