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Bracketology – Boys D-II: April 16, 2012

2012 Boys D-II Bracketology 04.16.12

Welcome to the first D-II Bracketology post of 2012. It’s been a great season so far with some familiar names playing well as well as newcomers making their mark. Check out the bracket below and comment on who you think will win each conference.
This year in the rotation will feature the Davis Conference playing the Salt Lake Conference with the North matching up with the South Conference.
Here are the tiebreakers:
1. Conference Standings
2. Head-to-Head
3. Fewer Goals Allowed for All Conference Games (max. 8 point diff. per game)
4. Coin Toss by the Council Executive Committee
And the bracket (Projected Final Standings):
2012 Boys D-II Bracketology 04.16.12
Conference Breakdowns (Projected Final Standings)
No. 1 Box Elder
No. 2 Syracuse
No. 3 Woods Cross
No. 4 Northridge
No. 5 Fremont
Box Elder will face Syracuse on April 24 for the No. 1 seed. Syracuse has quickly jumped to the spotlight in their first year as a varsity team. Northridge v. Woods Cross will decide the No. 3 seed.
No. 1 Mountain Crest
No. 2 Logan
No. 3 Sky View
No. 4 Idaho Falls
Mountain Crest has already beaten Sky View and Idaho Falls. Logan will have a chance to claim the No. 1 seed on April 19 when they play Mountain Crest. Idaho Falls has lost to all 3 North teams so they’ve secured the No. 4 seed.
Salt Lake
No. 1 Waterford
No. 2 West Jordan
No. 3 East
No. 4 West
No. 5 Highland
No. 6 Murray
This is one of the closest conference battles in the state. If Waterford can stay healthy, they should be able to claim the No. 1 seed. West Jordan will hope to hold off a pesky East team this week to claim the No. 2 seed. Rivals East and West will battle for the No. 3 seed but I think the Leopards will walk away with the win.
Utah County
No. 1 Spanish Fork
No. 2 Herriman
No. 3 Lehi
No. 4 Orem
No. 5 Timpview
Spanish Fork beat Herriman 12-4 last week to jump out as an early No. 1 seed favorite. Lehi will quickly know where they stand when they play Spanish Fork on Tuesday.
Discuss below!

  1. i predict spanish fork vs. box elder or waterford for the championship, then spanish dominates.

  2. well syracuse looks pretty tough as a first year varsity team. I think that syracuse will beat box elder and then vs. spanish fork for the championship.

    1. that could be, i haven’t seen Syracuse play but i haven’t heard they are much to compete with, i think box elder could beat them, first of all. and second of all, Syracuse is on the same side as Spanish so they cant play in the championship, maybe the semi’s. but i bet mountain crest will beat Syracuse.

  3. SF vs. MTN Crest in the semis on one side. Box Elder vs. Waterford on the other. SF vs. Box Elder in the ship. 3rd year in a row that SF goes if I’m right.

  4. Mt. Crest already beat Syracuse once this season, and although the final score looks close, it really wasn’t that close if you watch it.  Box Elder is the best team in Division 2.  The will be Box Elder vs Mt Crest. Waterford is over-rated.  Spanish Fork is improving and will be dangerous, but I still like Mt Crest in that match-up.  I say… Mountain Crest in a close win over Box Elder in the final.

    1. I would say Box Elder should be number 1 for now. But on laxpower Box elder and mtn Crest are BOTH in the BOTTOM 4 in strength of schedule. So who really has tested them? With that said Box Elder should hold on to it for now with the benefit of the doubt.

  5. ya, SF’s record may not be as good but the teams they have played were super good, brighton, timpanogos, and pg.

    1.  Warriors are proving they are again tops in DII. The train is back on its tracks and rolling towards the playoffs. They always seem to pour it on during the playoffs and tighten up as a team which makes them super tough to defeat.

  6. spanish fork always turns it on during the playoffs, and they are already dominating the top teams in division 2. My prediction: spanish fork becomes back to back champion

  7. The top 3 in Utah County (Spanish Fork, Herriman, and Lehi) and the other 3 one seeds (Box Elder, Mountain Crest, and Waterford) seem to be the top contenders.  With that said my prediction is Spanish Fork vs Mountain Crest and Box Elder vs Herriman for the semis.  Spanish Fork vs Box Elder in the Final.  Spanish Fork repeats mainly because Box Elder always seems to be primarily an offensive team and Spanish Fork is more well rounded.  Defense wins Championships.

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