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Fremont Cuts It Close vs. Sky View In The Snow

This game was cold and snowy, exactly how you would picture a Utah game — snowy mountains making the perfect backdrop to a nail-biting lacrosse game. Fremont made a successful trip to Cache Valley on Thursday to play the Bobcats. Fremont came out more powerful, killing the opening faceoff and just about every face afterwards. The Bobcats fought for the win with the game being neck and neck all game until the final quarter. “The mark of a rising team, playing in bad conditions and coming out with the win” coach Paul Karner of the Silverwolves said. Fremont possessed the ball, showing that fundamentals and strong defense win games. The Bobcats gave what they could, but it was not enough to keep the Silverwolves from defeating them 10-9.
“It was a great win against Sky View, who is a good team. We hope to play them in better conditions” said Cody Child, a key defender in this game, who caused turnovers and fought for ground balls throughout the game.
The Fremont D-pole, when asked what he does off the field, said “hang out with friends and the female gender, practice with friends outside of practice.”
Practicing in the off time and spending time with females sure helped Cody rack in the win against Sky View. “We don’t give a gameball after a win, the entire team did their part for this win,” Coach Karner said, “We like putting up the win, but we plan on working on speed and execution, still too many unforced turnovers”.
Turnovers were plentiful in this game due to wet mesh, causing hard ball movement plus slippery turf. Fremont’s Jerrin Cutler seemed to take advantage of the conditions, pulling almost every faceoff and putting up goals. Not to say Sky View didn’t have some amazing plays, putting up just one short of the Silverwolves. The Bobcat’s Graysen Pitcher had a phenomenal behind-the-back with five seconds in the first quarter, a rip outside into net, precision shot on crease, and faceoff wins. Sky View also had a great defense and goal saving efforts, being attacked hard in the second half. Sky View goalie Devan Skeem had a carry to half, being pummeled all the way, making a clear to Bryce Stuart for a goal with little time on the clock.
With just two minutes in the game, Fremont called a time out with 10-8 on the board. Both teams came out of the time out playing aggressive and looking to win. Sky View defense pushed hard, causing a turnover and leading to Stuart putting one in net with 30 seconds left. Both teams fought, trying to hold, or put one more in the net to lead into overtime. Just one goal away now, Sky View played aggressive offense, but the Fremont defense cleared the ball and possessed, even trying to put up one more. The shot was rejected however, the Silverwolves possessed and ended the game with one more win — showing that they will be a team to beat this season.
Fremont will turnaround and be on the road again on Friday, as they play at East, and Sky View will have a little time to warm up and regroup before they travel to Bonneville on Tuesday, April 19th.

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