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Bingham Defeats Rival Riverton in Classic Showdown

Bingham RivertonYears ago when lacrosse was new to Utah, boys who played in South Jordan and Riverton were on the same team.  What used to be camaraderie has turned into rivalry.  The annual spring high school game between Bingham and Riverton is a good, old-fashioned grudge match.  This year’s game didn’t disappoint.
The Silverwolves got out of the gate early. Riverton dominated the faceoff and junior Zach Tueller started the scoring with an impressive shot over his left shoulder.  The Silverwolves followed up their first goal quickly when sophomore Ian Elson bolted from the faceoff and let one rip from way out.  The Miners had little time to regroup before the Silverwolves gathered up another faceoff and Elson scored again, this time by swinging his stick low and surprising Bingham goalie Jake Young with a ground shot.
The Bingham fans were quiet, but it was early, nothing to worry about…until the Silverwolves won another face off and senior Matt Poe buried the ball in the back of the net.  Suddenly it was four goals to zip, and it was clear Riverton was here to play.  The Miners defense led by Bradin Wilson, Mason Olson and Jake Wagstaff took a deep breath and started causing turnovers.  Bingham finally got on the board midway through the first quarter when junior Josh Croall scored with an assist from fellow junior Jordan Brough.  The Miners didn’t wait long to score again.  Sophomore Dallin Bentley found the net assisted by Brough.  Riverton was losing momentum, but tried to come back with a hard shot that was well defended by Young.  Bingham cleared and after a broken play, Brough picked up a ground ball and passed to Croall who scored.  The Miners were finding their rhythm and ended the quarter with a quick passing play from Landon Spencer to Brough to Bentley.  Despite their slow start, the Miners had tied the game at 4-4 at the end of one quarter.
Riverton started the second half much like the first with a quick faceoff win by Elson, but this time were unable to surprise the Miner’s defense.  Play slowed with both teams putting up good defense, Riverton led by sophomore Nicholas Dooley and senior Chasik Cook.  Miner face-off middie James Packer was successful; Croall and Brough hooked up again, and Bingham had its first lead of the game.  Riverton continued to attack led by sophomore Iszach DeWeese, and the Miner’s defense committed a penalty resulting in an extra man offense for Riverton.  The Silverwolves called a timeout to design a play, but after a Miner player took a hard shot in the back of the helmet, Riverton was unable to capitalize on their man advantage.  Good defense from Bingham’s Hayden Peterson swung the momentum the Miner’s way.  Despite a valiant effort from Riverton’s goalie David Ruggles, Bingham senior Talen Little scooped up a ground ball and transferred it to senior Tyson Conrad who completed the shot.  The Silverwolves countered with a wicked hard rip shot.  Emotions were running high and penalties started to accumulate.  Bentley assisted by Spencer scored on a Bingham man-up opportunity.  Riverton got a man-up of its own, but were unable to capitalize again.  On the counter, Bentley took a wild pass from junior Kason Eggers and managed to dump the ball into the net as he fell.  Miner defender Peterson picked off a Riverton pass and sophomore Brigham Jewkes scored.  An unsportsmanlike behavior call crippled Riverton, and Bingham took advantage when Croall executed the man-up offense assisted by Eggers.  Playing man down for several minutes continued to hurt the Silverwolves as Eggers was able to bury a shot unassisted.  Bingham then mounted a strong defensive stand to end the half.  The Miners had a comfortable lead of 11 to 5 at halftime.
Bingham Riverton
After a halftime stick check, Bingham began the third quarter man down for three minutes on an illegal stick penalty.  This was Riverton’s chance to mount a comeback.  The Miner’s defense hunkered down and repelled shot after shot.   With two Bingham players on their knees, Silverwolves’ junior Zach Johnson persisted and scored.  After another shot attempt, goalie Young sent a rocket clear to the Riverton side of the field.  Brough took the shot this time scoring with an assist from senior Riley Dial.  Not to be outdone, Riverton senior Clay Nix burned the Miner face-off squad and scored unassisted in the defense’s face.   The third quarter ended with more penalties and more unsportsmanlike behavior.  It was clear the rivalry emotions were running high!  The score at the end of three quarters was 14-8 for Bingham.
Bingham started the fourth quarter with their veteran Varsity goalie, Scott Bronson, but also in a penalty situation once again.  Riverton determined their deficit was not insurmountable.  With man-up advantage senior Matt Poe scored with an assist from sophomore Alex Matheson.  Silverwolf sophomore Kalen Cook took a couple of shots trying to reduce the Riverton deficit, but unfortunately, tempers continued to flare and both teams spent a lot of quality playing time burning penalty minutes instead, which resulted in a very long quarter with very little action.  The game ended with Bingham on top 14-9.
Bingham Head Coach Marshall Kay summed it up, “We started a little slow, but rallied in the second half of the first quarter and then took that momentum into the second quarter.  We won the game then, and it slowed down after that.  We have got a lot to work on, both as a team and as young men.”
Bingham’s next opponent is Mountain View (ID) on Saturday, March 22.  Riverton meets up with Juan Diego on March 27.

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