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Franckowiak and Rose Lead Corner Canyon to the Finals Past Bountiful

Zach Franckowiak
Zach Franckowiak

Corner Canyon and Bountiful matched up in the UHSLL Semifinal match at Alta High School Tuesday afternoon.  The teams faced off in what became a battle between two of the better teams in the league. Casey Rose and Zack Franckowiak lead the Chargers to victory over the Braves in a 13-12 barnburner. Together, Rose and Franckowiak notched up 11 of the 13 goals for Corner Canyon. The dynamic duo were involved in every play, and hustled the entire game.
Corner Canyon opened up the scoring with an unassited goal from Rose, followed quickly with a goal from Harry Waddoups to put the Chargers up 2-0.  Brock Jeppeson of the Bountiful Braves answered quickly with a goal right off the face-off to put the Braves on the board.  The Braves continued their scoring streak, by going on a 4-0 run with goals from Mike Cheney, Jace Thomas, and James Clayton.  The first quarter wrapped up with Bountiful over Corner Canyon 4-2.

Zach Franckowiak
Zach Franckowiak
Bountiful continued the run at the open of the 2nd quarter with another goal from Cheney, who dodged his way to the crease and put one past goalie Kade Arbon.  Corner Canyon ended Bountiful’s 5-0 scoring streak with a great goal from Franckowiak.  He split dodged his defender, and found his way with just him and goalie Dalin Hampshire and put it in the back of the net.
Bountiful’s Jace Thomas won the face-off and who got it to Jeppeson who answered for the Braves.  The two teams continued to trade goals.  Franckowiak and Rose scoring for the Chargers, and Chandler Wescott and Thomas for Boutniful.  Bountiful remained in the lead by one at halftime with a score of 8-7.
Bountiful would then open up the scoring in the second half, with a goal from Clayton.  James split left by his defender and lost him, then came back right for a one-on-one shot with the goalie.  Over a minute later Bountiful’s Thomas dodged, dropped the ball, recovered it, and took a nice side arm shot to put the Braves up 10-7.  Corner Canyon’s Rose put in their only goal in this quarter 2 minutes later.  Rose split to his left and took a “Kyle Harrison-esq” jump shot to make the score 9-8 Bountiful. Bountiful’s Jeppeson and Clayton would complete their hat-tricks with a goal each to wrap up the 3rd quarter with a score 12-8.  Clayton would be the last one to score in the game for the Braves.
The Chargers started the 4th with a great series of plays.  First was Garrett Michaeli, with a take-away check from Wescott.  Michaeli then drew the foul, ran the ball down and got it to Franckowiak for a goal and a man-up opportunity.  Soon after, Chandler Stranc took a shot that hit the pipe.  Franckowiak picked up the rebound and sunk a behind the back shot past goalie Dalin Hampshire.  Penalities weighed Corner Canyon down from here on out.  6 of the 8 penalties called against Corner Canyon came in the 4th quarter, totaling 5 and half minutes of being man down.  During that time however, they were able to hold Bountiful’s hungry offense scoreless, and notch up goals themselves.  The most important goal of the game came from Corner Canyon’s Cole Parkinson.  With 2 minutes left, the Chargers had tied the match at 12.  The Chargers were ripping shots on goalie Hampshire and recoving the ball. After 2 minutes, Waddoups found Parkinson, who then put the ball in the back of the net.  This goal gave Corner Canyon their first lead since the 1st quarter, and would lead to the win and them moving on to the finals.
Corner Canyon Coach Mark Davis was very pleased with how his team stuck with it and never gave up.
“They played extremely well. Our guys never got down, they believed in themselves,” he said. “All we had to do was make a stop and get a goal.  We couldn’t go one for one. I love the heart that they had. They did a phenomenal job, ” he concluded.
In response to so many man down opportunities, Davis gave praise to Goalie Kade Arbon.
“Kade Arbon, hands down MVP.  He played out of his mind.  He is the one that deserves everything today,” said Davis.
The Chargers will play Brighton in the UHSLL Championship on Friday at Corner Canyon High School. The game will begin at 7pm.
Corner Canyon
GB – 30
Shots – 35
Clears – 16/17
Face-off – 5/28
GB – 34
Shots – 46
Clears – 11/13
Face- Off – 23/28

  1. Are these the best referees Utah has to offer? They don’t even know what to call. They call penalties on legal hits. The players and coaches know more about the rules then the referees. The referees need to go and learn about lacrosse. Watch lacrosse on the weekends, lacrosse is a phyical game. The attack from one team get mugged nothing and a slash get called on a call that should of been a hold. I can’t take it anymore. Get better referees! Have some pride in the game of lacrosse and be willing to get better. What you are doing now is just not right for the players. Embarrassing!!!

    1. How would you suggest improving the reffing? Would you be willing to join the officials association and help grow the number of good officials? Do you have a constructive suggestion on how to train officials better? Officials are like money, they don’t grow on trees, you can’t simply go get better referees… there is some work involved and you can help!
      There is now an officials association ( who you can contact to offer solutions and make suggestions.

