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Colorado Edges BYU in RMLC Classic

BYU Midfielder Jake Arbon
BYU Midfielder Jake Arbon

The No. 6 Colorado Buffaloes escaped from Provo with a 16-15 win over No. 2 BYU Cougars on Friday night. The game was close throughout with with each team taking turns with a lead.
The Cougars scored just 10 seconds into the game when Senior defender Rick Rose scooped up a loose ball on the opening faceoff and took it the distance, bouncing it into the back of the net while getting hit. Buffaloes midfielder Colin MacIlvennie leveled the game at 1 then Davis Barker gave Colorado their first lead of the game on a left alley bounce shot. Both teams traded two goals to end the quarter 4-3 for Colorado.
A three goal run for Colorado in the middle of the second quarter looked to be the difference in the game as each team continued to alternate scoring until early in the fourth quarter. Goals came for both teams after hard work on both sides of the ball. Colorado scored at the 12:58 mark in the fourth quarter to give them a 14-11 lead. BYU midfielder Nick Stevens scored at the 10:11 mark when he caught a pass from Chandler Wescott on the wing, stepped down and scored. At 5:05, Mike Fabrizio scored on a bounce shot from just above GLE to bring the Cougars within one. Jake Arbon tied the game a minute later when he carried from right to left across the top of the box until he found a gap and took advantage, stepping into his shot that went between the goalie and the pipe for the goal. BYU took the lead at 1:37 when Wescott found Fabrizio wide open on the crease. Fabrizio buried it and sending the BYU bench into a frenzy.

BYU Midfielder Jake Arbon
BYU Midfielder Jake Arbon
Colorado, the defending MCLA National Champions, didn’t give up and tied the game at 15 just 23 seconds later when Ryan Stoll caught a pass on the crease and dunked it in. Colorado LSM Clark Salamie, who had taken all but 4 of the faceoffs, won the ensuing faceoff and the Buffs took a timeout. After the short break, Colorado worked the ball around and appeared to want to take the last shot, but Cary Garfinkel drove from the side of the box and went to X where he found Jace Gan on the wing who was able to slot it past BYU goalie Matt Brandenburg to give Colorado a 16-15 lead. Salamie won the faceoff again and the Buffs took another shot that they backed up which led to a dead ball timeout by BYU. The Cougars came out of the break with an empty net. The Buffs ran around trying to run out the clock but BYU was able to get a turnover. Barrett Johnson scooped the ball up for the Cougars and took it into the box where he drew a cross-check with 5 seconds remaining. After a discussion at the table, Arbon started with the ball at the top left corner of the box. As the whistle blew, he fired it toward the net with two Cougars forming a screen. The ball bounced off a defender and away from the goal as time expired, giving Colorado a 16-15 win.
“We play a team game and everyone has to be playing together,” said Colorado head coach John Galvin. “Everyone deserves credit for this win. We had a few mental breakdowns but again, BYU is good and they capitalized on our mistakes and we knew it would be an up and down game.”
Mike Fabrizio led the Cougars with 4 goals and 1 assist. Chandler Wescott finished with 1 goal and 3 assists. Jake Arbon had 3 goals for the Cougars including the game-tying goal in the fourth quarter.
“[Jake] Arbon had a bunch of intensity through the game and really didn’t make any mistakes tonight,” said BYU head coach Matt Schneck. “He wasn’t giving up the ball, he was fighting for ground balls and scoring goals.”
Arbon, a Senior, has been a stalwart on the Cougar squad for the past four seasons. In his Freshman season, Arbon took on the undesirable role of D-middie which has turned into success for the Sandy native.
“Some of our best middies that we’ve ever had here at BYU have started out as defensive midfielders first and I think there’s something to say about that,” said Schneck. “They learn the game from the defensive standpoint and then they start to progress as an offensive player. That defensive mindset doesn’t go away, the fight doesn’t go away, the ability to trust them on defense doesn’t go away. We know we can trust him no matter where he is on the field.”
With the win, Colorado moves to 10-4 on the season and 2-1 in the RMLC. BYU is now 11-3 and 1-2 in conference play. The Buffaloes will take Saturday off and face Utah on Sunday. BYU will host Boise State on Friday then head to Salt Lake City to face Westminster on Saturday.

  1. The level of officiating in this state is an embarrassment. If they make $1 a game, it’s $1 too much. The random swinging of sticks they allow is ridiculous. Someone should gear them up and crack them with a stick nowhere near the stick or glove. If we all did our jobs as poorly as them,we would be fired.

    1. I’m not sure how this comment is helping anyone.
      Do you officiate lacrosse at any level? If so, have you offered to help train or offer officials clinics? And if you don’t officiate, the state is desperately looking for new officials to help grow the game. I suggest attending an officials clinic, taking the Youth and NHFS tests, and helping grow the game instead of complaining.

      1. Drew, quit kissing everyone’s ass. If you aren’t being a shill for the ULA, now it’s the officials? Watch a game. They suck.

        1. Strong words coming from an anonymous screen name. I don’t need to justify to you how much lacrosse I’ve been a part of or studied over the last 15 years in the Utah lacrosse community.
          I can tell you that I agree there is room for improvement in the level of officiating here in Utah. Part of the problem is that there aren’t enough guys going through the officiating ranks and giving back to the sport by officiating. I would guess part of the reason is that there are so many uneducated fans screaming at them from the stands that no amount of money makes it worth while.
          My response to your comment was simply to point out that we need less complaining in the Utah lacrosse community and more solutions presented. That’s why I signed up to also be the Men’s League Commissioner. One of my goals is to encourage more guys out of high school to give back by getting into officiating. If you feel the level of officiating is sub par, how do you suggest we fix it?

          1. You don’t have to be anonymous. You agree with everything the ULA, the refs any other thing that makes you look like a good sheep. Wanna know the problems with the refs? They engage the crowd more than any other sport I have ever seen, they have huge issues with thinking they can speak to coaches any way they want, they think they know it all when the youth games officiated by the high school players are 100 times better than what the high school refs do and the kicker? If you have a complaint about the refs, the organization that reviews the complaint? The refs association. Now that makes a ton of sense. They are supposed to be held accountable by themselves? As far as you stepping up to be the commissioner, you are part of the group that caused the split and that split will come again. The ULA was a garbage organization and is still sticking their hand in the cookie jar.

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