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Bracketology – Boys D-II: April 30, 2012

Another great week of conference play has come and gone. In the Davis Conference, Syracuse beat Box Elder to clinch the No. 1 spot. The North, South and Salt Lake Conference seeds have all been set. Only Davis Conference teams have the post-season to play for.
This year in the rotation will feature the Davis Conference playing the Salt Lake Conference with the North matching up with the South Conference.
Here are the tiebreakers:
1. Conference Standings
2. Head-to-Head
3. Fewer Goals Allowed for All Conference Games (max. 8 point diff. per game)
4. Coin Toss by the Council Executive Committee
And the bracket (Projected Final Standings):

Conference Breakdowns (Projected Final Standings)
No. 1 Syracuse (c)
No. 2 Box Elder
No. 3 Northridge
No. 4 Fremont
No. 5 Woods Cross
Fremont and Northridge will play on Thursday with the winner claiming the No. 3 seed. Box Elder needs to beat Woods Cross on Wednesday to clinch the No. 2 seed which would also eliminate Woods Cross.
No. 1 Mountain Crest (c)
No. 2 Logan (c)
No. 3 Sky View (c)
No. 4 Idaho Falls (c)
Logan came away with a 10-5 win over Sky View on Friday, clinching the No. 2 seed while sending Sky View packing with the No. 3 seed.
Salt Lake
No. 1 Waterford (c)
No. 2 West Jordan (c)
No. 3 East (c)
No. 4 West (c)
No. 5 Highland (eliminated)
No. 6 Murray (eliminated)
Waterford beat West Jordan 14-5 to clinch the No. 1 seed. West Jordan fell to the No. 2 spot while East and West battled last Thursday for the No. 3 spot. East won 16-10.
Utah County
No. 1 Spanish Fork (c)
No. 2 Lehi (c)
No. 3 Herriman (c)
No. 4 Orem (c)
No. 5 Timpview (eliminated)
Lehi beat Herriman 10-7 on Tuesday to clinch the No. 2 seed and home field advantage in the first round.
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