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Class-A Bracket Breakdown

No. 16 Pleasant Grove @ No.1 Brighton
Bengals — Record 13-0 Leading Scorer: Bubba Fairman-5.5 ppg
Vikings — Record 9-3 Leading Scorer: Wesley Norton-3.7 ppg
Common Opponents:
Olympus: Brighton won 15-5, PG won 8-7
Lone Peak: Brighton won 17-7, PG won 6-5
Bingham: Brighton won 18-5, PG lost 9-12
Brighton has been THE team all season long, getting everyone’s best shot, and no one has knocked them off yet. The Vikings would need to play a near-flawless game and have a couple bounces go their way if they want to be the David to the Bengals’ Goliath.
No. 9 Copper Hills @ No. 8 Davis
Darts — Record 10-7 Leading Scorer: Anthony Sharp-6.1 ppg
Grizzlies — Record 12-2 Leading Scorer: Tanner Skadburg-4.1 ppg
Common Opponents:
West Jordan: Davis won 24-4, Copper Hills won 21-2
Herriman: Davis won 16-5, Copper Hills won 11-4
Fremont: Davis lost 11-20, Copper Hills lost 9-20
Lone Peak: Davis won 14-7, Copper Hills won 14-8
Bingham: Davis lost 13-16, Copper Hills won 16-0
Logan: Davis lost 8-14, Copper Hills won 12-10
Bountiful: Davis won 18-6, Copper Hills won 14-7
Judge: Davis won 14-5, Copper Hills lost 7-14
Head-to-Head: Copper Hills won 11-10
These teams are about as evenly-matched as they come. Both have had slip-ups through the season, but both have the potential to play with anyone. Davis plays with a potent and dangerous offense while Copper Hills plays a physical, athletic brand of ball. There’s no favorite in this one.
No. 13 Judge @ No. 4 Park City
Miners — Record 8-5 Leading Scorer: Beau Pederson-3.1 ppg
Bulldogs — Record 9-4 Leading Scorer: Douglas Gosselin-3.3 ppg
Common Opponents:
Waterford: PC won 6-2, Judge won 14-6
Skyline: PC won 14-4, Judge won 10-9
Juan Diego: PC lost 7-9, Judge lost 6-10
Brighton: PC lost 8-12, Judge lost 4-15
Bingham: PC lost 6-7, Judge won 9-8
When healthy, Park City has been one of the best teams in the state. They bring a stout defense that has given up ten goals or more just twice this season. However, Judge has quietly been improving all season long and we expect this to be a dogfight (pun intended).
No. 12 Spanish Fork @ No. 5 Fremont
Silverwolves — Record 11-3 Leading Scorer: Andrew Karner-6.1 ppg
Warriors — Record 8-6 Leading Scorer: Benjamin Bladh-3.9 ppg
Common Opponents:
Sky View: Fremont won 10-9, SF lost 7-8
Copper Hills: Fremont won 20-9, SF lost 6-10
Syracuse: Fremont won 19-7, SF won 17-8
Logan: Fremont lost 8-12, SF won 10-6
The Silverwolves have put together their most impressive season in team history and could make a big postseason run. The Warriors have been inconsistent this season, but can play with anyone when they’re firing on all cylinders. Keep a close eye on this one.
No. 15 Lone Peak @ No. 2 Juan Diego
Soaring Eagle — Record 14-1 Leading Scorer: Tristan Courtney-4.8 ppg
Knights — Record 7-8 Leading Scorer: Josh Stout-5.2 ppg
Common Opponents:
Coronado Red (NV): JD lost 6-7, LP lost 6-16
Park City: JD won 9-7, LP lost 4-11
Corner Canyon: JD won 11-7, LP lost 10-15
Brighton: JD lost 15-10, LP lost 17-7
Davis: JD won 14-5, LP lost 7-14
Skyline: JD won 13-6, LP won 14-11
Head-to-Head: JD won 17-4
The second-ranked Soaring Eagle obliterated the Knights the first time these two played early in the season, but Lone Peak appears to have righted the ship and is riding a five-game win streak; this one might be closer than you think.
No. 10 Sky View @ No. 7 Logan
Grizzlies — Record 8-4 Leading Scorer: Brandon Dodd-9.2 ppg
Bobcats — Record 11-4 Leading Scorer: Bryce Stuart-4.9 ppg
Common Opponents:
Riverton: Logan won 17-4, Sky View won 10-3
Syracuse: Logan won 14-6, Sky View lost 6-8
Roy: Logan won 9-7, Sky View won 9-8
Fremont: Logan won 12-8, Sky View lost 9-10
Spanish Fork: Logan lost 10-6, Sky View won 8-7
Bonneville: Logan won 8-5, Sky View won 12-8
Head-to-Head: Sky View won 8-6
What more could you ask for than a rivalry game in the first round? This match-up has all the makings of an instant classic. Anyone who correctly predicts the outcome of this one should get themselves to Vegas.
No. 14 Skyline @ No. 3 Corner Canyon
Chargers — Record 12-3 Leading Scorer: Max Asay-4.8 ppg
Eagles — Record 7-7 Leading Scorer: Lane Kadish-5.3 ppg
Common Opponents:
Park City: CC won twice, 13-7 & 8-4, Skyline lost 4-14
Olympus: CC won 20-8, Skyline won 11-10
Alta: CC won 11-9, Skyline lost 7-8
Brighton: CC lost twice, 8-13 & 7-13, Skyline lost 3-16
Jordan: CC won 10-8, Skyline won 15-6
Juan Diego: CC lost 7-11, Skyline lost 6-13
Lone Peak: CC won 15-10, Skyline lost 11-14
Head-to-Head: CC won 17-4
Corner Canyon has continued to play at an elite level this season and will be difficult to beat in the first two rounds. Skyline has a monumental task if they want to win this one and is losing legendary program coach Dan Schmidt, so may be down a little for this one…or it might be just the thing they need to “win one for the Gipper!”
No. 11 Olympus @ No. 6 Alta
Hawks — Record 11-3 Leading Scorer: Jonathan Castor-3.6 ppg
Titans — Record 7-7 Leading Scorer: Ryan Lunt-2.9 ppg
Common Opponents
American Fork: Alta lost 6-7, Olympus won 15-8
Spanish Fork: Alta won 7-4, Olympus won 9-4
Jordan: Alta won 14-4, Olympus lost 7-12
Skyline: Alta won 8-7, Olympus lost 10-11
Highland: Alta won 16-1, Olympus won 16-5
Corner Canyon: Alta lost 9-11, Olympus lost 8-20
Park City: Alta lost 5-8, Olympus lost 5-7
East: Alta won 7-3, Olympus won 11-4
Pleasant Grove: Alta won 8-4, Olympus lost 7-8
Head-to-Head: Alta won 10-6
Apart from an early-season hiccup, Alta has been one of the most consistent teams in the state. The Hawks’ strong defense, which has allowed ten or more goals just once this season, grinds opponents down while the offense works methodically to pull away. Olympus, on the other hand, has been a rollercoaster, but if the Titans who showed up against Park City are able to make an appearance, Alta will really have to work to get this one.

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