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Bingham Black Claims Throne in Overtime in Fall Ball Championship

Both Bingham Black and Riverton played their hearts out hoping to win the title of Queens of the Wasatch on October 26, 2011, but it was Bingham Black who scored the final goal in overtime, defeating the Silverwolves 13-11. The Silverwolves kept it close, and controlled the score for most of the game. The Silverwolves look forward to the 2012 Spring season after an excellent Super 7’s fall ball season.
As for Bingham, their excitement and drive is renewed after their loss in the Championship games last May. With a young and powerful team, the Miners are one of the strongest programs in the state. The Miners, who came up short in the 2011 State Championships, have finally gotten what they worked for, a championship. After an excellent showing in the fall ball season, Bingham is the team to beat in the upcoming 2012 high school season.
In the consolation game to determine the 3rd and 4th place seeds in the league, Park City came through on top, defeating the Alta Hawks.
“Alta is an awesome team, and we were nervous to play them. But now we know we can finally hold them and its given our team a lot of confidence,” said Park City’s Dani Lecher, a Sophomore.
The score was close throughout the game, but Park City finished it off with a few quick goals to claim their spot in 3rd place. The Alta Hawks played strong, but failed to finish in the critical final minutes. Alta maintained a 4-2 record in the fall ball season, but lost their previous years “Queens of the Wasatch” title, and finished in 4th place. The Hawks may have come up short in the fall ball season, but are sure to bring their championship winning strength and precision back to the 2012 season.
Final Standings:
1. Bingham Black
2. Riverton Silverwolves
3. Park City White
4. Alta Hawks

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