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Bingham Slips Past Herriman

Herriman BinghamThe wild-west played out in Herriman on Wednesday, April 22nd.  It was a good, old-fashioned shoot-out between the Miners and the Mustangs.  The Miners kicked up a lot of dirt prevailing in the end, but the Mustangs gave them plenty of game.
Bingham’s Skyler Little won the opening faceoff and the Miner attackmen went to work.  They reeled off three fast shots, but Herriman defenders Hayden Webb and Kasey Angus held strong forcing a turnover.  On the other end Miner defender Mason Olson quickly stole the ball back and returned it to his offense.  A quick shot was turned away by Herriman’s goalie, Eric Dutson, but the Miners regrouped, and Joe Lambert found the back of the net for Bingham’s first goal.  The Mustangs Cayden Thompson won the next face, but Bingham veteran middie, Blake McMullin stole it back.  Miner attackman Josh Croall turned on the afterburners, but his shot was denied.  The Mustangs long-pole middie Hayden Webb ran the length, dodged a couple of defenders and scored unassisted.  Little gathered in the next face and the Miners attacked again.  Dallen Bentley scored from ten yards out left to bottom shelf unassisted.  Little continued to dominate, and the Miners continued shooting.  Herriman’s Webb snatched an errant pass and ran to his offense.  Bingham defenders swarmed, but their enthusiasm earned them the first penalty of the game, and Mustangs shooter Dawson Reynolds made good on the man-up with an assist from Brock Butterfield.  Herriman battled hard for the next faceoff, winning with gritty physical play.  Bingham forced a turnover, lost it on another steal by Webb, and then committed another foul.  Bingham goalie Zach Meisenbacher turned away the extra man offense with help from defenders Jake Wagstaff, Harrison Adams and Hayden Peterson keeping the Mustangs out of the net.  At the end of one quarter it was tied at two goals apiece.
The second quarter started with an epic face off battle with possession finally coming to Bingham.  The Miners’ Croall ran the offense and took a shot that went off pipe.  Brock McKinney grabbed the rebound and took a chance that went into the side net.  He grabbed his own rebound and tried again, but Herriman goalie Dutson gathered it in and cleared to his offense.  Mustang attackman Taylor Brundage took a shot that was saved by Meisenbacher, who cleared to Croall.  Croall’s second shot also hit pipe, but Lambert gathered it in and scored from outside the box on the right.  After a messy face off possession finally won by Bingham, Herriman defender Kasey Angus stole the ball and the Mustangs ran like the wind.  Meisenbacher turned away three shots, but Herriman finally prevailed with a low golf shot through the dirt from Jacob Menendez.  Mustang players fed off the momentum swing winning the next face and Thompson scored from the left off the fast break.  Herriman’s back-up face, Kaden Strasters bullied through the next draw, but the Miners’ defense caused a turnover.  Lambert streaked to Miner territory and Mustang defender Austin Dlugas stole the ball back giving it to Webb who scored his second unassisted on the fast break.  The momentum continued for the Mustangs in the face, but Bingham’s defense was not phased.  Miner defenders, including Jarek Hedman, Peterson and midfielder, Josh Degn squashed the rally.  Midfielder Garrett Peterson brought the ball down and McKinney fed Degn who dodged left, then right scalding the net from way out.  Bingham took the next face, and Josh Croall finally broke his pipe curse starting left and then running all the way around the net scoring to his right.  Herriman horded the next face and the Miners blessed them with an extra man opportunity, but Bingham’s D prevailed again with Meisenbacher reeling in their shot.  A fast clear turned into a fast break and McMullin assisted Jordan Brough for the final goal of the half.  The score at the midway mark was Bingham 6, Herriman 5.
Herriman started the second half with the first face, and Reynolds wasted no time tying up the score from ten yards out.  Bingham collected the next face and ripped off three fast shots, all denied.  A messy ground ball battle ensued and after Bingham gained possession, Herriman’s Jaiden Robinson picked off a pass and cleared to Chantz Roberts who scored giving the Mustangs their first lead of the game at 7 to 6.  Herriman defense committed their first foul giving Bingham a scarce man-up and Lambert, with a great fake double-pump, made good on the EMO.  Tie game again.  The Miners won the face, but the Mustangs wanted it more with Robinson stealing once again.  He passed to Reynolds who ripped a massive side-arm torpedo just skidding into the goal off Meisenbacher’s foot.  The Miners persevered in the face and the Mustangs fouled again.  Bingham took a couple of shots deftly turned away by Herriman goalie Dutson, but on their third try Croall blew out the net high to mid with an assist from Brough.  Tied up again.  Little secured the next face off leaving his opponent literally in the dust and sped off down field encountering resistance from Herriman defender Colt Bartnicki.  The Miners worked the ball around, but their shots were shut down.  The Mustangs returned to the ball to their end, but Bingham’s Hedman intercepted a pass that created a fast break ending with Kasen Eggers passing to Brock McKinney who assisted Bentley faking high and shooting low for the last goal of the quarter.  Herriman’s goalie was injured near the end of the quarter and had to be taken off.  Face off middie Thompson became goalie Thompson.  Bingham warmed him up quickly peppering the Mustang goalkeeper, but they held.  The quarter ended with a slim one goal lead for Bingham, 9 to 8.
The fourth quarter started with Herriman winning the face only to have it taken away, and Bingham, leaving nothing to chance, found the net once again when Brough quick-sticked to Lambert giving the Miners a tenuous two-goal lead.  The Mustangs dug deep.  They won the face, held possession and executed patient offense waiting for the perfect opportunity.  Patience paid off when Brundage’s shot brought them within one.  Bingham took the next face and their shot attempt was denied.  Herriman was back on offense and began their assault.  Their first couple shots sailed away, but Brundage ripped off a blast that ricocheted in nicking bottom pipe tying the game once again.  Bingham won the critical next face off and drew a penalty.  McKinney’s shot went outside, but Bentley gathered in the ground ball, reversed right, turned and shot putting the Miners back on top.  The Mustangs had the face, but turned it over, and Bingham didn’t let the opportunity slide.  Bentley took a pass from Croall quickly scoring from the right side again.  A two-goal lead was not enough as the Mustangs proved when they won the face, lost the ball in a messy ground ball battle, regained possession on a Bingham wild shot, lost it again and fought through more Bingham shots.  Mustang attackman Dlugas scored assisted and then scored again unassisted to bring the Mustangs within one with time winding down.  The pace was frantic and Herriman won the next critical face off.  Bingham was called for a slash and the Mustangs earned an extra man opportunity.  Meisenbacher made the save of the game bringing the ball to ground and a brutal ground ball battle ensued with bodies flying everywhere.  Bingham’s McMullin came out of the scrum with the ball killing the man-down.  Bingham called a time-out with less than one minute to play.  On the restart, Lambert took the ball from the half line, streaked down the sideline past what turned out to be 7 Mustangs and buried the rock to seal the deal.  Bingham won 13 to 11 in an exciting nail-biter.
Bingham head coach Marshall Kay stated, “Cross town rivalry games are always a battle and this was no exception.  [We] didn’t let down.  I thought we played our game, and [Herriman] did a good job taking us out of our game.  The face-off was exceptional; Little dominated, and that gave us opportunities.”
Herriman travels to Viewmont on Friday, April 24th for its next game.  Bingham will face Davis the same day at home.

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