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Bingham Stings Davis

Bingham LacrosseWhen it rains it pours and I’m not talking about the weather. Bingham rained on Davis today, handing them a painful loss. It was all Bingham, all day.
Bingham got off to a quick start with possession of the first face off and a screaming rip shot from Miner attackman Josh Croall before the spectators even got in their seats. The Miner’s Skyler Little popped the next face out to Royce Truett and then both teams traded turnovers. Bingham recovered possession and passed it around. Dallen Bentley brought the ball home with a handy fake high, shoot low goal assisted by Jordan Brough. After an illegal face, the Miners were in control again. Bentley received a pass, ran from right to left behind the goal, turned the corner and put in his second goal of the game. The Darts’ Landon Malais won the next draw, passed to attackman Kyle Gee who was cherry picking the left side, and he dropped it low. Davis was on the board. They won the next face, but an unforced error gave the ball back to Bingham. Little dashed down field and passed to Croall, who snuck in from the left side adding to his tally. Davis gained possession on the next face off and began a barrage with shots from Holden Reese and Mason Boden. Miner goalie Zach Meisenbacher with help from defenders Harrison Adams and Jake Wagstaff turned the Darts away. A ground ball battle ensued and Bingham came out on top. Bentley received a pass, did a little dodge right and then plunked in his third goal high to mid, claiming the first hat trick. Davis tried to gets its offense going with a face off win, but their shot on the door step was turned away by Meisenbacher. Miner defender Mason Olson cleared to his offense and Matt Anderson took it to crease feeding Jordan Brough who put in his first. The Darts offensive woes continued with relentless pressure from the Bingham D who took away the Davis face-off win and then launched a fast break ending with a goal from Tyler Monsen assisted by Joe Lambert. History repeated itself with the Darts’ Malais winning the draw, but Bingham defense taking it away. The Miners scored again, Blake McMullin assisted by Brough. The Darts caught a break on the next series winning the face and drawing a foul giving them a man-up. A shot from Reese went wide and several others were turned away. Bingham took control and cleared, but Davis defenders Caden Beyer and Ryan Summers brought it back. Davis LSM McKay Brown carried upfield and took a long shot that Meisenbacher popped out. Croall recovered a ground ball and took it down field. He passed to Bentley who passed to Lambert who ripped a lazer. The Darts won the next draw and Meisenbacher saved a shot on the door step. Davis earned an extra man during the ground ball fight. A save by Bingham, a turnover and a Davis foul ended the quarter. Bingham had a substantial lead, 9 to 1 at the end of one.
Bingham started the second in extra man offense and made good just as the man-up ended when Croall sent one screaming ten years out from the left assisted by Kasen Eggers. The rain started to come down and Bingham rained shots on the Davis goalie. Both teams traded turnovers for several minutes. Bingham made an offensive stand and Dart defenders Issac Godderidge and Dominic King helped goalie Carson Higgs fend off the shots. Davis middie Mason McClearly made a steal streaking down field only to have Bingham defender Jarek Hedman return the favor stealing and streaking the other direction. The drought ended when Miner attackman Evan White picked up a ground ball and fed Josh Degn who assisted Tyler Monsen scoring from the top of the arc. Davis snatched up the next face and took a couple of shots. Meisenbacher saved and cleared to Miner middie Carson Ekblad who returned the ball to his offense. The Darts fouled and Bingham went to work on the EMO. They made good on their third try with Lambert assisting Brock McKinney scoring on sweet sneak through Higgs’ legs. The Miners did not let up winning the next face off and McKinney went to goal again this time assisted by McMullin. Davis tried to make it interesting, causing several turnovers, but they couldn’t get a good shot off and Bingham just kept pounding. The Darts finally got goal number two after a successful draw. They worked the ball around and Gee passed to Beyer who dumped it in from the right. The Miners won the next draw, set up offense, ripped off a couple of shots and then found net when Evan White scored assisted by Josh Degn. The half ended with a Bingham penalty and the Darts in a big hole, 15 to 2.
Third quarter started with Davis shooting in extra man offense. The Miners with backup goalie Jeremy Croall held them off with good defense eventually forcing a turnover. Going the other way McKinney assisted Bentley for another goal. Bingham won the draw, but King picked off the pass returning it to his end. Harrison Adams stole it back and passed to Olson who cleared down field. Monsen took the ball down the sideline through traffic and found an open lane scoring from the right six yards out. Little pulled the next face, the Miners patiently worked the ball, and McMullin tore the twine with an assist from McKinney. Davis gained an extra man on the next series and Kyle Sheehan made good with an assist from Beyer bringing their total to three. Unfazed, Bingham’s McMullin snatched the next draw and worked it down to offense. Lambert took a shot that hit the Davis goalie square in the chest pads. Bingham pulled out the rebound and Lambert shot again, but Higgs reeled it in and cleared. Bentley got it back and started a fast break passing to Eggers who fed McKinney who scored high to low on the door step. The quarter ground to a halt with the Miners man-down, but in control 19 to 3.
The fourth began with Bingham on cruise control and Davis in man-up and it didn’t take long for Gee to score straight down the middle assisted by Beyer. The next draw went to Bingham, but good defense from the Darts brought the ball back to their end. The Miners blessed them with another extra man, but then caused a turnover. Brough took a shot that went wide and Davis came out with a ground ball. Gee streaked the sideline straight to the goal padding his numbers. The Darts’ Malais took the next face and Bingham committed another foul. Gee put the team on his back and assisted Sheehan bringing the Darts to six. Davis was inspired winning another draw and Beyer took the ball from left to right, then squirted down the middle scoring unassisted. The Miners took the next face and a couple of shots. Davis recovered the ground ball and brought it back to their side. Overachieving Miner defenders committed yet another foul, and Davis was able to capitalize with a gorgeous high to high left side V from Beyer assisted by Sheehan. The score was 19 to 8 with time running out. Bingham took the next draw, and sprinted to X. McKinney ran right to left behind the goal, then passed out front to Kaden Childrey for the final goal of the game straight down the middle. The final score was 20 to 8.
Coach Marshall Kay summed it up, “This is a good Davis team, but we were super focused on the objective. We played our style and the result was a 15 to 2 half. When we play our game we dominate and the real question is if we can do that game to game. Eighty percent of our goals were assisted and that is what we want.”
Bingham will take on the Judge Bulldogs in Bingham Stadium on April 27th at 8:00 pm. Davis’ next opponent is Bountiful on April 28th at 5:00 pm.

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