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BYU Women’s Lacrosse Holds Off Second-Half Rally, Beats UVU 12-4

byu women's lacrosse uvu womens lacrosse 2019

On a gorgeous day beneath Mount Timpanogos and the Wasatch Mountain Range, BYU Women’s Lacrosse was able to stymie an early second-half run by the UVU Women’s Lacrosse team en route to the 12-4 victory over the Wolverines.

UVU head coach Al To’a was positive about his initial impressions of the game.

“I think as always we can always work on things,” said To’a. “I think the defense was a little bit tighter, they played well. I think on the offensive side the work that needs to be put in there is just the fundamentals. We’re getting better.”

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byu womens lacrosse uvu womens lacrosse 2019

The Cougars jumped out to a 2-1 lead early, and would finish the first half with a 6-1 lead over the Wolverines on goals from Brooklyn Pierce, Shannon Baker, Kathryn Baker and Kallie Rice.

BYU head coach Nikki Dabrowski talked about her team’s early control of the game.

“Our biggest worry that we had today was to play clean,” said Dabrowski. “I think that helped our girls feel like they didn’t need to force the ball on defense or offense and just settle into the game instead of just feeling like they needed to control the game. Because we were a little more controlled, they were able to pick up the pace as the game went on.”

UVU had a run of their own to start the second half. The Wolverines would pull within four goals towards the beginning of the second half.

uvu womens lacrosse byu womens lacrosse 2019

To’a spoke positively of his team’s run in the second half.

“We talked about at halftime getting back to the fundamentals and making sure we were getting out in transition well. On offense, we were a little frantic in the first half. In the second half, we were more patient. As you can see, BYU does that quite often and they’re able to then make the right calls and right plays. That’s what we did in the second half. We were able to settle down and just go after it.”

Dabrowski said of the run, “After halftime we had talked about how much pressure we had wanted to put on the outside and they had gotten confused. So we readjusted to sitting back on the eight until the ball was settled and then stepping out. That made a big difference in helping our team in marking up.

uvu womens lacrosse byu womens lacrosse 2019

Unfortunately for the UVU Women’s Lacrosse team, they wouldn’t score again as BYU added four more goals to help seal the victory.

BYU Women’s Lacrosse will take on Utah State in their next matchup on March 22.

“We haven’t traveled in awhile. Even though it’s close, that always throws a wrench into things. We’re preparing our girls to travel on a school day and recognize the importance of the game as it is our last game we have before Mile High. That will be our last opportunity to really execute our strategies before we have to play four games in a row. We won’t have time to fix anything if something goes wrong. It’s an opportunity to make sure we are solid on all areas of the field.”

Up next for the Wolverines is Utah State and Weber State on March 23, in games that will be important for regional seeding.

“We’ve got our last two divisional games against Utah State and Weber State up in Logan. We’ve got to focus on those games from this week forward because that will seed us for the regional tournament. Our plan is to go up and show well and compete, and hopefully get a couple of wins.”

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