    2. It is funny to me that your take was on the officiating. I thought it was a great game and didn’t feel like the officials had that big of an influence on the game. When you play the way CC plays you will get some calls against you. I am not suggesting they are dirty, but they play with reckless abandon on defense which is great but can at times get you in trouble. I saw the same thing with Brighton last night, they play in such a way that will get them in trouble and lead to penalties. Do they always make the right calls that is up for debate but I thought they did a good job last night in both games not looking to influence the game.
      I agree with Drew as well. Get in touch with the association and please offer suggestions or time to help. With the growth of lacrosse officials are the hardest part to grow and comments like yours don’t help.

      1. I would agree with you. If what someone took from these games was the officiating, I would suggest they need to get a clue. All four teams played great games and deserve credit for what they accomplished. The two best teams won, move on.

      2. I agree with you, both CC and Brighton play very aggressively. Some call it dirty. I expect both teams to play very physical in the championship game and we’ll see quite a few flags.
        Back to the officiating, I saw both games yesterday and thought the officiating in both games was fair and appropriate for the most part.

    3. There were a couple of questionable calls (you get those with any sport no matter the quality of refs). But all around, I feel like the officiating was fair and justified.

    4. Completely agree. All who saw the game last night and don’t see the problem with the calls made are sadly missing out on what REAL lacrosse is. Lacrosse is aggressive. Having seen CC/Brighton defense play, they play aggressive but never consistently past the limits of what the officials should allow. I’ve played all across the US with many many different officials for years and I can in full confidence say I have never experienced or seen worse officiating than in Utah. Yes the teams played well, but imagine what the game would be with some true aggression without a flag flying on some completely legal checks and giving the boys a quick whistle coming off the end line? These athletes are not what they used to be, We are producing division 1 quality talent, we need to play like it. Utah needs to grow their officiating and start letting the boys play some big boy ball.

      1. Maybe if we allow the defenders to tackle, concuss, cross check, or otherwise beat the daylights out of the offense, we’ll have offensive players who can move the ball? It seems much of the offense out here is dodge 3-4 guys or carry the ball for 15 seconds and look around. Not calling any penalties, although it may lead to way more injuries, might help the offense develop. I see where you’re going with this!
        And as far as REAL lacrosse goes… REAL lacrosse is developing from the rough game it once was into a game of speed, strategy, and finesse. Look at how fast the ball moves and how few big hits there are in a good D1 college game. That is REAL lacrosse.

        1. Read the comment again and you will see that’s not at all what is said. I never once said raise the physicality, our physicality is just fine, I’m saying if a pole throws a check such as bullets de-stick in the game yesterday, the officials shouldn’t be throwing flags calling a hold? Corner Canyon played man down for 5 and a half minutes straight yesterday I believe, there was many normal checks called as slashes, and even a mouth guard penalty in the last 5 minutes of the state semi finals in a 1 goal game? tell him to put it in and lets keep the play going. That’s the kind of officiating I’m talking about. I do think less penalties would do the offense good, keep the aggression where it is, just lower the amount of flags thrown.

          1. Good points. I am not here to bash officials and could care less who wins the state championship. My point is being a coach its frustrating to have these calls in the last minutes that could effect the game. It’s the same officials every year that do not recognize the time of the game and can not manage it. There are only about 10 officials in this state that do a good job and coaches know who they are. Some are just “lacrosse cops” and enjoy the power of blowing their whistle. These things really need improvement. And you talk about contributing to the pool…I had 5 people interested and went to the website with no response all year??? Grow the game…have good officials.

  2. I have to agree with LE Coast for such a high profile game this game was badly officiated. I know there are better officials available because I have had them on my games. At least put your best available on good games since they are hard to come by in this state. The president of UHSLL needs to correct this so games are officiated properly. Wonder what the rest of the week will bring….

    1. I don’t know that the president of the UHSLL or ULA has anything do to with games being officiated properly. The Utah Lacrosse Officials Association is in charge of training, rating, and assigning officials. I don’t think leagues have the ability to influence what official is assigned to which game.

  3. There is a shortage of Officials in all sports. Irate coaches and fans take the “fun” out of the job many times forcing the best to quit and do something else with their time. The Utah Lacrosse Officials Associations have take great strides in the last couple seasons to train guys and hold them accountable as professionals. Tearing them a “new one” every time things don’t go our way will just weaken the pool. These guys have “day jobs” and take assignments as they fit with their schedules. Usually the top officials over the season are awarded opportunities to work post season games. I do not know the assigner for the UHSLL but I would assume some consideration was made. A good friend of mine J.D. Doyle who did high school for years now works MLL and has worked in the NLL and NCAA has always challenged “fans” who know the game to get out there and become a ref. By the way, many states have reduced the number of contests/games played to address referee situations, maybe a 10 game max season for all teams would be the solution to our perceived problems. I hope not….. My thought is to let the powers at the ULOA continue with their internal education and recruitment plan for a couple seasons and then see where we are at.

  4. I was definitely confused by a few calls (the last faceoff where the official blew the whistle to allow Jace Thomas time to complain ???), but overall, I thought the game was officiated just fine. The officials didn’t insert themselves into the game/affect the outcome, and, while I may let a “let them play!” fly once in awhile as a coach, I’d prefer an official puts safety first and call the game a little tighter (I’ll take a couple ticky-tack penalties over a couple injuries).

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