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Corner Canyon Remains Unbeaten With 8-5 Win Over Juan Diego

Corner Canyon @ Juan Diego

The Corner Canyon Chargers beat Juan Diego on Tuesday night in an 8-5 win, notching their third win of the season. The loss is the first for the Soaring Eagle at home since a double overtime 2011 playoff loss to Judge.
Corner Canyon was able to steal all the momentum early in the game. Cole Parkinson scored first for the Chargers when cut across the middle of the field, caught a low pass from Chandler Stranc and slung it in for the goal. Stranc followed up his assist with a goal of his own when a shot was deflected and Stranc scooped up the loose ball and slotted it home. Stranc gave the Chargers a 3-0 lead with 15 seconds left in the first quarter when he was wide open on the crease, caught a pass from Harry Waddoups and quick-sticked it into the back of the net.
Parkinson would score his second of the night at the 11:20 mark in the second quarter after dancing and dodging behind X, the shifty attackman was able to beat his defender and score to give Corner Canyon a 4-0 lead. Juan Diego scored their first goal of the night at the 10:46 mark when Ryan Green, also known as ‘RG3’, caught a clear at midfield and took it the distance on a great individual effort. The Soaring Eagle scored 3 minutes later on a man-up play when Alec Meyer scored on a great cross-crease pass from Tyler Stevenson. Juan Diego scored again at the 3:06 mark when Freshman Defender Ryan Baker took it coast-to-coast, weaving through traffic and bouncing it into the back of the net. The half would end with a 4-3 advantage for Corner Canyon.
Corner Canyon @ Juan Diego
Juan Diego tied the game at 4 at the 10:26 mark in the third quarter when Green ran towards the left side of the field and spun back towards the middle, burning his man and shooting it low and in. Parkinson reclaimed the lead when he pushed the crease from X, catching a pass from Zach Franckowiak, spinning and shooting it in for the goal. Stranc extended the lead on a man-up play when Franckowiak found him wide open on the crease. Stranc quick-sticked it into the back of the net for the vital goal, giving the Chargers a 6-4 lead at the end of the third quarter.
Waddoups increased the Chargers lead to three goals when he caught a pass from Parkinson, dodged and shot. Stranc put the game out of reach at the 8:34 mark when Corner Canyon Defender Garrett Michaeli took the ball away, scooped up the ground ball and successfully cleared the ball to Stranc who was on GLE who then shot for the easy one-on-one goal. Juan Diego would pull one back at the 5:36 mark when Austin Roberts shot from 15 yards out on the run, putting it into a perfect spot for the goal, making the final score 8-5 for Corner Canyon.
“I had a little bit of grudge against these guys [Juan Diego] after coming from Alta,” said Corner Canyon Head Coach Mark Davis. “It feels pretty good and I’m happy for our Seniors.”
For the second straight game, Corner Canyon has played even with its opponent in the first half and then outplayed their opponent in the second half for two tough wins.
“They come out in that third quarter and they just play,” said Davis. “We get after them a little bit at halftime, but they just want it.”
Stranc led the Chargers with 4 goals and an assist. Parkinson finished with 3 goals and an assist.
“It felt good to get a win here,” said Stranc. “I love these guys that I play with and they push me everyday in practice. I gotta give all the credit to them.”
Corner Canyon will take on Bingham on March 18 while Juan Diego will head to Boise to play Mountain View (ID), Granada (CA) and Bishop Kelly (ID).
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      1. oh, I was told he did play. Looks like this was a hard fought game. Would have expected nothing less! Looking forward to our match up against JD later this year.

        1. i stand corrected … i was just told he did play by Tim … i was looking for him on the sportz filmz roster last night and he wasnt listed … my bad

      2. He didn’t play last night because he was out of town but he is playing for Corner Canyon

  1. @s96 – Casey only plays for CC because he loves lacrosse and was told in his senior year by Holmes that he could not play for JD. Why? Because he is a multi sport athlete who was going to miss a couple of practices because of his Big Mountain competitions. Casey has played from Lightening on up for JD and was CRUSHED when Holmes told him he was off, so don’t make the mistake of thinking this move wasn’t 100% due to Holmes’ decision.

    1. There is always two sides to a story. Coach Holmes is a very fair and honorable man.

  2. For the RECORD Casey unfortunately never even came to JD lacrosse tryouts this year.

  3. First of all, I never said Holmes was dishonorable, so let’s not have anymore put words in my mouth. Second of all, the truth is the truth. There’s not a lot of wiggle room in “If you miss any practices you cannot be on this team.” Finally, OF COURSE he didn’t show up at tryouts – he had been told he couldn’t be on the team by the head coach. There’s no spinning this, it was what it was. For the record, a head coach has the right to determine the parameters of his program, start to finish, and that is what Holmes did – no problem. What I was commenting to was any insinuation that Casey elected to play for CC instead of his home club of JD voluntarily; that’s not the truth, that’s all I was pointing out. Not an attack on Holmes, just what happened and who made the decisions here.

  4. Truth is not relative, but let’s just leave this alone now. I’m not interested in this anymore. I put the facts out regarding why Casey made the move, that’s all I was trying to do. Accept the facts or don’t, it doesn’t matter to me — they are what they are. Best of luck to everyone in their seasons!

  5. Thankful you are not interested in this anymore! Why you were in the first place is a mystery onto itself! Noting how you refer to the two individuals involved is likely an indication. Until you speak with someone knowledgeable from Juan Diego, it is troubling how you think you have the facts and even more troubling that you have convinced yourself you have them correct!

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