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Boys: No. 7 Park City Narrowly Defeats No. 6 Olympus

Just days after getting trampled by Copper Hills, Park City regained their swagger with a narrow win over Olympus, handing the Titans their first loss of the season. Neither team had more than a one goal lead at any time but the Miners managed to be on top when the final whistle blew, escaping with a 4-3 victory.
The entire game was a horse race. Neither team had possession for more than a minute at a time. The first goal came just 2 minutes in when Olympus Attackmen Zach Preobrazhensky pushed the left side of the crease from X, drawing two Park City defenders, and dumped the ball to fellow attackmen Daniel Spencer who bounced it in to give the Titans and early lead.
Park City answered three minutes later on a goal by Rufus Frost to tie the game. Both teams continued to have quick possessions due to poor shots, great saves or turnovers.
With 8:14 remaining in the half, Olympus would regain the lead on a goal by midfielder Samuel Neff. Neff took the ball from the top-right side of the box and drove to the center, shooting from 20 yards away, bouncing it in for the goal. Olympus had a chance to extend their lead when Madson Murphy got a ground ball in the defensive end and ran it all the way through the Park City defense. Just as he was going to shoot, the ball popped out and Park City Goalie Peter Hoburg easily collected it.

Park City Midfielder Griffin Perkiel Winds Up For A Shot
After Park City cleared the ball, Griffin Perkiel tied the game with a goal. Perkiel started from the midfield X and went iso down the left side and powered his way through the Olympus defense and bounced it past the Olympus goalie.
The high intensity, fast paced play continued throughout the second quarter. Olympus was able to capitalize on the style of play when Preobrazhensky scored by driving from the right side and quickly shooting past the right shoulder of Hoburg, giving Olympus a 3-2 lead going into halftime.
Park City scored 3 minutes into the second half on a man-up goal by Perkiel to tie the game at 3 which would be the only goal in the third quarter. Both defenses clamped down and forced several shots from the outside that were easily saved by both goalies.
Both teams continued to take shots and force turnovers. It was a true battle. Park City Attackmen Carson Dutkanych scored midway through the fourth quarter which would eventually be the game winning goal, but the game wouldn’t end there.
With two minutes remaining in the game, Olympus had possession and were looking for the tying goal. Olympus shot the ball wide and it went out over the endline, but Park City Head Coach Rich Levi thought it went out over the sideline so he called for a horn. The table blew the horn. The Park City players ran on the field and their subs were running off. At the same time, the ref blew the whistle to resume play and Olympus scored a goal. Levi ran on the field and explained what happened to the lone ref. After about two minutes of conversation between the head coaches, table and ref, it was determined that there should have been no goal and the ball would go to Olympus because they had the Alternating Possession.
After both sides settled down, Olympus worked the ball around, but the Park City defense was too tough and forced Olympus to take a bad shot. Park City cleared but shortly turned it over, giving the Titans one more chance. To add to the chaos, Park City committed an Illegal Body Check and were man down. Olympus worked the ball around in their man-up set but were unable to get the Park City defense to rotate, forcing Olympus to take another bad shot. Park City saved the shot and called timeout.
After the timeout, Olympus Defensemen Taylor Elton stripped the Park City midfielder, scooped it up and took it to the cage but took a poor shot, leading to a Park City save and a quick Gilman, securing a 4-3 win for the Miners.
“It was a good win for us,” said Levi. “The defense clamped down and got a shutout in the second half. It was a big conference win for us. I had a lot of confidence in my goalie and I knew he would step up and he did.”
Park City will play No. 3 Alta on April 15. Olympus will take on West on Thursday.
Photo Courtesy of Haslam Photography

  1. most ludicrous call i've ever seen on reversing the goal the official let himself get bullied by the park city coach. the ref signaled goal twice and then after the pc coach wouldn't stop complaining the ref changed the call. another thing that failed to get mentioned in the article was the fact that the second official got in a car accident on the way to the game so a park city parent was the second official.

  2. 1: the goal reversal call was legit the table did blow the horn there for we could sub. The table was not supposed to blow the horn so there was one mistake. O and that was Olympus's fault because the person who blew the horn was the olympus time keeper.
    2: the second ref did not make any calls he was just a side line ref and BOTH coaching staffs agreed to having him ref so…

    1. 1: the goal reversal call shouldn’t have been reversed the only reason that it was is because that was the only way the ref could think of to shut up your coach.
      2: the second ref immediately ran over as soon as the goal was scored and said that he heard a whistle blowing the ball into play and one minute later denied ever hearing a whistle
      3: park city is bush league

    2. the park city parent was only supposed to be watching the sideline to signal if the ball went out of bounds, not do any reffing besides that. He was using a whistle to help influence calls, which was not agreed upon. He was the main influence on the single ref to not give the goal to Olympus. Because he is a PARK CITY PARENT he shouldn’t have been saying anything to the single ref regarding the situation, just giving the signal if the ball went out of bounds. Plus it was the park city parents behind the scorers table and the park city coach telling the Olympus time keeper to blow the horn, not the ref. It was an inadvertant horn.

      1. the olympus parent blew the horn and there where 2 olumpus parents over by the table and a Davis coach who is a percenal friend of the olympus coach was arguing with the ref. o and the refs are the home teams responcibility so if there is only one ref the home team is required to forfeit…

        1. the home team does not have to forfeit. i have seen several games this season with one ref already and there was no forfeiting. quit making excuses because you guys lost.

          1. I doubt Olympus is making excuses for losing. The game is over and Olympus lost. However, Coach Levi convinced the one official (with the help of the Park City parent helping with the sideline calls) to overturn the official call of a good goal, after the official had told the table to count it good. It was poor sportsmanship on part of Park City to argue against the officials original call of the good goal when there should have never been a horn in the first place.

  3. That ref is one of the best refs in the state of utah , even though he is from Park City and I can tell you PJ was making a lot of calls against Park CIty. If there is one ref in this state that could be totally objective it would be PJ. Utah could use another 20 refs like him. One park city player was playing with altered gloves and PJ had the ref call a penality. So like utah Lax dad said . You lost

    1. I was there, and PJ actually only made one call the entire game (on an out of bounds). He made zero calls until the last few minutes of the game (when Park City needed them). PJ should have never been involved with any (illegal equipment) calls, and I am sure he was not the one who called the gloves penalty (since he never had or threw any flags in the game). PJ should be ashamed of himself for getting involved with a game that was so close, in which he was, and still is a full Park City supporter. Utah does need better officiating, and no official should be as terrible as the officials were who were supposed to be reffing this game. If it were not for PJ, the game would have been tied, the game would have been a much better game, and Park City still may have won.

      1. i was there to… and he made at least 3 calls all FOR olympus… your point is null get off

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