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Get to Know the LXM Pro: Peter Baum

Peter Baum – Team STX

With the LXM 801 game right around the corner, we sat down with Peter Baum and asked him a few questions to get to know him better before he takes his talents to the field. The LXM event is a great way for local fans of the game to get out and see high level lacrosse and mingle with pro players. The festivities will begin on September 27 and the LXM game will be on September 28 at the Lakeside Sports Complex in Orem.
Utah Lacrosse News: What are you looking forward to the most while in Utah for LXM 801 both on and off the field?
Peter Baum: On the field I am just excited to get back together with my Team STX teammates. We had  a difficult loss in the last event in Chicago, and then went on a two month break from LXM action, so it has been a very frustrating layoff. We are really looking forward to trying to get one back in Utah. Off the field I am absolutely thrilled that we are playing another event in Utah. If you as all of the LXM players, most will say the best event last year was in Utah, because the fans were just incredible. Utah lacrosse has grown by leaps and bounds and it will be great to do some clinics, interact with some of the young players and then hopefully put on a good performance.
ULN: Have you ever been to Utah? If so, what are you excited to do/see again? If not, what have you heard about the state?
PB: I have been to Utah several times. Growing up I went periodically with my family for ski trips to Snowbird, Alta, and Park City. But earlier this summer I had the opportunity to coach at a lacrosse camp in the Salt Lake area and it was a blast. There is so much passion for the sport there right now so this upcoming LXM game will be a great opportunity for the fans to see great lacrosse, and for us as players to play in a great environment.

Peter Baum - Team STX
Peter Baum – Team STX
ULN: Why did you choose to play in the LXM Pro Tour?
PB: I chose to play LXM Pro instead of in the MLL because it means a great deal for me, as the only Western lacrosse player to win the Tewaaraton Trophy, to be able to interact with younger players and hopefully impart some wisdom on how to go about things the right way and progress as budding lacrosse stars. I am very passionate about the Western growth of the game, so being a part of Adrenaline and LXM Pro allows me to be a major part of that.
ULN: Why is your team going to win in Utah?
PB: Team STX is going to win in Utah because we’ve had a bad taste in our mouths since Chicago, and a two month layoff after a loss is tremendous motivation for a good performance in the upcoming game. But Team Maverik United is a very talented squad, so I’m sure they will be back looking to even the 2013 series at 2-2.
ULN: What is your favorite stadium/field to play on and why?
PB: My favorite stadium to play in is probably at home at Colgate University in Andy Kerr Stadium, or Michie Stadium at West Point (Army). Playing at home at Colgate was a tremendous honor for me, and it is always great to play in a first class facility in front of your friends and schoolmates. But Michie Stadium, Army’s towering football stadium, just has so much history and the atmosphere is always great there because we got a lot of alumni support from Colgate grads living in the New York City area, so it was a very energized game.
ULN: What advice would you give to young players who are looking to improve their game?
PB: The best piece of advice I can give to younger players is to enjoy working on your game outside of practice, games, camps, clinics, etc. Those are all great tools to get expertise from knowledgeable coaches, but the only way to become a top player is to put the work in when the lights are off, when no one is watching. Shooting, wall ball, running, lifting, all of those things will make you the lacrosse player you are. Make it fun by working out with your friends and pushing each other to get better.
Thanks Peter, we are stoked for you to come. Follow him on twitter: @pbaum15 – For tickets and more information, be sure to check out our LXM 801 page.

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  1. Had a blast at the game last year and I’m looking forward to the game again this year! It’s pretty awesome to watch these guys play and I hope everyone takes the opportunity to get down to Orem for this event

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