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Face Off Lacrosse: The End of an Era

Face Off Poster

For many who have grown up playing lacrosse over the past decade, Face Off is a name you know. It’s one of the few local lacrosse stores and many Utah players have frequented it.

Face Off opened in 2004 and has been a place for laxers to get the latest gear and practice their skills.

“Ava had left her assistant principalship a couple years prior, to be closer to home with our then young teenagers,” said JR Nebeker. “We were dabbling in some very small family business ventures, e.g., Xango MLM and candy machines (which by the way are for sale and can be seen at Face Off.) Both J.T. & Zak were passionate about lacrosse. So we started researching the possibility of opening a lacrosse store in 2002. At the NCAA championships in Baltimore in 2004, seeing the record-breaking crowds, we decided then and there that that was the year to make FACE OFF Lax a reality. FACE OFF grew quickly and was more work any of us ever imagined! I continued to work for Wells Fargo Mortgage so was defaulted to the evening and Saturday shifts. I haven’t had a Saturday off in a decade! But no regrets. Running a family business in the Utah lacrosse community has been such an awesome experience.”

“Face Off will be closing its doors as of June 30th,” says owner Ava Nebeker. “Our decision was made a couple months back. Many things contributed to this bittersweet decision. Suffice it to say, it is simply time for the Nebekers to move on!”

The Nebekers, after 9 years of business will be closing shop and moving on to other pursuits.

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“On the positive side: Zak is moving back to LA with his brand new Graphic Design degree, J.R got recruited by Liberty Mortgage to open their first branch here in Utah. J.T is rippin’ it up in the music world – in fact he just walked in the door from a 14 hour recording session, So, lots going on with Nebekers,” said Ava. “And, of course there’s the business side of running an independent small retail biz in this world today …. It’s been pretty much a labor of love for the last little while as the competition of the big boxes has become insurmountable for us little local guys. It is sad in that it is the end of an awesome era for us. But we’ve had a great run, and now all of life’s pointers are moving us in different and new directions. “

Saturday was the first day of Face Off’s END OF AN ERA RETIREMENT SALE.

“There were 150+ enthusiastic shoppers waiting in line for our doors to open at 7:30AM,” said Ava. “It was a fun day for all. Free socks were given out to shoppers throughout the day. The sale will run for four weeks with prices decreasing each Saturday. You can see the ongoing updated price reductions and the current week’s hours of business at All lacrosse equipment will be sold as well as furniture and fixtures.”

This week’s hours of business are M-F 11-7, Sat 10-7.
Face Off Poster
MAY 13 – MAY 18: Mon-Fri 11-7, Sat 10-7
GREEN STICKER: 15% off sticker price through Friday, May 17th
PINK STICKER: 20% off sticker price through Friday, May 17th
YELLOW STICKER: 30% off sticker price through Friday, May 17th
ORANGE STICKER: 50% off sticker price through Friday, May 17th
GREEN STICKER: 20% off sticker price through Friday, May 24th
PINK STICKER: 30% off sticker price through Friday, May 24th
YELLOW STICKER: 40% off sticker price through Friday, May 24th
ORANGE STICKER: 60% off sticker price through Friday, May 24th

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