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Davis Girls Hire Angie Leedy As New Head Coach

Davis Darts 'D'The Davis Girls Lacrosse team has hired Angie Leedy to take the reigns heading into the 2012 season.
Leedy starting playing lacrosse in 1996 for the Salt Lake Club which dissolved in 1999 but quickly found herself playing at the University of Utah until 2004. Leedy began coaching in 2000 for Judge. In 2002, Leedy moved to Woods Cross.
“After my second year I felt it was time to leave Judge however I wasn’t ready to stop coaching,” said Leedy. “I knew Niki Harding was leaving on her mission and so there might be an opening at Woods Cross with Celeste Harding.”
Leedy coached at Woods Cross with Erin Arnell and Celeste Harding until Niki returned from her mission. Arnell left for BYU, leaving Leedy to coach with the Harding sisters for 7 years. During those years, Leedy began teaching US History at Davis High School. Leedy left the Woods Cross program to become a referee but after one year, Arnell approached Leedy about starting a program at Davis.
“I agreed the time was ripe for a new team and so I jumped back into coaching after only one year off,” said Leedy. “The first two years at Davis, I still would ref a few days a week and Erin took the reigns as head coach. This past year Erin decided she wanted to focus on starting a family and she stepped down as head coach.”
With the team in jeopardy, Leedy rose to the challenge.
“I didn’t want to allow the team to fold as I had spent too much energy getting it started so it was time for me to step up and be head coach again,” said Leedy.
Leedy admits there are many advantages to teaching at Davis.
“I have the same hours as the kids,” said Leedy. “I also have access to the weight room and classroom for meetings and film. I also can make sure announcements are made and pictures make the yearbook, jumbotron and newspaper. I also can recruit pretty easy.”
Leedy is excited to step into the head coach role.
“I am expecting a lot from my girls this year,” said Leedy. “We should have a team of about 50 to 60 players. We only graduated four seniors last year. All but two of my former players are returning. Anything but the State Championship will be a let down to these girls and their whole team.”
Leedy feels Becca Rowley, Holly Prows and Hayley Carling will be stand out players for the Darts this season.
The Davis JV team will also have new leadership. Two former players who just graduated will be taking over. Riley Horsely played center for the Darts last year and Sadie Whittaker anchored the Davis defense.

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