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Bingham Slips Past Waterford

2015-Bingham-Waterford-Mykel-07On Thursday, March 19th Bingham visited Waterford at their primo lacrosse facility. It was a beautiful setting for an early spring match and the game was close from start to finish. The Miners came out victorious, but Waterford did not make it easy.
Waterford started the game well winning the first face off. William Townson took a shot, but the Miner’s defenders Branson Lewis and Harrison Adams turned it away. The Ravens shot again going wide and Bingham tried to clear, but Waterford’s defensive pressure caused a turn over. The Miners returned the favor and it was clear the first quarter was going to be about defense. Bingham’s Josh Croall forced a turnover and the Miners recovered the ground ball. Croall took a shot and was denied by Waterford Goalie Jacob Hawkes with an athletic save. Townson created a turnover, but Bingham’s Josh Degn stole it back. The Miners worked it around and took another shot being denied once again. Gutsy Hawkes ran the ball up field and attempted to clear, but the ball was stolen back by the Miners. Veteran defender Mason Olson sprinted in transition back to his own side of the field. Waterford fought for possession, causing a bad pass, but Bingham’s Josh Degn picked up the ball, returned the ball to offense and Joe Lambert fed Blake McMullin for the first goal of the game. The rest of the quarter was all tough defense meted out by Raven defenders Peter Williamson, Jacob Mika and Evan Welsh with Bingham defenders Branson Lewis and Harrison Adams. The score was 1 to 0 at the end of one.
Waterford started the second quarter much like the first with dominant face off work, but then committed an illegal screen. Bingham’s pesky attackman Joe Lambert dashed down field and passed to Brock McKinney, who scored. Waterford continued to command in the face, but the Miners guarded the crease picking up the ground ball on a Raven’s shot, and returned it to Goalie Zach Meisenbacher. After a successful clear Bingham went on an offensive shooting series, but Waterford’s defense held, took the ball to its own end and coerced the Miners into committing a foul. The Ravens’ shooters lead by Talbot Child went to work and was rewarded on the third try with a goal from Nick Winters assisted by David Lewis. Bingham got a rare win at the face off and took a shot. Ravens goalie Hawkes reeled it in and started off down field. Croall met Hawkes at mid-field and messed with him causing a turnover and then beat the Raven defense scoring easily on a wide open net. Waterford lost the next face, but quickly recovered the ball and Ian Stockham scored with a wicked side-arm from fifteen yards out. The Ravens regained possession on the ensuring face, Bingham forced another turnover, and both team’s defenses fought for ground balls. Waterford defenders Williamson and Welsh shut down the Bingham offense. The first foul of the game came later in the quarter when Bingham was charged with an illegal body check resulting in a two minute, non-releasable penalty. The Ravens tried to take advantage of the extra man offense, but Miners defense held and Meisenbacher cleared the ball. Bingham’s Josh Degn fought for a ground ball, dodged right, then left, then right again and ground his way through the Raven’s defense to score unassisted. The score at half time was four to two for Bingham.
At the start of the third, Waterford remained dominant in the face off, but Bingham successfully took the ball away. Blake McMullin created a fast break and passed to Jordan Brough who deftly passed to Lambert for his first goal. The face continued as a bright spot for Waterford, but Meisenbacher turned away their offensive attempts. The Ravens committed their first foul and Bingham wasted no time converting the extra man with Dallin Bentley assisting Lambert. Waterford didn’t give up. They worked the face, brought the ball downfield in the capable stick of Elijah Rosett and took a bunch of shots. Bingham’s defense began to weary and they committed another non-releasable foul. Ravens middie James Eardley was a force bullying his way through the Miner midfield. He scored with an assist from David Lewis and then scored on the next series unassisted pulling the Ravens within two. Tensions were high among the fans. Bingham wanted to squash any momentum the Ravens had gained, so Lambert put the team on his back, rushed down field and passed to Brough, who scored. Waterford continued to win face offs, but Bingham defenders like Hayden Peterson didn’t back off. The quarter ended with Bingham holding a three goal lead, 7 to 4.
The fourth quarter was much the same as the other three with Waterford again in charge of face offs and grating defense from both squads. Despite Bingham’s tight D, Waterford’s Stockham managed to score from the right surprising Bingham and pulling within two again. The Ravens snapped up the next face, but the Miners’ defense continued its tough stance causing a turnover and returning the ball to their offensive end. Bingham called for a “yellow” and Lambert caught the Ravens’ defense napping ripping a nasty screamer that dinged in the upper V giving the Miners an insurance goal. The Ravens closed out the quarter with one more score from Owen Pyper, but despite excellent play from Sam Schroder and David Meabon were unable to catch up. The final score was nine to six for Bingham.
Coach Kay was pleased with the outcome of the game noting defense on both sides was really good. Although Bingham led from the opening whistle, they never had a secure lead. It was a well-played and exciting game.
Bingham’s next match is Saturday, March 21st versus Sky View. Waterford will travel to Syracuse on March 24th.

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