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Bingham Comes From Behind to “Beet” Jordan

Bingham - Jordan

Every year the Bingham v. Jordan high school boys’ game is a toss-up. One year it’s Jordan, the next it’s Bingham. In the first half of this year’s match, it looked like Jordan was in the driver’s seat, but the Miners proved once again you can never count them out. After a lackluster first half, Bingham came out on top with a 10-7 win.
In the first quarter, Bingham won the first faceoff and took a shot that was gathered up easily by Jordan goalie Jared Rigby. Rigby stormed the field, surprising the Miners, and taking the ball all the way to the Bingham end before passing it off to Dawson Reynolds whose quick shot stunned the Miners defense. Jordan won the next faceoff and went immediately to the attack, but Miner’s goalie Scott Bronson turned them away. Bingham stormed down to offense, but the Beetdiggers’ defense held strong. Jordan cleared the ball and set up their offense, executing well with quick passing which resulted in a goal from Jace Babka assisted by Chandler Jeppesen. Babka smelled blood and followed his first goal with an unassisted second goal a short time later. The Miners defense was unorganized allowing Babka the opportunity to dodge right and then shoot left resulting in another unassisted goal. The quarter ended 4 to 0 for Jordan and a Babka had a hat trick.
Bingham - Jordan
Bingham started the second quarter like the first with James Packer winning the faceoff. The Miners took a hard shot that was deflected by Rigby. Bingham’s defense began to work together better causing a turnover. The Miners returned to offense and by taking its’ time was finally able to score when Josh Croall’s hard shot hit Rigby in the chest pads and then rolled under him for Bingham’s first goal. The Miners were finally in gear and started pounding Jordan’s goal. Rigby was peppered with three hard shots in a row, saving them all, but finally succumbed when Braden Bentley snuck in a shot unassisted. Jordan wanted to squash Bingham’s momentum and their stellar defense headed up by Cody Bode, Chris Barlow, Jay Gleason and Remington Peterson took the ball away. Jordan dug deep capitalizing with an unassisted goal from Chandler Jeppesen and another shot from Finn Morrison, assisted by Jeppesen. The first penalty of the game was committed by the Beetdiggers near the end of the second quarter, and after taking a timeout to design a play, Croall faked left and scored right on the man-up. The score at the end of two was 6-3 for Jordan.
Both teams came out pumped for the second half. Unfortunately enthusiasm sometimes gives way to penalty behavior and Bingham committed one and then another foul finding themselves in a two-man down situation. Bronson fought off several hard shots with two brilliant saves, and the Miners were able to survive the man-down damage free. All even, Bingham countered with hard shots at the other end and Rigby made three equally brilliant saves. It looked like the third quarter was going to be a goalie duel. The Miners continued to work the ball around and Kason Eggers made good on a low to high shot closing Bingham’s gap. Jordan felt the momentum swaying and decided to close it down. Braxton McClelland streaked down the field, bullied his way past two Bingham defenders burying a hard shot that upped Jordan’s advantage by three. Croall countered with a shot of his own on a broken play. The Beetdiggers continued their relentless attack, but Bronson turned them away and the quarter ended with Jordan clinging to a 7 to 5 lead.
The fourth quarter has been Bingham’s favorite all year long and it was no different in this game. Jordan tried to clear the ball to their offensive end, but Miner defender Hayden Peterson picked the ball out of the air returning it to Bingham’s offense and Croall, who took advantage of a broken play to score. The Miner deficit was one and then Jordan made the same mistake twice. After a great save on a hard Bingham shot, Rigby gave the ball to his defenders to clear, but it was picked off again and history repeated itself when Croall scored his fifth goal of the contest on a fast break assisted by Brigham Jewkes tying the game. Bingham fans were ecstatic sensing good things were about to happen and they were not disappointed. The Miners were patient testing Jordan’s defense, and eventually Talen Little muscled his way to his first goal giving Bingham its’ first lead of the game. Jordan tried to stop the bleeding with Rigby deflecting two more shots, but the Beetdiggers committed a second foul, a push with possession that gave the Miners an extra man offense opportunity. Joe Lambert took a pass from Braden Bentley ripping twine on man-up and giving the Miners a two goal lead. Bingham continued to press the offense and Rigby made more amazing saves, but eventually Ricky Griffin assisted by Eggers punched his way through the defense to give Bingham a three-goal lead with time winding down. Bingham made a goalie switch and Jordan tried to take advantage, but Miner backup goalie Jake Young fought off four Jordan shots in a row. Bingham committed a foul with just one minute left in the game, but the Miner’s defense held tough fighting off Jordan’s attack to the end. Final score was 10-7 for Bingham.
Bingham Head Coach Marshall Kay was happy with the result stating, “We started out kind of slow, but we’re working on positions and being wise with the ball so I was willing to accept that. We came out in the second half, and went 7 and 1. I’d like to start that way, but we have some things to work on. The goalies both played really well, and I was happy we stayed out of the penalty box.”
The Miners take on Davis on April 7. Jordan’s next opponent is Brighton on April 1.

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