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Bob McKoy Hired to Lead Sky View Girls Team

The Sky View Girls Lacrosse team has hired Bob McKoy to lead the team in 2013. McKoy is also the Utah State Womens Head Coach.
“One of the team parents at Sky View knew I was in town and came to a USU practice last Spring and asked me to consider coaching Sky View as well,” said McKoy. “After some thought I chose to add that to the list and encourage my USU girls to help with Sky View and they are a great help!”
Bob McKoyMcKoy grew up in Arlington, Virginia but lacrosse wasn’t in his area so he never had the chance to play. Fast forward to the Spring of 1999 when his daughter Cristin made the JV lacrosse team at her high schooling Fairfax, Virginia. McKoy was involved as a parent, helping to film games and tried to volunteer for things whenever their was void. After the season ended, the JV coach, Gary MacFadden, was promoted to be the Varsity coach. Macfadden called McKoy and asked if he would like to be the JV Coach.
“I told them that I didn’t know beans about the game,” said McKoy.
MacFadden replied, “You’re a licensed soccer coach, right?”
McKoy asked what that had to do with it.
“Well, it’s just soccer with an attitude and a stick,” said MacFadden.
“That made me laugh, but I never thought I would have the chance to coach a high school level team in any sport so I jumped at the chance,” said McKoy.
McKoy spent the next three months going to clinics, watching film and learning as much as he could. He took over the program right before tryouts.
“It was a big school with more than 5,500 kids,” said McKoy. “There were lots of girls that wanted to play. It’s hard to cut kids. We narrowed down our roster to 24 girls and went 10-1 that season. The next three years we went 11-0, 10-1 and 11-0.”

Bob & Cristin McKoy
Bob & Cristin McKoy
After a year off in 2004 to spend time with his son, McKoy returned to the sidelines in 2005 at a new school. MacFadden had been hired to coach at James Madison High School and called McKoy to be the JV coach again.
“The program had been weak for years,” said McKoy. “Those kids didn’t believe in themselves but I did. In 11 games, they scored 106 goals and went 10-1 after going 1-9-1 the previous season. They had started to believe in themselves which led to a State Championship four years later.”
After that season, McKoy and his family moved to Logan where he runs his own Financial Planning business, frequently flying to Washington D.C. since that is where most of his clients are.
“Most of my clients joke that they see more of me now then when I lived back there,” said McKoy.
McKoy has two daughters and a son who all live in Cache Valley and are happily married with six total grandchildren. Cristen will be helping coach so ‘things have come full circle’ according to McKoy.
The 2013 Bobcat squad will be led by Erin Chipman, Evelyn Jones and Charity Kunz.
“These players are my senior captains and our most skilled players,” said McKoy. “I will rely heavily on them not only as players but as leaders. They are quality leaders already and extremely proud of them.”
McKoy is looking forward to getting the opportunity to get to know the players and share some fundamentals with them to help them elevate their game.

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