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BYU Women Win Las Vegas Lacrosse Showcase

LAS VEGAS, NV — The Brigham Young University women’s lacrosse team recently won the Las Vegas Lacrosse Showcase held in Las Vegas, Nevada. BYU played three games, two of them against the University of Arizona, winning each of them by at least a four-goal margin.

BYU Head Coach Nikki Dabrowski said of her team, “I think that we’ve got captains this year that are really requiring quite a bit outside of practice as well as on the field.” Dabrowski believed their success on the field was attributed to the team’s work ethic. “I think that comes along with the expectation of conditioning outside of practice and that they hold themselves to a pretty high standard,” Dabrowski said.

One of the strengths of BYU’s play at the tournament was their defense. They held their opponents to an average of three goals per game. “We’ve been working really hard on having a pressure defense that plays proactively and causes turnovers,” said Dabrowski. “I was impressed they were able to do that under tight circumstances.”

Dabrowski said this tournament was good preparation for their games during the spring. “We got to tournaments. We play two, potentially three games in one day,” Dabrowski said. “We have to learn how to spread our energy and plan for all the games and not just one game a day.”

However, Dabrowski said her team so far has been up to the challenge. “They played three games so close and were still the team that was dictating what was happening in the game,” said Dabrowski. “They proved that they might have some bumps but that overall they can handle that physical and emotional pressure. I’m really hopeful that this transitions to the spring.”

BYU’s spring season will consist of five road trips. Their first trip is to Santa Barbara, California in February. They will also have four other trips to parts of Colorado during the season.

Dabrowski said her team is eyeing nationals after their fifth place finish last year. “Our goal is still to make it to nationals and take a better placing than we did last year.”

If their fall success is any indication, the Cougars will be a team to watch in 2018.

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