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Blackhawks win 2012 Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Cup

Utah Blackhawks

The Blackhawks club had a busy Labor Day Weekend, with their U17 squad winning the 2012 Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Cup in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
The team featured players from Alta, Brighton, Copper Hills, Pleasant Grove, Olympus, Spanish Fork, American Fork and a couple of players from Idaho. Luke Fairman led the team in the midfield while Daxton Sloan anchored the attack.
“The entire defense, including our goalies shut down every offense we saw,” said Head Coach Stephen Dunn.
The Blackhawks went 5-0, scoring 43 goals and only allowing 14.
The event opened on Saturday with 50 air balloons flying in the sky and later in the day USAF did tons of flyovers during the Air force game.
“Our U15 team was a little over matched but played everyone to the wire losing several games by just one goal and a semi-final OT Loss,” said Dunn.
Utah Blackhawks

  1. all 3 of the the U-15 teams losses were by 1 goal (2 in overtime) and dont forget the park city players on the U-17 team

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