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Bingham Loses Heartbreaker to Waterford

It looked like rain, but the only downpour in South Jordan was goals rained down on Bingham by Waterford. The Ravens came out of the gate confident, and never looked back.  The weather was perfect.  The lacrosse?  For Bingham, not so much.
Bingham’s Blake McMullin claimed the first faceoff, but Raven players James Eardley and Nick Winters caused a quick turnover.  After two more turnovers Waterford attackman David Meabon took it to goal scoring from the left, and was fouled going in.  Waterford won the next draw and were in a man-up position.  Bingham goalie Zach Meisenbacher turned away their first shot, but Raven defenders took the ball back and Eardley was able to capitalize on the extra man.  Waterford took control of the faceoff and started shooting.  Meisenbacher saved again, but a bad clear gave it back to the Ravens, and they capitalized on Bingham’s mistake with Eardley nabbing his second goal assisted by Talbot Child.  The Miners were rattled and were unable to gain control of the face, but Bingham’s Tyler Monsen picked off a Raven pass and returned it to his offense.  Miner senior attackman, Jordan Brough scored right down the center with an assist from Dallen Bentley getting the Miners on the board.  Tempers flared after the play and two players were sent to the sideline, one from each team.  On the restart, Bingham held the ball and after the penalties expired, middie Josh Croall was stopped on the door step.  The Miners persevered taking several more shots deflected by Raven defenders Owen Pyper and Peter Williamson.  Waterford picked off a Bingham pass, screamed down field, and Elijah Rosett scored.  As the quarter ended the Miners found themselves in a deep hole down 1 goal to 4.
Bingham’s Caiden Childrey came out of the pack on the first faceoff of the second quarter.  The Miners settled in for shots, missing high on the first one.  Miner middie, Matt Anderson swept the field right to left and then hit senior attackman, Joe Lambert who scored the best goal of the game sweeping from left to right and shooting behind his back.  Waterford was not impressed.  The Ravens came out of the next draw battle, and piped a shot, and then were advantaged by Bingham’s third penalty.  Eardley scored easily from the right, high-to-high bringing the deficit back to four.  The Miners Skyler Little was successful on the draw, and took the ball to goal.  Tyler Monsen skipped a pass through the crease to Jordan Brough who dumped it in.  Bingham tried to gain some momentum winning the next draw, but their shot was gathered in by Raven goalie Jacob Hawkes who cleared to offense.  The Ravens moved the ball around, and Pyper scored running from one side of the crease to the other with a defender on this tail the whole way.  Waterford won the ensuing draw, and after defensive pressure from Bingham, called a timeout.  The designed play worked perfectly as Rosett scored with an assist from David Lewis.  After the next faceoff, both teams traded turnovers with Bingham gaining control, but getting few shot opportunities due to tough defense from William Townson and Williamson. The Miners’ Josh Croall managed to sneak in a shot running from X right side, and then dumping the shot low through traffic just past Hawkes’ leg.   Bingham won the next draw, but Waterford forced them to turn it over again, and then called another time out.  On the restart, the Ravens worked the ball around and Lewis scored to end the half.  It was 8 to 4 in favor or Waterford at the midway point.
Waterford’s Rosett snatched the first draw of the second half.  An invigorated Bingham defense led by Mason Olson and Harrison Adams forced a turnover.  The Miners’ Dallen Bentley scored on the left door step, but the near side official called a crease violation taking the goal and the momentum away.  Meisenbacher’s emotions got the best of him and he was asked to take a knee.  Miner back-up goalie Jeremy Croall took over and turned away two on the man-up, but Eardley prevailed increasing the Raven’s lead to five.  Waterford secured on the next draw, but their shot was turned away by goalie Croall and returned to Bingham offense.  Brother Josh Croall dodged, lost the ball, picked it up again and then got a hefty push into the crease from two Raven defenders.  The official gave the ball back to Waterford, and the tone of the game turned from frustration to fury.  Both defenses stepped up pressure, and it was turnover city for a while.  Eventually the Ravens made good with a goal from Child.  Bingham’s Blake McMullin fought hard for the next face and won, but Waterford defense could not let the Miners gain momentum, and returned the ball to offense.  Like a ping-pong match, the game went back and forth, both teams shooting, both teams denied.  Miner tempers flared as no-calls frustrated Bingham players and fans.  Waterford remained cool under pressure stealing a Miner pass and Sam Schroeder ran the length of the field scoring unassisted.  After a particularly glaring missed call, Bingham’s coach was incensed and expressed his displeasure.  He was assessed a technical foul putting the Miners man-down again.  Meisenbacher and company turned away several man-up attempts, but a bad clear lead to Child scoring through the chaos in the crease.  Waterford had a substantial, and seemingly insurmountable, lead at the end of three quarters, 12 to 4.
Bingham came out steaming in the fourth.  Little fought hard for the draw feeding the ball to Anderson who took it to goal, and assisted Lambert scoring on the run left to right high-to-high.  Waterford took the next face, and Bingham defenders, sensing the urgency took it away.  There were several messy scrums and Bingham finally earned its first full man-up of the game.  Waterford’s defense held the Miners scoreless, and were rewarded with a Bingham penalty making it all even for 10 seconds and a man-up advantage for 50.  Bingham’s defense held tight, and Miner long pole Jarek Hedman returned the ball to offense.  Waterford received another man-up, but they turned it over again.  Bentley headed down field, and fed Croall who rounded the crease right from X, turned the corner, then dodged and scored.  The Miners prevailed in the next draw, initiated a fast break and Monsen hit Brough who scored his second goal from way out.  Waterford won the subsequent faceoff and were advantaged by another Bingham penalty.  Olson caused a turnover and returned the ball to his offense.  Waterford recovered, but relentless pressure from Miner defenders Jake Wagstaff and Josh Degn prevented them from scoring during the man-up.  Bingham got a rare whistle and on the restart the official failed to call for five yards.  When Anderson was pushed out of bounds, he erupted, which gave the Ravens their fourth extra man offense of the quarter.  They took possession and ran the clock.  One final scoring attempt by Bingham failed, and the game ended Waterford 12, Bingham 7.
Waterford head coach Dave Brattin stated, “We worked on things in practice and the guys executed well.  We knew it would be difficult, but once the pressure shifted to Bingham we tried to maintain our cool.  The pressure was on Bingham and we had nothing to lose.”
For the Miners it was a bitter end to a great season.  They held the Ravens scoreless in the fourth quarter despite four penalties, but it was not enough.  Waterford kept their cool when tempers flared executing their game plan.  The Ravens move on to the quarter finals on Saturday, May 9th against Corner Canyon.
2015 Class A Bracket

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