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Bingham Battles Bountiful, Miners Win

Bingham Midfielder Jordan Shumway
Bingham Midfielder Jordan Shumway

The Bingham Miners beat the Bountiful Braves by the score of 9-7 in Bountiful on Tuesday.
Bountiful flipped the table scoreboard first with a goal by Senior Attackmen Jack Fabrizio. Twenty seconds later, the Braves scored again when Sophomore Midfielder Jace Thomas scored with an assist from Kiet Tran. Bountiful had stolen all the momentum but Bingham fought hard to get it back. Bingham Attackmen Zach Kidd scored at the 8:02 mark for the Miners. Bountiful answered back two minutes later to take a 3-1 lead midway through the first quarter.

Bingham Attackmen Chris Severson
Bingham Attackmen Chris Severson
A key Miner two goal run tied the game with 3:02 left to play in the quarter. The first goal came when the Bingham defense took the ball away and ran a textbook fast-break play with attackmen Chris Severson finding the back of the net. On the ensuing face-off, the ball was knocked around and ended up in the Bountiful box. Bingham Midfielder Connor Lyman fought hard, winning the groundball and took it the distance for the goal.
Bountiful scored with 49 seconds left in the quarter to make the score 4-3 in favor of the Braves.
The second quarter was more of the same with great play by both teams. Fabrizio scored but Bingham answered with two goals to tie the game at 5 at halftime.
The only goal of the third quarter came when Bountiful Goalie Zac Anderson was walking up the field on a clear. He passed the ball to a cutting midfielder but it deflected off his stick and headed towards the goal. A Bountiful attackmen tried to pick it out of the air on the crease but missed. Bingham Goalie Scott Bronson left the goal line to make a play on the attackmen, but the ball bounced past both of them and into the back of the net.
At the end of the third quarter, Bingham found themselves with a man-up opportunity. The Braves fought hard for the ball though and were able to get a takeaway and possession as the quarter ended. At the start of the fourth quarter, Bountiful scored a shorthanded goal by Fabrizio who ran around the Bingham defense for the score.
Bingham stayed tough and kept their composure. The Miners would tie the game at the 4:43 mark on a great transition play with Severson getting the goal. Both teams went back and forth with good possession but the Braves defense got tired from playing on their end for what seemed like the entire second half. Bingham scored at the 3:10 and 2:17 marks to take a 9-7 lead. The Miners literally wound down the clock from that point for the victory.
“The first half we played well,” said Bountiful Head Coach Marty Wescott. “The second half we played defense the entire half and were man-down for most of that so it’s tough to win in that scenario.”
Bingham Midfielder Jordan Shumway
Bingham Midfielder Jordan Shumway
The Miners only allowed one shot on goal in the fourth quarter which happened to be the goal by Fabrizio just nine seconds into the quarter.
“We were down in the fourth quarter but we were able to muster it out,” said Bingham Head Coach Marshall Kay. “That pays dividends to the guys. Coaches can do a lot of stuff during the week but when it comes to game time it’s up them and they stepped up. They took care of the ball and made it happen in that fourth quarter.”
Bountiful was led by Fabrizio who had 3 goals. Bingham was led by Severson who had 3 goals and 1 assist. In the cage, Bronson stood tall with 8 saves. Bountiful won 10 out of 19 face-offs.
Bountiful (6-6) will take on Davis on Friday in a key North Conference showdown. Bingham (11-3) starts Sandy Conference play on Friday when they host Alta.

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