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Bracketology – Boys D-I: April 18, 2011

This is my first shot at looking into what the playoff bracket would be if the season ended today. I think I have all the match-ups setup correctly and I had to resort to the third tiebreaker several times because some teams haven’t gone head-to-head. Obviously as teams play each other, the bracket will be more clear.
This year in the rotation will feature the South Conference playing the Salt Lake Conference with the North matching up with the Sandy Conference.
Here are the tiebreakers:
1. Conference Standings
2. Head-to-Head
3. Fewer Goals Allowed for All Conference Games (max. 8 point diff. per game)
4. Coin Toss by the Council Executive Committee
And the bracket:

Alta: 2-0
Juan Diego: 2-1
American Fork: 1-1
Pleasant Grove: 1-0
Pretty self explanatory.
Salt Lake
Brighton: 2-0
Judge: 2-0
Park City: 2-0
Skyline: 1-2
Brighton gets the top spot because they have only allowed 4 goals in conference play compared to 7 for Judge and 9 for Park City
Bonneville: 1-0
Bountiful: 1-0
Weber: 1-1
Sky View: 0-1
Bonneville gets the nod for the top spot by only allowing 4 goals in their one conference game while Bountiful allowed 6. Sky View gets in over Viewmont because they allowed 6 goals where Viewmont has allowed 10.
Copper Hills: 2-0
Jordan: 1-1
Waterford: 1-1
Riverton: 1-1
Another tricky spot. 4 teams have a 1-1 record in conference with Bingham getting left out. Jordan has allowed 17 goals, Waterford 20 goals, Riverton 16 goals and Bingham 19 goals, however, Jordan beat Bingham and Waterford beat Riverton. Really it’s up for grabs at this point so don’t read into too much.
Overall there are some great match-ups in the No. 2 and No. 3 spots.
Discuss below!

  1. I think that Bonneville is the sleeper in DI. If they can stay consistant then they will surprise many teams in the playoffs. Great attack and wicked good faceoff guy will help them control the game. The doubt comes from the defense and whether they can perform.

  2. No way Skyline gets in ahead of Olympus, they haven't played yet but when they do I see Oly grabbing that 4th spot. Also, Lone Peak has lost to Pleasant Grove In conference play 14-10 so they have to be hanging out at 5th and PG should be number 4. The North division seems pretty solid and I don't even want to look at Sandy…

  3. They should take the top 5 teams in each Div to really give everyone a chance to be spoilers… teams get better as they season moves along. Plus more lacrosse games to watch.

    1. 5 is hard number to deal with in terms of brackets. I think the 4 team system works well. Makes the regular season more intriguing. All a 5 team system would do is put in teams who are bad. See D-II for example.

      1. Im might agree with you tim but some teams that might be lack luster in the regular season, but really turn it on in the Playoffs. IE Jordan last year, Ok during the regular season but was only one goal away from the State Championship. took a Stacked Park City Team to over time. I say put as many teams into the play-offs and let the system weed out the best teams.

        1. While that does make for exciting lacrosse (and more to write about!) it doesn't reward the teams who are consistent throughout the season. The regular season does weed out the best teams and then lets them fight for the crown in the playoffs. I don't think the D-I playoff system is broken so why fix it.

    1. I would have to say Judges goalie Crispo is a great fit for the style of defense they play. He is a big body and they force alot of low percentage shots. Bowman is always a name you'll hear in the mix from Copper Hills and Alta's keeper has been pretty clutch in some big games.

      1. really Crispo??? Hes horrible!! the only reason he gets saves is because he gets hit… and i think Schmidt is the best goalie in utah hands down. What about the park city goalie?? he had 23 saves in the alta vs pc game.

        1. Not horrible, my friend. Choose your words better. In a head to head, Judge BEAT Waterford and Crispo was playing that game. Every goalie has different strengths and weaknesses. Crispo does have good reflexes, and is solid with his passing game, and Schmidt is athletic and can clear the ball-but he has let in more goals this year than Crispo. Let's be honest and not let our biases skue the facts. You can make the 'weak defense' excuse, but in the end all that people care about is the record. BOTH are good goalies and do what is asked of them in different defensive schemes, and are both deserving of recogniton.

          1. Thanks buddy, I was just trying to say Cripso is the best fit for their style of defense. Schmidt is a good fit for a defense that lets a goalie get shelled….

  4. Best goalie is hands down Waterford keeper- Schmidt. He is athletic, clears on the money, and is the only reason they have been as close as they have been in these games. It's no secret that Waterfords D is letting him get absolutely SHELLED. Alta and Brightons goalies are close 2nd.

  5. I think the top 4 teams in D2 could run with the D1 teams in the playoffs. But then that would be unfair to those divison 1 teams that have played the harder schedule and didn't make the playoffs.
    What I suggest is that the D2 play their playoffs a week ahead. Let the top 2 play for the D2 championship, then after that game is played they are inserted into the D1 bracket as wildcards and then have a shot to play for the overall state championship.
    What to you guys think?

    1. Sorry, but the top D1 teams would SMASH the D2 teams. I am not saying that as anything personal, but there is proof that the mid to bottom D1 teams have been beaten by D2 teams (Sp Fork beat Riverton this year). When you talk the top 5 D1 teams, they would slaughter the D2 teams.
      I guess that is why they instituted the Champions challenge game where the top D2 team plays the top D1 team.
      What constitutes a D1 team and a team being D2? I know Lone Peak had to move up to D1 after they took state in 2007.

  6. Brighton and Judge will play each other on Apr 29, presumably for 1-2 in the Salt Lake Conference. The irony is that the winner of that game gets the reward of potentially playing Alta in the semis, rather than the finals. Looking at the brackets above, the loser of that game will have the more favorable playoff path.

    1. Alta has got to be one of the scariest teams out there right now, but if one those 2 can get by Alta in the playoffs then they'd have the potential for a rematch.

      1. Assuming that Alta is one of the 2 best teams, and the winner of the Salt Lake Conference is the other, it's just a shame that they won't be playing each other in the finals.

        1. You hit the head of the nail. Salt Lake and South are clearly the 2 best conferences. The North Conference is awful. The Salt Lake Conference is the toughest conference this year for sure.
          I was thinking your same theory- be the 2nd seed and have an easier path to the championship game.

  7. Crispo is hands down the best goalie in the state. Best save percentage and he hasn’t lost yet. PC is going to get lit up against Judge.

  8. Speaking of playoffs, I know the championships are being held at Westlake Highschool. Does anyone know where the Final 4 is scheduled to be played?

      1. It boggles my mind that the championship game is becoming a year after year event at some RANDOM location clear far away from a central location. I remember wanting to go to the final 4 and championship last year, but when I found out it was being held at Park City then Viewmont?! I didn't go to EITHER game. I am sure friends and neighbors of the teams that made those occasions had a hard time going as well.
        It's clear that the BEST two fields that are marked for Men's & Women's is Juan Diego and Judge. I think the final 4 and championship should be held at those 2 locations EVERY year.
        I know the ULA is trying to grow the sport by putting the championship game at these random locations, but let's be honest- the people that attend these events are NOT kids investigating lacrosse, or kids new to the sport- it's people who follow the sport and are into it. You could have HUGE crowds for the championship if it was at Juan Diego or Judge.

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