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Cristian Martinez of Alta to Commit to Carthage College

c/o ShootingStar Photography
c/o ShootingStar Photography
Alta defenseman Cristian Martinez has committed to playing for Carthage College in Kenosha, WI. Cristian played alongside his fellow Hawks in a great season. The team ended the season with a record of 14-6. Alta made it all the way to the semifinals, where they lost to the eventual champions, Juan Diego.
Cristian talked about moving on to the next level, “Being able to play lacrosse in college is really an amazing feeling. I never thought I would make it this far but with the help of my coaches, my teammates, and my parents I went farther than I imagined.
“I decided to play in college literally when I received my first recruitment letter, I never thought I was good enough until then and after that one, more and more kept coming in. I chose Carthage mostly because it just felt right, Coach [David] Neff is an awesome guy and Carthage has a beautiful campus with a promising education.”
When asked to what he was looking forward the most, Cristian responded, “I am most looking forward to meeting new people, I am going to a new state all the way across the country with countless new people to meet. I am a little nervous about leaving everything behind but I am also looking forward to it.”
“My favorite thing about lacrosse,” said Cristian, “is going one on one during a close game and stopping the offensive player, knowing you’ve done your job in defending the goal and knowing that you worked harder than the player you stopped.”
Cristian’s father, Troy Martinez, talked about Cristian as a lacrosse player, “I believe his greatest strength is his ability to work hard and his ability to create opportunity. Cristian’s ability to create a turnover, come up with a ground ball or disrupt offensive play or cause an offensive error is where his added value lays to contribute to his team.”
Troy also talked about Cristian off the field, “Cristian is sincere and genuinely concerned with the well-being of others. He understands that he is very fortunate to have the opportunities he has enjoyed in his life and that he is in a position to help others and stand up for others that may not be able to stand up for themselves. He is very good with children and children think the world of him. Cristian loves the outdoors: hiking, fishing, hunting, camping and four-wheeling in his Jeep.”
“As parents,” commented Troy, “his mother and I are very excited for him as it is has been his greatest desire to continue playing lacrosse past high school. To see him with such excitement in getting the opportunity to play NCAA lacrosse we are very proud of him and elated that we will be able to see him play college lacrosse. Of course, we are concerned for his well being and being 1500 miles away from home is more concerning to us as parents than it is to him.”
In a final comment, Troy stated, “we also recognize that many others helped him get to Carthage and continue his playing days such as Dan Mannix, Brad Taylor and Brad Grogg of the Utah Starz along with Stephen Dunn of the Utah Blackhawks.”
Cristian has plans to pursue a career in physical therapy, expressing interests in such majors as neuroscience or athletic training. He has also considered a career in the military upon graduating from Carthage.
Located along the shoreline of Lake Michigan, Carthage College is home to about 2,500 full-time students. Carthage is an NCAA D-III team playing in the Midwest Lacrosse Conference (MLC). In the 2013 season, the Red Men of Carthage College made it to the conference championship game, but fell 13-3 to Aurora.

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