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Get to Know Chaos Lacrosse

Chaos Lacrosse LogoChaos Lacrosse was formed several years ago by coaches from Weber County. At that time no competitive lacrosse teams existed in Weber County, and north, that subscribed to the philosophy of these coaches. The philosophy was, and remains, simple – offer an environment were players can truly become students of the game, develop an appreciation of the fun associated with team competition, and remain together through-out their lacrosse experience. Our local high school programs are now starting to benefit from players who are dedicated to a competitive lacrosse experience – helping further improve the quality of lacrosse in Northern Utah.
Now entering our fourth year, Chaos Lacrosse is comprised of players from Fremont, Northridge and Weber. We continue to challenge the level of competition we play at, routinely playing a division above our age bracket. Playing a level above is key to our coaching philosophy regarding speed, crispness of execution and fundamentally sound individual and team play. The majority of our players have been together since the beginning, and it is evident on how they bond on and off the field. We now have several players also competing on advanced teams, including the Utah U-15 National Lacrosse Team. This is a big deal for Northern Utah lacrosse, in that we are now able to contribute to our state’s competitive success on the national stage.
Chaos does not hold traditional try-outs, it’s all word of mouth who we select to play with our team. We are looking to develop local talent, for one reason or another, may not have an opportunity to play on other competitive lacrosse teams. Except for uniforms, we do not charge a traditional team fee. Families are responsible for tournament entry fees and travel, but that’s it. We understand families have other financial obligations, and we don’t want to take away someone’s ability to play competitive lacrosse because it’s too expensive.
Coming up this summer, Chaos will be playing at the U-17 level, both in-state and out-of-state. For those interested in seeing what the Chaos experience is all about, please contact one of our Chaos Coaches – Troy Halliday (801)624-9676 or Paul Karner (435)279-4439.
Chaos Lacrosse

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  1. Great program up North … Some really good players are getting noticed down here in the South

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