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Get to Know the LXM Pro: Max Ritz

Max Ritz LXM

The LXM Pros have arrived and are preparing to take the field on Saturday. To help you get to know them, we sat down with Max Ritz who will be helping Team STX get a win over Team Maverik United. Don’t forget to check out the LXM 801 page for more details and a link to buy tickets.
Utah Lacrosse News: What are you looking forward to the most while in Utah for LXM 801 both on and off the field?
Max Ritz: I enjoy the entire experience of LXM events: Traveling with friends, seeing new scenery, meeting unique fans of the sport, sampling some local culture, being outside all weekend, etc… I always enjoy playing the actual game more than anything else, but that’s a given!
ULN: Have you ever been to Utah? If so, what are you excited to do/see again? If not, what have you heard about the state?
MR: Been to Utah many times! I am a big fan. Every time there has been really nice, and I look forward to going back this winter to hit the slopes. Good people, good weather, Delta hub – What’s not to like?!
ULN: Why did you choose to play in the LXM Pro Tour?
MR: Geography and purpose were more important to me.
Max Ritz LXM
ULN: Why is your team going to win in Utah?
MR: The team coming off a loss is always dangerous. I think our group is hungrier now than before any other game. Plus, a handful of our guys (Harrison, Baum, Bradman, Erwin) have tried out for the US Team and played a bunch of high-level lacrosse. That always helps conditioning and gameplay…
ULN: What is your favorite stadium/field to play on and why?
MR: In college, playing in Final Fours at Lincoln Financial, and playing at rivals like Navy and Johns Hopkins, were always great. I don’t have a favorite venue, I have favorite atmospheres.
ULN: What advice would you give to young players who are looking to improve their game?
MR: There’s unfortunately no shortcut. If the game itself doesn’t motivate you enough to be around it all the time, then pick a new game 🙂

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